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  1. I just finished life is strange 2 and i miss my big brother
  2. I would star.my.own party in every country on earth with just one goal Establish a law that lets.other partys and polticians be prosecuted for lying.
  3. Yes i knew it was a good idea to wait until the updated versionnis out to replay the game on hard mode seems like they improve several things at various points in the game
  4. Its nit christmas jet but we star ever more early with each year so i guess i will just rill with it. Merry Christmas
  5. What exactly is talisman? Wait i will look up if the angry video game nerd has made an episode of it
  6. I am concerned that is for sure. Its like YouTube is doing everything in its power to ruin the site
  7. Come to think of it thos is the first time i have seen fanfiction here. Regardless keep youself motivated
  8. So i habe finally played octopath traveler after a pause of 2 months what a great game its like cocaine. Also finished life is strange today and cant wait dor the complete five episode collection of the second game to come out in a couple weeks. Fill me up with teenage angst good lord i want bittersweet tears running down my cheecks in buckets
  9. I dont remember if i ever did to be honest But hey there Welcome to the site
  10. Were they not done with Pirates? Anyway i jabe only heard bad things about the new malificent movie so far.
  11. Well i assume since its their first "own" game they dont want to turn people off
  12. I really hope the outer worlds kicks off so that we get proper Fallout competition. And yes fallout vegas is so amazing
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