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Mahdi Albasri

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  1. i finally completed dream drop distance HD 2 days ago and on that day i defeated all the secret bosses and got unbound the keyblade perfection

    1. Mahdi Albasri

      Mahdi Albasri

      and after that i completed birth by sleep it took me 3 hours tho

  2. Today i got to play kingdom hearts DDD HD and i loved it so much i never stopped playing it until i got a headache xDDD i played it like 7 hours and 30 min wow

    1. Mahdi Albasri

      Mahdi Albasri

      and its just the 3rd world that i completed man

    2. WakingDawn96


      I think the PS4 port of DDD was handled nicely from what I have played of it so far (Just now got to Country of the Musketeers). Just there are still some things I like better on the 3DS version than on the PS4, but nothing that ruins my fun, just a few nitpick here and there.

  3. Guys they finally updated the kingdom hearts il manga with part 65 and 65.5 YAY now we can see what happened to sora

  4. Hi everyone. My exams are finally over YAY i can play in kingdom hearts 2.8 once its released in the English version

  5. Everyone i have the final exams starting in 2nd of jan wish me luck everyone :)

    1. Frisk
    2. MythrilMagician


      2nd of Jan? Wtf, that's a weird time for finals. Anyway good luck

      Meanwhile, my summer course starts on the 4th xD

    3. Mahdi Albasri

      Mahdi Albasri

      ty :P well it ends on 15th so luckily iil be able to buy kh 2.8 after then :)

  6. the trailer was awesome and the simple and clean music was awesome who agrees with me? "like who wouldn't agree?"

  7. hello everyone.you know me im just a guy typing at his cool keyboard in front of his pc

  8. yo

    1. Mahdi Albasri

      Mahdi Albasri

      ty for adding kingdom heart news or i wouldn't be able to know anything ty :P

    2. soraspromise


      you're welcome!! We do our best to keep everybody up to date with everything =]

    3. Mahdi Albasri

      Mahdi Albasri

      i look forward to it :D

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