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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. If grew up playing KH2.....and it was the only KH game I had for a long time.....so it would be and understatement to say I played that the most with that confession Not complaining because I love that game anyway LOL
  2. [THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! THIS TITLE IS A PROLOGUE TO KH3 AND IT CONNECTS TO BIRTH BY SLEEP AND THE FIRST GAME, I RECOMMEND YOU UNDERSTAND THOSE TITLES BEFORE YOU READ THIS! PLEASE READ AT CAUTION! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH!) - - - - - - - - - - - - - [We follow Aqua in her time in the Realm of Darkness after sacrificing herself to save her friend. During her time there, she struggles to keep her hopes strong as she tries to find a way to escape and reunite with her friends. All the while, she faces what darkness presents to her, including her own demons.] - - - - - - - - - - I remember anticipating this title since it was first announced. It was also the time I learned the importance of other titles I felt I should play other games, especially Birth by Sleep. And thank goodness I did because I was able to understand the context. As for how I feel about the game, it is a huge improvement from birth by sleep in terms of gameplay. It plays a lot like KH2 in a way. This title, as mentioned, is a prologue to KH3. So, based on what gameplay they are going for, this means no more command decks this time around. However, you are pre-selected with certain abilities and magic spells. You cannot change your abilities, but you can change your placement with magic. You also rely on a new game mechanic called "situation commands". It works Iike how these limit commands worked in birth by sleep. Using the same attacks or spells creates an upgrade of a said spell or combo attack. Another interesting feature was added and it was the first time in the series you have customization. Whenever you accomplish some objectives, you are rewarded an item to your wardrobe. For example, fighting a secret boss will give you a crown or simply seeing the stars will give you wings. I remembered being so surprised by this feature when I saw their last trailer. The boss battles in this title are interesting. Especially ranging from the Darkside heartless to new heartless boss like Demon Tide (which has a very catchy final boss tune). As for heartless in general, seeing old and new in different areas in one world is still fun. Ranging from shadows to elemental heartless always a treat to see. I would also love to straight out say, surprising no none, the graphics of this title are so beautiful! Everything you see in the realm of darkness is what you might expect in a way. It is a place of loneliness and unsettling environments, despite how familiar these worlds are. Everything is distorted, and crystallized. It lacked bright colors and seeing some light give you hope and joy. The look of magic spells makes me appreciate the use of magic since I am normally not a magic based player. Seeing the how it also effects environment was a neat touch. Example, shooting fire not only harms the enemy, but it also scorches the ground. The ice magic I think is one of my favorite spells in this particular title. This is where I will talk about Aqua and the story of this title. I will warn you again this will contain spoilers of the game and even from birth by sleep and a previous title if you have not played it yet. - - - Seeing where we left off from the secret episode in birth by sleep, it is as such Aqua continuing her journey finding a way to escape the realm of darkness. Throughout her time there, she talks to herself. Her thoughts on certain things are worth pondering about. Which again, Kingdom Hearts never fails to give me pondering thoughts that I think Disney themselves have yet to let us learn about. That is opening my eyes on a different kind of perspective and respecting that sight. For example, in this particular title, Aqua ponders and grieves on the predicaments of the world she is in that was taken from darkness. She flashes back to the times she's visited these worlds and realizes how saddening it was to see a lot of the most simple things, you never give thought about, gone. From a dog waiting for their owner, a cat napping on their nook, even things like trees and flowers: every small thing you know are gone. This is telling me that we take the simple things in life for granted. The grief she had for these simple things really hit me when I played this. That moment with Aqua is one of my favorites in the entire series. Moving on, we see Aqua go through illusions that look like her friends and even her own demons she had to fight. The grief she went through and the yearning of escaping to see her friends again is always heartbreaking to see. A lot of what we had to see was just Aqua surviving and sadly we the players had to play along. Here is where I speak of a moment that truly connects....story wise anyway. We actually meet with Terra...at least what Aqua wanted to see. He is in a way an illusion that heard her in the darkness and finally gets to speak to her of Xehanort's attempt to locate Ventus. This moment was actually kinda fascinating because it caused a big whoop and had a really cool semi-action sequence. We now come to a really big reveal of this game. Aqua finally reunites with Mickey Mouse. Through him, we learn Aqua has been in the Realm of Darkness for 10 years, at least in the realm of light since the time in the RoD does not move (I want to mention how heartbreaking it was when Mickey had to reveal that fact....it almost was relatable to us as fans when waiting for KH3). After Aqua finally having a conversation with an actually living person that is not an illusion, it became a relief seeing a form of light that made the moment kinda sweet. This then makes Mickey your temporary party member. It is as such as we head to the next important moments. We have our big battle with swarming piles of heartless known as demon tide at the remains of Destiny Islands (meaning at this time, Sora was fighting Ansem seeker of Darkness in KH1). After that