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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to leave feedback.


    Could someone please change the "E" event tag on VIP medals to something like a "V" tag VIP? It's confusing enough when the page description says it's a VIP medal, but then you get medals like Sora Santa Illustrated Ver that says "available as a reward in the Sora Santa Illustrated Ver Challenge Event" and makes no mention of VIP.

    I changed the E to V. As for the Santa Sora page, I probably didn't notice that it was a VIP event.

  2. Could you make DISPLAYTITLE work?


    Also, there have been quite a lot of accounts created to post spam on their user pages. Can we do something about that? Maybe require new accounts to verify through email, or something?


    EDIT: I've tried to add an interlanguage link to a French wiki, and add it to the sidebar, but so far it's not working. Any idea why?

  3. Would you guys be able to get medal images for our own use instead? I mean if it's possible, we could try to get our own images instead of using others. If not, then I guessing adding links to KHI is okay.

    Unless you want to single-handedly remove all backgrounds or find a way to rip the images, we'll have to use KHInsider's images.

  4. I don't think I can edit this, but the counter for KHUX events is off by 1/2 minutes. For instance, the KHUX 1 AP Campaign has the counter set to end on 11:58 PM EDT, when it ends at 11:59 PM PDT/12:00 AM PDT. Also, it's set to end on EDT midnight instead of PDT. All events use PDT instead of EDT for KHUX. The same thing applies for the "In honor of KH 2.8" campaign. 


    I edited the event counters to end at 7 UTC, which is midnight KHUX time.

  5. If no one else is willing to be an admin, I'd like to request it on a temporary basis, at least to get the deletions done. I'll leave any non-janitorial work to the existing admins -- I have no intention of being a community moderator unless appointed/elected on a permanent basis.

    Bumping this. We need someone to start deleting and other clean-up stuff.

  6. We need table class "collapsible collapsed" for navboxes.

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea, since Unchained is a mobile game, and the navboxes on KHWiki (which use the collapsible collapsed class), don't show up on mobile view. Unless we find a way to make it work on mobile view...


    I'd LOVE to have a widget of some sort on the front showing the current events and Daily Missions, the countdown to when they change over, and perhaps a countdown to the time when the daily login changes over (around 4 AM). 
    (It'd be super awesome if we could have this for both the NA and JP versions, since the JP version has different days for things like the Mythril missions, but obviously the NA version should take precedence on an English-language wiki.)



    I'll try to create a list of events/daily dungeons with a timer. Does anyone know the exact time at which they change in UTC? Also, what timezone is used for the wiki?

  8. Yeah, I thought it looked a bit weird having all of the names in a list above the recent changes. What if I added auto-refresh to the Who's Online page too, would that be a suitable solution?


    I've added the auto-refresh code and enabled it for recent changes.


    I asked Porplemontage, the developer of KHWiki and other wiki's, if he knows how to change it to a single line of names. In the meantime, could you add the Countdown feature from here: http://www.khwiki.com/MediaWiki:Common.js ?


    EDIT:It seems to be fixed now. Can you add it back to the RC?

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