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  1. Oh, that's most of what I see on forums & social media. Not, "good for you, Xbox players!", just people demanding either Switch or PC ports. Like, can they not understand that Square doesn't support the PC until 100 years after a game they've developed themselves has come out? And the Switch might not actually get any of the games due to the fact that it will never be able to run KHIII unless Nintendo pulls a miracle out of their asses.
  2. The small amount of vitriol I'm still seeing online from PlayStation fanboys just sickens me. Like, no one should be surprised by this & yet people still are. Fanboys like that disgust me.
  3. It's Square Enix, though. Not too many other parties involved here that prevents them from publishing to the consoles. The FFXV DLC & FFXIII-2 & Lightning Returns DLCs are all available on both platforms & came out at the exact same time as each other on both. You're really worrying for no reason here. There you go.
  4. Dude, what? Why would they not release the DLC at the same times on the same days worldwide? This was the first KH game to have as short of a time that it did for release everywhere. DLC is a different animal altogether, since they're DEFINITELY gonna wanna release it everywhere at once. What compounds this is Tetsuya Nomura wanting to release the DLC before FFVIIR (which is coming out in March everywhere at once) & the fact that they Japanese release is gonna have the English voices as an alternate language option added. Like, what are you on about us getting it later? If the English dub is gonna be released in Japan, they're gonna have it ready for international releases too. Think, man. God.
  5. I very much doubt it. Kingdom Hearts is in a different place than FFVII. The VII remake was almost needed & guaranteed to happen, since it's one of their most popular & fondly remembered games ever. It was also a text-based adventure & a turn-based RPG made in 1997. Yes, they've remastered the game into HD & rereleased it on many platforms, but not without their difficulties. Kingdom Hearts is a completely different story. Sure, they could make graphically-enhanced remakes of the games, but they're not liable to. Doing so would not only be time & labor-intensive, but also cost-effective. There's 9 games before III & if they were to only remake the 6 that got ported in the HD collections, it'd be pretty expensive. The only benefits to doing so would be the graphical upgrades &, hopefully, they could fix a lot of the problems with the games before & after II, like KHI being very stiff & awkward to control (also a better way to get the Ultima Weapon), Chain of Memories being repetitive, RNG-led garbage, Birth By Sleep needing better physical combos, proper stagger on enemies, a revenge counter, & balance fixes, & Dream Drop Distance needing the same things as BBS. Maybe they could also do rerecordings of Terra & Aqua's dialogue in the BBS dub since they're pretty bad due to poor direction & their VAs being new to voice acting at the time & being a LOT better in III & having a voice double rerecord Sora's dialogue in Re:Chain because Haley Joel Osment sounded exactly like he did in II for that dub & Sora's supposed to be the same age he was in the first game, which was already shown in the original game when they reused his voice clips from the first game. Also, maybe they could get around to porting the remakes to other platforms like they should've already with the HD remasters. But, that's the thing, they already have the HD collections. They have the definitive editions of the games on consoles that everyone can easily buy. FFVII is a game that Square knows they can take the gamble on, since they've produced a lot of sequels, merch, & whatnot on, so it makes more sense to do the remake there. I hope I made sense here.
  6. Yeah, my guy. Pretty sure the trailer advertised the Xbox at the end. I can't see than NOT doing it either, since they went through the trouble of porting the whole game to it.
  7. Now, I did a similar post months back on Dream Drop Distance. Luckily, I have less complaints about Critical Mode in this game, but I still have complaints. Now, I don't wanna shit all over this game, since I think it's legitimately good, but I feel the need to list out most of the problems I've seen. I also think these complaints CAN be patched out & fixed if the devs care enough, which I hope they do. The first thing I have to talk about is the combat. Now, the combat is really good in this game, much better than Birth By Sleep & Dream Drop Distance, where the physical combos mean jack all & they expect you to get passed that with flashy moves through the command deck system. On top of that, not only 1 ability is useful like in DDD, all of them are. But, unfortunately, CM kinda tips the scales away from magic. Magic builds in this mode aren't a viable option because they nerfed magic too much to compensate for everyone pointing out how OP it was in the lower difficulties. They were trying to hearken back to KHIIFM's CM in this game, but they overly cooked it with that. In that game, HP & MP were cut in half, not nerfed into being almost useless. Second, the Heartless were either buffed too much for the fact that you fight them in huge mob fights, or your defense was nerfed too much. Now, I don't mind them buffing Heartless enemies, but they end up doing too much damage, especially early on. It got so bad for me at one point that I got hit by nothing, or that's what it looked like. I most likely got hit by a Heartless off-screen, but hell if I know. That was during the boss fight with the anime doll girl in Toy Box, by the way. I have video footage of this on my gaming channel if you need proof. Third, Bosses were buffed too much in the early game. When you can die easily to the tutorial boss, this is a problem. Imagine if in KHIIFM when you fought that giant Nobody boss where the game teaches you about Reaction Commands & you were too low on base defense & the boss' attack was buffed too much at once, so you constantly died until you're forced to play the game defensively. That's the early game in this mode for this one. I was expecting KHIIFM, yet I got Devil May Cry 1, basically. Not impossible, but too stupid hard for early game. And I hate the fact that that game is too hard so early on. I don't care if the bosses DM more often, but I care about a fair challenge. I played KHIIFM on Critical Mode my first time through & I didn't have this problem, or the last one. These last two things also accentuate how bad blocking is in the game. You guys might've seen the clips now making the rounds on Twitter on how different blocking