cool battle, we then open a door leading to something Mickey was looking for: a Keyblade from the dark realm known as the the Kingdom Key D. Finding it, an unexpected light takes them to a familiar site to the players: the other side of the door to Kingdom Hearts....sort of. This was where Mickey and Sora lock the door on both sides. During this sequence, we see Riku running towards the door to help close it. from here is where gets interesting. Aqua saves him (he not realizing till Mickey told him) from a tornado of heartless. As such, this resulted keeping Aqua trapped despite being close to escape. This truly shows how she can be incredibly selfless, which is hard to see that she had to face the consequences. Aqua urging Mickey to go without her, she sacrifices herself to remain in the RoD to finish off the swarm of heartless, promising herself she would guide those in the dark and one day return to Terra and Ventus. Leaving off with the ending of KH1, locking both sides of the door and the worlds are now restored. We then finish the segment with Mickey's perspective (the ending of dream drop distance). Upset of the being kept secret for so long, Riku is now determined to rescue Aqua. Both are tasked as such while Kairi goes off to train with Lea to learn the ways of the keyblade. Meanwhile, Sora returns from a secret mission of sorts. Yen Sid speaks to Sora his strength is once again sapped away from him due to the predicament in Dream Drop Distance. He is tasked to meet someone, a true hero, who also lost his strength and hot it back again. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are set off to their next destination leading to the beginning of kingdom hearts 3. There is an issue for some dealing with this title, in terms of the connection. There was a lot of retcon in this series, and I guess this title drew the line on concluding that statement. There was a moment when Mickey was attacked enough to take off his shirt. There is a reason why that was added. In Kingdom Hearts 1, we see Mickey at the end of the game, we see him in his ultra classic outfit (just the red pants). So, adding why he had no short into the continuity is a bit interesting but it lead to people saying that it is a sample of Nomura making things up as this story goes along. Another sample was with Aqua In the mix of it. She learns of these 2 boys saving the worlds during her time in the Realm of Darkness. We then remember her meeting with Ansem the Wise he talks about a boy with a Keyblade saving the worlds. She asked if it was Ven or Terra. This leaves a confusion on this. Why did she ask that? Mickey told her they are out of commission instead it was Sora and Riku. So, Aqua questioning this shows that it was not planned. That being said, personally, I don't actually have that problem. Yes, the shirt situation was a bit silly (heck I was only weirded out he had no shirt on which is strange because it was his classic look ROFL), but the story being connected to KH1 is pretty harmless in a way to me. I'm not saying that this connection was properly planned, but I say Union Cross takes the cake on being an example of making up things to connect and the ultra surprises so far. This was treated and respected better than, for example, the Michael Bay Transformers (even though I did enjoy them for the laughs now a days....and Optimus Prime, but that's a discussion for another day). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I find this a really great edition to this series. While it was meant to be attached to KH3, the had to add something to Dream Drop Distance for their collection edition. I find this awesome since it is, in a way, a demo to KH3's new engine. I love the graphics and I love Aqua's development. I look forward to where this leads in KH3, especially with Aqua's predicaments hopefully coming to an end. Play this game if you are already further in the series. It will be worth it especially for KH3. ARTIST'S NOTES: This is kinda easy since I just used an already drawn Aqua and just added her to the Dark Margin. Drawing this area was bit simple too. So, sadly, I don't think I have much to add other than I am happy how I added to prints in the sand and the text of the title was the most proud I had for it. {{{. As of this post, this is it. That is the last of the posters...until I finish KH3. Yes, I actually have one more being none other than the big honcho itself. However, my thoughts will be raw and scrambled when doing a review and I do plan to make it a spoiler filled review. I will make sure to warn you when I get to it. Please look forward to it when that time comes.mi do not know how long it will take to finish the game. It will be however long it takes to have a fun experience. I will be off Social Media starting the day KH3 releases in Japan on the 25th, being the 24th for us. That being said, I hope you enjoyed the poster's I've done. I truly had a fun time doing them. 6 months worth of work and while my thoughts are not well constructed, I feel I've done my best to speak of them. Doing this project gave me a reason to play these games again, all l the more than enough to make me more excited for the promised day. I will see you all when I finish KH3 I also wish you luck with your choices on how you prepare for this upcoming important time of our fandom lives. Till then, May your hearts be your guiding key! }}} Please check out the other posters for this project: https://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown
  3. As much as I love the Xemnas battles, Ansem's fight was memorable simply because.....well, back in the day when you die a lot, you deal with no skip button. So of course itnwas memorable because I was forced to remember it ROFL That being said, the boss deign is so unique and truly out of this world you forget it was a Disney game, despite Donald and Goofy being by your side during the fight. I remember learning the number of times he moves his spear, I even was incredibly intimated by the ship-monster thing he controls. I could go on and on with what my brain knows from that traumatizing time ROFL In the end, I was eventually victorious and earned to watch his defeat.
