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  1. Welp I came back after remembering I had this site but...there's not really much for me to want to stay. So I think after today I'll be leaving this site for good. Thank you for all the kind folk and warm welcomes. Truly one of the friendlier places I've been,. :3

  2. Around there or later. There's nothing pessimistic about it, I just got bored and became indifferent to whether it released or not. Of course I assume many of the more emotional fans would find it pessimistic. It's about that way with anything not positive said about the series. *shrugs*
  3. Fine points, very fine points. People get too carried away. I gave up any form of hype for KH3 ten years ago. At this point I'm honestly rather indifferent too the series or if KH3 even releases. Dont worry about feeling inclined. No one should ever feel inclined.
  4. Well that Attack on Titan chapter was dark af

  5. Oh man I hope so. It's complex yet oddly the simplest way to get Terra back. haha Well the simplest way without doing something cheap anyway.
  6. I'm kinda shocked no one's really made a full on explanation for the Terra>Riku idea. At least not a full on theory of it, I've seen the idea suggested at times.
  7. *forgot this site* *is sorry* *hi* *leaving random of today* link: http://foxy-mirage.tumblr.com/post/148597364453/premiercomics-mainstream-monday-jurassic
  8. Tbh 0.2 is the only one I'm interested in so I'd definitely be on board if you could get it separate. Maybe as an alternate option.
  9. Haha...uh...kinda forgot I had an account here. haha....Uh sorry. =[ I forgot until today. There's this theory on tumblr and I was thinking "I wonder what others would think of it" which after a long train of thought brought me back here. haha Anyway it's a long read but it's a forum right? We're all here because we're bored or interested enough to read things. Original post/version: http://derekscorner.tumblr.com/post/148410623947/one-last-kingdom-hearts-theory-saving-terra --------------------------------------------------------- One last kingdom hearts theory -Saving Terra- Hoo boy….haven’t done this in a while. *chuckle* Tbh I’m not even sure why I am now…oh well how about one last Kingdom Hearts theory from an estranged fan. One last theory from a theorizer that’s lost his interest. If your reading I thank you, join me on one last ride before KH3 arrives and my final ties to the series is done. =) I’ve had lots of theories in the past, some ridiculous, some with a lot of effort, some fun to think about and some that people actually liked. However I this stage in the story many of them were disproven or partly proven or just ignored entirely as concepts dropped with a new story installment. But there’s one theory I think that still has wiggle room outside all the Chi craze going down right now. It’s a tricky matter with indications in several directions by the story but one with plausibility room. Yes let’s talk about the ill-fated topic of Terra’s heart. Yes yes I know it’s a topic that’s done to death. The same way almost every Xehanort topic possible has as well. However this is a topic that usually divides into three conclusions for people. 1) Terra is in Riku 2) Terra is a part of Xehanort, Ansem and Xemnas now a neoTerranort upon the old Nort’s revival 3) That his soul is in the lingering will armor Well first I’m gonna tell you right now #3 is total BS. Contrary to belief how life in Kingdom Hearts works is well defined and has been since 2005 with KH2. Described to us by Diz, Ansem the Wise, himself within the Secret Ansem’s Report almost no fans read. This is found in Secret Ansem Report 4. It’s the same in the original PS2 KH2 version and 2.5, there are no changes to this line. “Three elements combine to create a life: a heart, a soul, and a body. But what of the soul and body left behind when the heart is lost? When the soul leaves the body, its vessel, life gives way to death, but what about when the heart leaves? A being does not perish when its heart leaves its body. The heart alone disappears into the darkness.” Its brought up as he’s describing heartless. As anyone knows a heartless is born from a persons darkness, it has no heart of it’s own while feeding others as well keeping the heart it spawned from captive. Of course if a strong willed person loses their heart to darkness or the heartless their body becomes a nobody. However what allows this to happen is the fact that the body in question isn’t dead yet. The heart was ripped from the body, not the soul, because of this the body isn’t dead but at the same time it has no identity. No mind, no consciousness. It’s just a lump of living matter and so it fades away. It’s a common misconception that this process of losing a heart always creates a nobody which is false. The very cutscenes of KH2 itself repeatedly point out this only happens to those of strong will & heart. (the very first meeting of Sora & YenSid in KH2 point it out even) With the human-like nobodies of Organization 13 being of the utmost strong will allowing them to retain such an appearance and level of sentience. For a nobody to be born the heart must first be lost to darkness/heartless and for that hearts will to be so damn strong that it’s consciousness refuses to fade away entirely clinging to it’s discarded body. From there the body reforms in the realm between as a nobody. A being tormented by lack of feeling and a desire for the heart it’s lost. This is where the hole in the Lingering