is between this game & KHII. Basically, II gave you a healthy amount of invincibility frames for blocking, whereas III does not. It seems to give you only a second or 2 of "I" frames, but then cancels out quick, at least when you're on the ground, but I've seen clips where people were in the air. Even people in Japan are pointing this out. An example: So, this needs to be patched up to add more "I" frames, in my opinion. Now, this mode in this game, I feel, was made for people to play after they played the game rather than as something that is something you can do on a first playthrough like KHIIFM. It's also a mode I don't recommend whatsoever for your first playthrough, unlike IIFM, or not without NG+. They fully expected you to take whatever advantages you can, which is fine after the game gets going, but if you need these things in the early game before you'd have them normally (including foods), that's bad early game design. NG+ is also a mode I have issues with in this game. Now, NG+ was another thing I think was poorly handled in this game. Granted, DDD & BBS ~ A Fragmentary Passage didn't have good NG+ modes, but I assumed it was because DDD was their first foray into including a mode like that & AFP was a shorter game, so it was excusable, but there have been a few other recent games that SHOULD be the standard for NG+ modes. I expected them to take the most influence from Spider-Man (PS4), where the NG+ mode was what you'd expect & the new game difficulty was more challenging, but not frustrating, early on, even if you didn't play the game before. NG+ only brings over Keyblades (nerfed for your gaming pleasure), which is something I wanted, & selfies, which I don't care about. However, I think they should've also carried over levels, stats, & abilities, as well as foods & other perishable items. Also, not nerfed the Keyblades. Maybe just let you keep the Ultima Weapon & some of the optional Keyblades, but letting us keep all of them is great. BBS & DDD could use this patched into them, since you only get the Ultima Weapons from awful optional super bosses, leaving them to not matter much. KHIIFM & this game do it right where you find the synth recipe for it in a chest & get it when you get a certain number of synth items dumped into the Moogle Synth Shop BEFORE fighting the last regular boss. It was fun taking screenshots of the cutscenes with the beautifully-designed Ultima Weapon. I really wish they'd patch in this NG+ into the earlier games for this reason alone. Even if they don't give you your stats & other items, this'd be enough. I hope that's not confusing or coming off as hypocritical, since the earlier games, at least the first 2 numbered ones, are more structurally-sound (well...maybe not KHI) than this game. Now, one last thing that Critical Mode does in this game that other games are sorely lacking that's good is give you Aerial Recovery early on. Why this wasn't done for the other difficulties & why this didn't become an early standard in KHII with Scan, I have NO idea. This ability makes the first several hours MUCH more tolerable. Not having that ability at the start sucks. That's one of the saving graces of this mode. The devs tried to balance the early game by giving you more abilities at the jump than the other modes, which is great, but they didn't compensate with the game's balance around you. A balance patch could make all of these problems go away or become lesser problems & more minor annoyances. I just want the best for the series & I hope the devs take more advice to heart & update the game's balance in one of the next patches. Even for the lower difficulties, I think a balance patch could be great, since the game IS far too easy on lower difficulties as-is.
  8. Hoping for KH -The Story So Far- to hit the Xbox & possibly the Switch.
  9. Well, not necessarily. The Osaka team games before 0.2 do that, but the games before they started developing the series had the harder difficulties balanced so that, even though you lose some things, you're gaining something else as compensation. KHIIFM has the BEST critical mode in video games, hands down. On top of the combat being some of the most well-balanced in gaming (being easy to play, but hard to master), it gives you enough that the mode doesn't feel really bad. In fact, it's the best way to play the game. DDD's Critical mode, as I've described already, isn't. It feels like you wanna die just so it can end. KHIIFM's Critical mode makes you feel alive so you wanna keep playing. I think that's the easiest way to describe it. 0.2's still has faults, though. Mainly that it takes away Combo Master, which from Bizkit047's description of it, was a really bad decision because the game was made to be played with it on, & makes Once More & Second Chance too situational to be that useful. I really hope III's Critical will be one for the history books in terms of the rebalancing of the gameplay & giving you what you need to make it fair for what's taken away from you
  10. In Europe, Sony put that moniker on them. I know because some dude who was named Scissors on YouTube literally tried to convince me & several other people that there was no chance of ports because of that. Talked with a few of my friends & we came to the conclusion that it's most likely Sony's form of advertising. On top of that, the Final Fantasy X/X2 HD remaster ALSO had that branding that said that & NOW the games are coming to PC, Switch, & Xbox next month, so that doesn't mean DICK, since Square can change their minds at any time with if they're still exclusives or not.
  11. Yes, but that doesn't mean that the series will stay on PlayStation only, since it added in other consoles the very next game being on the GBA.
  12. It really is just bullshit Sony fanboy hearsay to bolster their opinion that PlayStation is the home of KH & that Xbox doesn't deserve the series. I mean, there have been recent rumors from industry people that the Story So Far (or at least 1.5+2.5) are gonna be ported tot he Switch & if they're gonna do that for a console that's most likely not gonna get KHIII short of an enhanced variation of it coming out that can support higher-end games, then they're most likely gonna get the games out on Xbox as well, since that wouldn't make sense to port & release the games on a new console family to the franchise that actually GOT KHIII. Plus, a LOT of people on Xbox would love to play the rest of KH. Hell, if it got ports of 1.5+2.5 & 2.8 when the PS4 did, I would've gotten them just for that system rather than PS4. But, I'll wait for them to play catch-up.
  13. Just checked &, yeah, they do. Still $40, I'd go for it.
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