  4. With KH3 coming soon and my countdown project is eventually coming to a close, in have a link to my deviantART folder of all the posters I didhttps://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown

    That being said, please do check out the rest of my work on deviantART if you are by any chance interested ^^

  5. Mykaila Shakespeare

    The New Divide

    (This is the second half of the Union Cross title that is mostly story based) (THIS IS A HEADS UP: THIS STORY IS NOT FINISHED! ALL I KNOW IS THAT THERE ARE A COUPLE OF CHARACTERS THAT ARE, IN A WAY, RELEVANT TO THE OVERALL PLOT. THE THOUGHTS I HAVE AT THE MOMENT ARE ONLY WHAT WAS AVAILABLE AT THE TIME. SO PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND AND TAKE THIS AS A GRAIN OF SALT.) (I WILL NOT SPOIL THE MAJOR STORY ELEMENTS....except for one. I want to point out a personal feeling of a missed opportunity in one of the recent updates while applying my thoughts on Nomura's way of thinking) (Lastly, I don't what else to title this aside form calling it Union Cross LOL So, I guess you can thank Linkin Park for that LOL) --- We go to the next chapter of this timeline. We follow a new group of leaders (The Leader of the Dandelions) after the tragic event that occurred. They try to find ways to prevent their own unions from remembering the event while trying to keep the darkness at bay. --- This is probably going to be the hardest to describe the story, as mentioned, because it is not finished (I don't know how long it'll take for them to actually finish the game's story). All I could do is just express how I feel what I have so far. Because it is a more current story, I felt like I would end up being more surprised whenever there's a new update. The major draw for this title's story was the fact this takes place about 100 years before the events of birth by sleep. This timeline held an important event that became the seed to drive someone to motivation later in the series. What was surprising, however, was the fact that each update we had made one thing clear: it is becoming canon to the lore of the series. If you scream out saying, "why are they adding canon story elements to a mobile game?", then you are right to ask that. Because they try to make it connect to the overall plot of the series, it leaves everyone [who has not caught on to the story] really confused. I cannot say as such on whether or not this will directly connect to KH3 (because KH3 is not out yet nor is this story finish will not be finished by the time KH3 releases). I highly recommend you all to at least check out the plot of this title yourselves before you play KH3, just in case (since we learned there were a couple of characters that are actually important in the series). ((((That being said, I want to address my thoughts on this particular update. I will not say the names of the characters, but I will talk about my thoughts on this update as of is post. So, we are introduced to a couple of certain characters (a guy and a girl). Via rough translations, the guy was looking for his sibling or her sister. Because of the strange translations, we couldn't point whose sister they speak of. This leaves a lot of people speculating and concluding who they feel is the right translation. Turns out, on the next update, it was confirmed to be the guy's sibling. I want to mention that this guy and the girl are actually important characters and I know those characters. I wanted to know more about them and I am getting it. However, I feel is update was a missed opportunity and an example of how Nomura writes his story in Kingdom Hearts. I personally wanted the girl to have s sibling because of her character later n the series and the motivation behind it would've made sense. However, I feel like they had the guy having the sibling because I feel it is a way for Nomura to do everything in his power to make sure it is unpredictable, to which the series is known for. While I do enjoy the unknown future of the story and not know what happens next, I feel that would've been a better motivation for that girl then the guy. Of course, because it is unpredictable, maybe Nomura had something up his sleeve. I actually look forward to it!)))) I really don't have much else to say....simply because, again, this story is not finished. How I feel on what we have so far is honestly interesting. I like seeing what my character had to go through. Kinda seeing myself through these situations at the time is really awesome to see (then again, I am bit bias LOL) [ARTIST NOTES] This was, by the far, the hardest to come up with a concept. As mentioned many time, the story was not finished. So, it was hard to decide the background when it is not the full product. I originally was gonna draw based on KH3. However, due to where it is set, I had to stick with it. I know it is the same background 3 times in a row. The color palettes for the background and atmosphere I try my best to make as different as I can. (I got one more game to cover as of this post! We are getting really close! PLEASE STAY TUNED!!) You can check the work I've through this link in my deviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown
  6. My favorite data battles are Marluxia, Roxas, Axel, and Xemnas I don't know if this counts, but I want to add another secret boss I enjoy, that being No Heart. While he is difficult in his own way, the music for this battle is amazing.