Will=Terra’s soul theory is poked. If the Lingering Will had Terra’s soul then the new body Xehanort had just stolen would’ve dropped over dead. Terranort would’ve died on the spot defeating the purpose of Xehanort possessing him. “But wait! What if Old Nort put his soul into Terra’s body! HA!” No no wrong. Remember Xehanort’s body is old, he fears it’s encroaching on death. If the soul is the bodies battery then he’s not gonna carry it over into Terra’s body. He wants new life, not to drag his nearly extinguished soul to a younger body. Xehanort is afraid of death. He doesn’t want his years of effort to be for naught. His body is old, for what he wants to do it won’t be enough. So using his powers as keyblade master he pulls out his heart and takes over Terra’s body as his older body fades away with a content smile. “Was my time drawing to an end, then, after all I had accomplished since casting away the place of my birth? Surely waiting for a quiet death would not do, not when there was still so much I needed to see for myself. Powers help me, I thought, my body is so old…” -Xehanort Report 8 BBS “But wouldn’t that make a no-“ Ah ah ah! Reread above. No that wouldn’t make a nobody. Old Nort transferred his heart, he didn’t become a heartless. That doesn’t happen until later when he’s Terranort-apprentice. However it should be worth noting that it’s possible “something” was left behind by this action. It’s an old interview but Nomura once said a “fixed sentiment” could’ve been left behind. But since that was years ago with no return to the topic I’d take his “fixed” comment with a grain of salt. Especially now that we’ve seen Xehanort returned to his original body in DDD. This time accompanied by 11 other bodies he’s possessed. Essentially ensuring his life is extended 12 times over, hoping Sora would be his 13th. “okay so the lingering will isn’t Terra’s soul. Then what is it and what does this have to do with Terra’s heart” Well that’s something I’m getting too. As you may have noticed I have disproven major theory #3 but I haven’t mentioned 1 or 2 yet. Well what if I told you rather than one of them being wrong or both that instead both are correct? “…wut?” Ah~ I love that reaction. It was my fave part of theories in the old days, outside discussion. Sadly the forums I know have devolved, such discussion is rare now. I digress. Anyway while this may seem highly illogical let me remind you of our main villain. The very one I mentioned above ^ The key to Xehanorts plan is ironically the very thing Sora says he “treats like bottles on a shelf”, his heart. His keyblade? Just a tool. Old friend Eraqus? A sacrifice. TAV? Stepping stones. His own heart? A means to an end. Xehanort’s entire scheme hinges on the fact that he manages to find a way to place his heart and very consciousness into 13 bodies. 13 Xehanorts, 13 seekers of the darkness, 13 beings with the same core controlling force. While honestly this is a topic of it’s own entirely it shows us something that is possible and likewise crucial to this theory. That the heart can exist in multiple bodies, places or states. Xehanort has demonstrated that the heart can literally be stretched in it’s consciousness over multiple bodies. “So your saying that Terra’s heart is in Riku and one of Xehanorts DDD vessels?” Yes, yes I am. A part of him is probably in the Lingering Will as well. Interviews state that the Lingering Will is simply Terra’s hatred and anger however in KH2FM it talks to Sora showing a level of human intelligence as well. However in the LW’s case I think it’s more akin to Vanitas’ Unversed. It’s a part of Terra but not exactly a full person. Just raw emotions going on a rampage in accordance to those emotions. Something I cover in greater detail in an older theory of mine seen here> http://derekscorner.tumblr.com/post/146414961392/old-lingering-will-theory After all if Vanitas can make literal monsters out of his negative feelz then why is it so hard to believe that Terra’s armor was animated the same way? The mind and the heart are linked, the mind is the hearts identifying consciousness. Xehanort demonstrates this with his vessels, especially Ansem&Xemnas who are just younger him (hims?), and Xemnas himself reaffirms the connection in DDD when he tells Sora: For us in the real world the mind is a product of our brain or so many believe. However in Kingdom Hearts the “mind” is a product of the heart. A sense of self formed from gaining experiences in the form of memories. Building blocks into forming who you are. This is also why memories are so important or how beings like Roxas can become a separate entity from Sora. It’s also how most nobodies are just reflections of their human self, because they normally have that humans memories. (except Roxas&Namine) “Okay I see. So when you see things like inner monologues or stations of waking what your seeing is a mind delving into it’s own heart.” Yes yes you got it! The “mind” is how the heart “views itself”. Like the mind is the hearts mirror. For Xehanort it’s essential he shatter this mirror so the heart has no consciousness to reject him. WHICH is why he goes through such lengths to make Sora and Terra fall to darkness. So for example when you see the Lingering Will attack Terranort and he exclaims “why does your mind resist!?” it’s because Terra’s heart is so full of hatred and rejection for Xehanort that it found any way it could fight against him. “Right right. But what about theory 1&2” Ohhhh I haven’t forgotten dear reader. I just