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  1. These are the exact world I was thinking of a while back. Thank you. HWYR react if there was a KH Warriors for the Switch?
  2. Okay, good! Now you need to follow up with another scenario.
  3. Just as the title says, we’re going to take turns listing off different scenarios and giving our reaction to them. The first person to reply has to list a different scenario from the one they replied to. Ready? Now, how would you react if Dream Eaters were the main enemy of Toy Box instead of the Heartless?
  4. After watching HMK's video, I decided to make my own interpretation based on his:
  5. I posted this in the KH general thread, but HMK made a video a while back about how he thinks Sora could work in Smash.
  6. Yyyyeaah, but since it’s KH-related, I figured I’d post it in here. Still, good point.
  7. HMK just posted a video on what he thinks would work for Sora’s moveset if he was ever a fighter in Smash Ultimate. I like how he pulls Sora’s moves from nearly every game he’s playable in!
  8. They will. They announced this back in this year's September Direct. Anyway, how's this for an FP #5 reveal at the Game Awards: Crash comes on stage, reaches into a box, and out comes a Smash invite!
  9. Terry Bogard is out today, and he’s got FIFTY SINGS WITH HIM.
  10. About three weeks until release, and no sign of starter evos. Weird.
  11. Seriously, this is all you ever think about, making KH darker for no reason.
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