  7. Mykaila Shakespeare

    Our Story

    [This is the first half of the Union cross reviews (I am calling this unchained because it was once called unchained). This will display each perspective in a way. This review focuses more on gameplay and some story with my character. The other being mostly story in general in the perspective of some characters. Luckily, there isn't many heavy spoilers. ] - - - - - - - - - - - - In the same universe, we shift to another form of perspective. We follow the player (AKA You and me, the audience). We travel to different worlds to gather lux and uncover some truths of our role and the choice we make that effects our lives forever. That's as far as I could go to avoid spoilers -- We focus on gameplay for this review. This is probably the least favorite game in terms of gameplay. This is a personification of repetitive for many who are salty about this title. Like how I feel about the DS titles, I understand why people didn't want to play the game. However, the major draw was the events that occurred in this title (aka story). That will be explained in the next review. You play as....however you want to look at it: yourself or your OC [ROFL] They are simply called "the player". You may call it your OC or yourself, but it is it's own person. I think it would've been cool if they let player have their choices. But I understand why they went to where they did because there is a a major event that was important lore of the series. The only choice you decide that slightly effects the story is your choice in joining one of the five unions: Vulpes, Leopardus, Ursus, Unicornis, and Anguis. Continuing on gameplay, it is a gacha game. In other words, in details as such: you pay to win. People complain about the repetitive gameplay, but the fact you pay to win is the final straw for many. In combat, it is turned based in support of medals inserted in slots for your keyblades. You get creative with certain medals with abilities and attacks and placement with magic, speed, and/or power that align with light and darkness (upright and reverse). Making your medals stronger in the process the only way for you to progress missions and leveling up your character. So whenever they introduce a new medal, you either have to raise some jewels in game for awhile and/or pay for the amount of jewels you want. So, the biggest issue this game suffers in terms of keeping people in is the gamble of getting the medals they advertise (that itself explains what I mean by pay to win). Then there is the story updates. This was a struggle simply because not only do we have to wait monthly, but we are behind from Japan If you do not want to play the game itself and waiting for the updates, I highly recommend you seek out the updates on Japan's version. The community does a really good job keeping an eye out for updates from Japan's updates (translations and all). The fact they have it way ahead of us is a reasonable reason to not play the game. However, I enjoy waking up every morning to grab me some daily login jewels and do my daily missions. I feel like it will be sad to see it gone when the time comes for it's end, whenever that may be. I joined this game because I enjoy seeing myself being part of the lore (the self insert excuse, I know, go ahead and cringe LOL). I've been with it since the it's release in the U.S., about 2-3 years. Thsee myself progress since the beginning is almost wild. I even chose my Union from, dare I say, what my heart told me...seriously no joke. I am not someone who is not number one in the ranks. But I enjoy some missions and the story updates. In case you ask, I am in the Union Vulpes. I am proud to be in this Union for as long as I have. I look forward to where this leads. [ARTIST NOTE] So, yes, this is yours truly. I was gonna make the outfit somewhat similar to the universe....but I change outfits once in awhile so I do not have a full on particular outfit that works for me solely in the game. If they have an outfit similar to this, then this is as close as I'll get. LOL I actually almost considered doing two for the default designs of the player character. However, I felt that would be more work. So I just added myself...at least for this project. If I had a chance to sells books of my project, then doing the default designs sounded reasonable to do LOL As you know, this is an exact background as my previous piece. However, in terms of the contrast, you can definitely notice that this is more saturated than the last one which I made it more soft and foggy. I simply made it like because they both have different contracts and whole shabang. Of course, since I am in this timeline, I added Chirithy and the Starlight Keyblade. Not much else to say honestly I also wasn't originally going to add this to the collection. But if I made my own book of titles in the Kingdom Hearts series, I might as well lay my own bit to it. That and the player character happens to somewhat have SOME importance. You can check the other posters hrough this link in my deviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown
  8. Out of bias, I say KH2. I love slicing buildings and the music is amazing! That and Xemnas is a great villain (IMO). However, I do find KH1 to be the most unexpected. When you're a kid, you expect to finish off Maleficent as the final boss.... only to be given an original mysterious villain you never saw coming. Ansem had a really cool out-of-this-world final fantasy-esque final boss design and the music was really unique and memorable.