like to have myself explained as thoroughly as possible. A way to try and help any would be theorizer and reader to understand to the fullest extent what I mean. Even if that sadly stretches my theories into long essays. Haha So here we have above a mountain of evidence that I mostly pulled from the very games themselves. Literally information you can see yourself in a game report or a cutscene. I recognize the stigma of the interviews ah la Nomura and so used evidence you can bluntly see on SE sanctioned game discs. What I have essentially shown you is that not only is the heart & mind are one but that these two can be stretched over multiple forms and even have “off shoots” like Unversed, Heartless or even living armor. This is a phantasy series and the heart a mystical concept beyond intended explanation. Anything is possible. “The heart is the mightiest weapon of all” right? So lets go back to points 1 and 2. Fans are divided on this notion. In Dream Drop Distance when the Norts gather Mickey lists off possible allies to which old Xehanort retorts: At first glance this would imply Terra who he’s already used as a vessel in Terranort as well as a means to spawn Ansem & Xemnas. It also points to Sora who he’s just captured and believes he’ll possess without question. *cue Axel’s troll moment* Due to this most fans automatically assume that after Ansem & Xemnas was destroyed all that mess of Xehanort (heart), Eraqus (heart), Terra, terra’s body and Terra’s soul kinda had a reset. Old Nort has his main body back but now also Terranort is also back albeit under the old ones thumb. However other fans have also found some compelling arguments to the contrary that Terra is perhaps in Riku’s heart the same way Ven’s is in Sora’s. “Now how does that even work? =/” Simple. You have to remember that at one point Ansem, Xehanorts heartless, Xehanorts very roaming heart as Young Xehanort put it, had possessed Riku’s body. For the time between Hollow bastion in KH1, through Chain of Memories, allllll the way till KH2 boss battle, Riku was host to Ansem or anything that remained of him. Whether it was truly Ansem or just a part of Xehanort left there is a thing of contention but what’s important here is that Ansem is the “walking heart”/heartless Xehanort created using Terra. Terra was in that mixture of Ansem & Xemnas. Exactly how that was divided was intentionally avoided each time someone asked Nomura and the games themselves don’t delve into said question. However while others would see this and think Terra is in one place or another I look at this and think “why can’t he be in both?” “Hmmm….well if Xehanort can have his heart in 13 places at once I don’t see why not BUT if Terra was there wouldn’t we see him? All we see is Riku struggling with Ansem in Chain of Memories and DDD.” Your correct. When it comes to Riku’s struggle with darkness it’s always represented by an “Ansem” he must conquer. However in each instance the “Ansem” Riku confronts acts differently. In Chain of Memories the inner Ansem we see is very much a Xehanort. It wants to take back control from Riku forcibly. Nearly does so several times. BUT the Ansem we see in Dream Drop Distance is different. It’s practically three different portrayals of him. For instance throughout Rikus early story in DDD he encounters Ansem&YoungXehanort. They haunt him with cryptic words then leave. Later on young Xehanort appears alone and points out they had hoped to make Riku the 13th vessel since he was one prior for Ansem. However it’s also because of that experience that Riku has become resistant to the darkness: To Xehanort that made Riku “no good”. Riku can manipulate and resist the darkness, he’s a unique being of his own making, and since Xehanort relies on the darkness to control his victims this makes Riku a wasted effort and so he settles for Sora. However even though Young Xehanort said they’ve given up on him Ansem appears to Riku again later. When he defeats the nightmare coat holding Sora he’s dragged into the darkness where he encounters another Ansem. This Ansem is very strange in comparison. He tries to get Riku to “accept” him. Repeatedly. He even mentions he can “save his friend” by doing so. Since when would Ansem say Riku can “save Sora” when he wants Sora for a vessel? He wants Riku to open up to him which is almost backwards to how he was in Chain of Memories. In CoM Ansem could take control forcibly, it was only Mickey’s assistance that spared Riku. Yet THIS time Ansem doesn’t. He instead appeals to Riku. This battle also oddly places call backs to Rikus meeting with Terra in Birth by Sleep. Such as Riku brining up “the strength to protect what matters” or the curious moment of the Guardian reaching out towards Riku as it fades away. Riku says the Ansem he’s facing here reminds him of “someone he made a promise too”. Leaving “Ansem” silent momentarily. He rejects this Ansem yet it’s Guardian still reaches out to Riku desperately. All this Terra allusion in one battle. Only for Riku to encounter Ansem again in the gathering of Norts. However the Ansem we see at the gathering is almost puppet like, moving at the command of the Old Nort’s smirk. He has no interest in Riku, he’s set on keeping Sora in their clutches like the other Norts. Almost as if the Ansems aren’t the same one. Just think about it Ansem appears in Riku’s dreamscape alone when before Ansem & Xemnas were always accompanied by young Xehanort? Something we know they all need as it’s the young Nort allowing these other Norts to