  9. I want to play more games for sure, now that I have the Nintendo switch and I have KH3 in range. i also want to fulfill a chance to get a driver's license (I am in the quarter of my life span and I have yet to get a license LOL). I even thought about trying to be a KH gamer on YouTube/Twitch. That is a long term goal though LOL WE'll see where my current job me and Hope I get full time.
  10. That pirates trailer mot me speechless. I never expected it to make it LOL like it was straight from the movie, that being live action. On top of that, seeing Sora and Co in the aesthetics is incredibly surreal. Seeing that trailer, that world become a world I am looking forward to the most just to see how this plays out (especially the fact that we got ship gameplay this time around....almost very Assassin's creed and I have not played Assasin's Creed LOL) Also, seeing Axel for the first time got my heart fluttering 😍😍😍😍
  11. I find Ava's Keyblade very beautiful to look at. Not much else to say, it's just pretty ^^
  12. [This setting takes place many years before the events of games like birth by sleep and KH1. I feel this is probably the easiest to enter simply because it doesn't display the characters in the rest of the series like Sora or Riku. However, there is an element that connects to the entire franchise I may display as spoilers. I recommend you understand the other games just in case. So, please read with caution] - - - - - - - - - Long, long ago, during the time known to be the age of fairy tales, many Keybalde wielders reside in a place called DayBreak Town. We follow a group of people known as the Foretellers, who were under the teachings of their master, simply known as the Master of Masters. The Master assigned each of his five apprentices [Ira (EE-RA), Invi, Aced (AH-SAID), Ava, and Gula] a copy of his Book of Prophecies and a role they must follow. The sixth apprentice, Luxu (LOO-SHU) was sent away to carry out his role without the book. Once set, the master disappears without a trace. Meanwhile, the foretellers lead their unions and carry out their roles. One day, they discover that there is a traitor amongst them. It is up to them to see who the traitor is while keeping up with their role to keep this land alive despite the inevitable fate that is to come. - - - - - - - - - - This title is unique simply because it is mostly the movie. So, there are no gameplay thoughts on this (will get to that bit with my Union Cross posts). So, this more a less a movie review. As you know, this takes place in the past. I really like the world building in the series. I always find fascinating on how it has their own world and trying to connect some of the Disney worlds (note, there are no Disney worlds displayed in this movie). This adds to the world building and it's history. As for the characters.... kinda meh for me....at least with the foretellers. Despite them being young, they are incredibly stale and not fun. I mean, I can tell which is which they have some sort of identity...sort of. However, there is only one character that seems to stand out and gave me a few good chuckles and and some fun, that being the Master of Masters. Despite him having no face to show and wears the coat, he had the most personality than any character in this particular title. He can be fun and silly but can easily switch to being serious and hard to read making him the, by far, most mysterious character in the series. The story is really nothing special. I was actually excited at first in hopes to see the big important event in the engine. But no, the focus are the in sections for each of the foretellers known as cases. It's not terrible, it's just kinda boring. They each display their conversation with the Master of Masters and what roles they are bestowed to fulfill. For example, we have the case of Ira, the master of masters bestowed him leadership to lead the foretellers. I will leave the rest of the cases for you to watch. But there are 2 cases I find more fascinating that actually effect the events in the series. [THIS SECTION CONTAINS SPOILERS] Ava's case more or so effect the events in this timeline a bit of the rest of the series. Her role was to gather a large amount of talented Keyblade wielders to flee from the inevitable event and keep the light alive. They are labeled as the Dandelions. This case also effects certain characters in this timeline, but will read into that in one of my future Union cross reviews. We have the case of Luxu. His role was to just simply watch the big important event unfold. He was also talked to carry a couple of items with him: one being Xehanort's Keyblade and a mysterious black box. The fact that his Keyblade is now a vital thing makes far more connected to KH3. Then there is the mysterious black box. As I write this, I do not know how KH3 will approach this maguffin. But, it is so unknown what inside the box, all we could do was just come up with theories.
  13. I need to hear the full version of Face my Fears before I could fully judge it. Till we get the full content, I actually love Simple and Clean Ray of Hope remix. This one got me emotional back when it was first released (at least the opening of 0.2).
  14. The KH3 cover is becoming one of my absolute favorites of the cover arts in the series. Everyone coming together and the colors of the sky is truly captivating. However, if KH3 was not included, I would have to say KH1 is my favorite. This was the cover that got me into the series. It was the only one of it's kind back in the day before the other titles were released. Something about this cover is just so unique and out of this world, but still familiar. This was true magic for me. It was this magic that brought me here now anticipating for KH3.
  15. Mykaila Shakespeare

    Distant Dreams

    [This may contains spoilers since it is an important title that leads to KH3. Please read at your own risk] [I also want you all to know that this is my third time playing this game. I will explain in detail later in this review, but do take my opinions with a grain of salt since I had a lesser experience with the entirety of the title itself.] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Continuing our story from ReCoded, we follow Sora and Riku in this next journey. With the supposed upcoming return of Master Xehanort, they must now take upon the big test, The Mark of Mastery, to prove themselves to become true masters in order to have the proper strength to fight against Xehanort's plans. They are put into the realm of dreams to awaken the sleeping worlds that reside. With the aid of Dream Eaters, you fight against their dark counterparts known as Nightmares in hopes to wake up the sleeping worlds and pass the test to become true masters. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious young man throughout their test. It is up to Sora and Riku to accomplish the test while figuring out the reason for seeing the young man following them. - - - - - - This is game interesting. If anything, it is probably the most polarizing game in the series. You play as both Sora and Riku simultaneously. Switching them requires somethings via "dropping". This is considered an annoying mechanic simply because, for example, if you were in a boss fight and the drop gauge depletes in the middle of it, you switch to another character but you come back and have to start over again (rinse and repeat). However, for my case, I always use a certain item to keep from this predicament. So, I personally had no problem at all with the dropping myself (we fans recommend you use the item). The gameplay is supported by a new kind of game mechanic called Flowmotion. It allows you to jump into higher places and allows you to travel faster. It is also an advantage in combat. I mean, this advantage is so broken it limits the other commands you can use throughout the game. It was fine for me, but to many it takes the fun out because of how repetitive it is. This time around, you have Dream Eaters as your allies in this title (in replacement of Donald and Goofy). They are a bit more helpful in terms of combat as well as linking to certain abilities. My problem with the links is that I have to find more items to create a dream eater that would give me the important abilities I need. That is called grinding my friends. I do not mind some grinding but this kind of grinding I felt like I need to get used to. The story is by far an incredibly difficult plot to explain. This title gave many fans a lot of intense face palms because of one major element that pretty much ruined the story overall. I will not say it here for the sake of avoiding spoilers. Let's just say it really connects everything because of this element? Alright, here comes my case in the title in general. This is my third time playing the game, so I can't say my full thoughts on the game altogether. I still need to get used to this game eventually. When I played this the second time for the heck of it I guess, I felt kinda meh on it. Which I find odd because I did have fun when I played it the very first time. My feelings for it are a bit complicated. On one hand, there is the ability mechanic via dream eaters that I am not a fan of (plus the plot is difficult to explain verbally). On the other hand, I think it had some decent character moments (at least for me, from a particular character. As for music....it's not as memorable as past titles. However, there are a 2-3 tunes that are pretty much the best of the bunch in my opinion: (). The rest is kinda lost for me and not exactly worth downloading. The worlds are even a tad bit meh. I don't think I have a particular favorite Disney world in this title. <strike> The closest I'll get to a favorite in terms of Disney Worlds is Symphony of Sorcery because it is by far one of the most unique worlds in the series.