travel. They NEED YX to be near by so they can appear as well yet in that battle Ansem appeared alone only to appear moments later in the gathering. “…..Okay…that…that’s honestly very suspicious when pointed out. It’s like there’s three Ansems at play. The one from CoM, the one being controlled in DDD and the one beckoning Riku in DDD” EXACTLY DEAR READER! On point! The personalities of these Ansems are conflicting. CoM and the DDD Ansem with young Nort are the same but the Ansem Riku meets in his boss battle is very odd with allusions to Terra sprinkled all over their fight. In essence we have the source of theory 1 & 2’s contention. There’s conflicting evidence. We know for a fact the body used to make Xemnas has to be among the Norts reformed alongside old Nort in his body however it’s thanks to Xehanort himself that we know a heart isn’t exactly limited to one form. It’s mind can be shared. Parts of ones heart can literally be placed in others and grow. Simply put DDD itself throws in our face that Terra is somehow in both places. A part of him being used as a puppet for Xehanort but also a part of him that reaches out to Riku as Ansem. “But why not just appear to Riku AS Terra?” A valid question but also one with several answers. Like for example, what if he simply can’t? Ansem was Xehanorts heartless but Terra was in the mixture. Perhaps he needs to be freed of his darkness for him to reobtain his true form. Something he reaches out to Riku for. Or perhaps it’s like an old theory I seen that he’s trying to keep Riku from making the same mistake he did and confronting him in ways. Or perhaps it’s simply that way so Nomura can troll and set up a “wait what!?” situation in KH3 when we go to find Terra for saving. “Hm…not a bad point. Not exactly solid but it works. So your theory is that Terra is in two- three places?” Yes and no. I do think a part of Terra is in Riku, another in his armor and one being used as a Nort but I think what is important is the part of Terra in Riku. (the biggest proof being how the LW has Terra’s hatred yet we see Terra & old Nort in Blank points arguing over their body) In KH3 we’re supposed to save the lost wielders. Ven, Aqua, Xion, Roxas, Namine, and Terra. All that have disappeared in one way or another. While Ven is as easy as putting his heart back and Aqua as easy as finding her on the shore line the others are more complicated. Terra’s body is being used as a Nort. Xehanort and really Nomura himself needs 13 Xehanorts for his final battle. Meaning if they saved Terra’s norted body Xehanort would be down one vessel. Likewise the beings of Roxas, Xion and Namine has no bodies. Xion was a puppet that was destroyed, Namine was literally made from nothing and Roxas merged back into Sora. We know they’re gonna be saved but we also know it’s a lot more complex to bring them back. Their hearts are there and can be reached but they have no bodies to reside in. I’m not sure what the plan is there, perhaps some KH science, Disney magic or some dues ex machina like when Kairi hugged Sora back into a human. Just think about it. When Roxas and Namnie was born it was because Sora’s heart and Kairi’s left his body at the same time. Normally Kairi couldn’t make a nobody, she has no darkness- “Right so she can’t make a heartless!” -Exactly. Kairi can’t make a heartless so she can’t form a nobody. Meaning Sora was the key component that let it happen. However the hitch there is a nobody by definition is a strong hearted person’s body reformed into another creature. The body of the original person is needed for a nobody to be born. However only Sora’s body was in the equation yet three people came out of it. Namine, Roxas and Sora turned from heartless to human again. We know Namine didn’t have a body and just sorta “spoofed” into being but the fact remains that Sora’s original body was being used by himself or by Roxas. What this means is it’s possible for a body to be made. If Namine can be made from nothing then perhaps the data Riku got from Diz at the end of DDD is key to giving others bodies. Granted it’s not simple to make one otherwise I imagine Xehanort would’ve just grew 13 bodies for himself. Meaning it’s likely a one time “miracle” moment but in some shape or form Xion, Roxas and Namine will be given new vessels. “Ahh I see! So you’re saying that if those three can get new bodies then what’s to stop them from using the same process to give the Terra within Riku form!” YOU GOT IT! They may not need to save Terra’s old body Xehanort stole. Perhaps all they need to is simply give from to Terra’s heart that’s rested itself within Riku’s being. It’s not that both the theories of Terra’s heart are wrong it’s that they both are RIGHT! All he needs is whatever dues ex machina plot device they use on Roxas, Namine & Xion and bring him back! BAM! Now you have a reason for 13 Norts and all the heroes so far being arond to fight in KH3!
  10. I'm sorry but this is a bit of a both ways kinda issue. Just because you understand it done just automatically assume it's easy to follow. It's no lie more that didn't have interest in finer details, reports or had communities and money to keep up with this story will be confused nor is it wrong that it's convoluted just because you understand said convoluted story.
  11. I don't get how many have trouble reading it o-o What's happening is all the subtle hints of Tooru were true and she be a crazy b*tch. I wanna get back to the prison soon too
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