</strike>. At least they are somewhat newer worlds and not reusing a chunk of worlds we visited in KH1. It's just not exciting Here is where speak my thoughts on the story, including the element that made this title polarizing. So, once again, heads up on the spoilers. [SPOILERS AHEAD] One of the biggest issues it had was their introduction to Time Travel. I actually do not mind time travel. The issue for most people was that this is a sample of Nomura's habit in this series. He makes up concepts as the series goes along. What we thought was yellow and blue to green paint, Nomura just added an entirely new color out of nowhere. On top of that, how to explain time travel is a bit difficult to explain. I mentally get it, but I cannot verbally say it without sounded like I am going to burst your brain to goo. I also want to point out something that may or may not be an unpopular opinion. In case you don't know, I am a fan of Transformers. I have watched the live action films since it's first release. I have watched it grow careless and it loses potential every single time. I am saying this because it is the opposite of what Kingdom Hearts was doing. While they both are made up as they go along, Kingdom Hearts at least had more passion and care with the characters and even the story added with lore. We care so much for this otherwise we wouldn't be looking forward to KH3. That's why I feel like this title is tolerable in terms of them adding time travel. Yes, it's hard to explain but I feel like I understand it more than the somewhat empty series that is the Transformers live action films. Moving on, one of the highlights of this title is Riku. Once again, I had to say that his development is one of my favorites in this series. Seeing him now from back in KH1 is really cool to see. On top of that, back in the day, I was young and thought Riku was kinda terrible. In KH2 (back in the day), I just didn't understand his motives. But growing up now, I finally understand him. That, and is one of the reasons why the concept of how you look at both light and darkness is so good (which is something Kingdom Hearts impresses me on with it's in-depth perspective). Plus, I actually enjoy his gameplay a bit more than Sora (in this title). One of the important scenes involve the final score on their exam. Turns out, Riku managed to pass and became a Keybalde master. This scene was a bit controversial last I remembered. Not just because Riku passed in general. But the fact that Sora failed the test. To many Sora fans, it was a let down because they felt that Sora deserved a higher reward for saving all the worlds for the past two years [in game]. I want to throw in and say while I understand why people felt this way. However, between Sora and the audience, Sora handled it very well. Instead of feeling sad for himself, he cheered for Riku. This moment shows what kind of person Sora is (if anyone hasn't figured out at this point). I'm sure he was saddened, but he was able to make up for in the end. With that in mind.mi was happy for Riku. To see him come this far is a sight to behold. As previous mentioned, I didn't care about Riku at first. But going through this series, he has earned my respect for him.m. Speaking of Sora, his character throughout this title is interesting too. This title has some decent moments however. One of my favorites, of course, involves Lea (aka Axel). Anytime I see him on screen, I just feel blessed. I think out of his moments in this title, my absolute favorite is him saving Mickey and co from Maleficent and Pete. That moment was so great it deserved a mic drop. Then we also have the most shocking from him was receiving his very own Keyblade. I am looking forward to see more of this in KH3...well, Lea in general really LOL [END SPOILERS] That being said, this is a fine title. It is not a true favorite for me yet, but I do enjoy the gameplay and even the story, or least the character moments. I would not consider this the worst title for me, but it is polarizing at best. I'd say just try it out yourself and you can decide whether or not you like it. [ARTIST NOTES] This began the difficulty of ideas for the upcoming posters, this title included. This one is a bit easier to decide because it is more or less inspired by the cover art of DDD. However, I added something unique to this in a way. The setting of the sky is like 2 sides of one coin. I'll let you figure that out. I originally was going to give them their keyblades, but I felt it would create a tangent for this size, especially near the title placement (to which that was kind of a pain honestly, but still worked out LOL). If you want this for a wallpaper, you choose one side or the other ^^ --- Not very long till this project is done and Kingdom Hearts 3 being right on our door step. I got the X timeline to cover. They will be in 3 segments: Back Cover (which is simply the movie), Unchained being the gameplay of the mobile game, and Union Cross which is the story of the mobile game. After all that, will be the last game being 0.2 Fragmentary Passage. They will all be posted in January weekly till release in Japan. Please look forward to these last upcoming posters. You can check the other posters hrough this link in my deviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/mns-prime-21/gallery/67100545/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Countdown
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