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So....I am Kingdom hearts trash!! How did I get into the fandom you ask? Well, It all started with the first game. I was at a friend's house being babysat for awhile. They had a basement that I could play in. There was a huge TV monitor along with a few games lying on the floor. One in particular I stumbled upon truly caught my eye. There was cover that is odd but beautiful. 3 anime kids sitting beside Donald and Goofy of all people. I looked in the back to read what the story was about. Also on the back were a few screenshots of some cutscenes. Two of them convinced me to play this game. One having both Maleficent and Jafar in the same scene, the other questionably had Jack Skellington (I think that got to me the most because it is one of my all time favorite films). So, the family let us borrow the game for awhile. When I inserted the disc, waited, and the main menu slowly entered the screen, I was speechless. I have never heard such beautiful music like this before. I pressed play and there was the opening (along with the theme song that became a remix worth listening to over and over again LOL). Along the way, I struggled fighting some bosses, rewatching unstoppable cutscenes, and getting into the stories following these characters till the end of the game. A few years later, my family and I stumbled not walmart and I saw a promotional poster for Kingdom Hearts 2. I remember being so excited for this game. My mom was even nice enough to get us that game. Boy let me tell you how happy I was! I didn't know what I getting into though. However, after playing it through another set of hard bosses it was all worth being considered a true fan of the series. Though, in all honesty, it was after attending my first ever comic con in texas 2015. After seeing that replica key blade, it TRULY got me back into the series. I even managed to get myself a PS3 and got the remixes for christmas that same year. I now managed to play the games except for Dream Drop Distance. I hope to g et myself a PS4 slim or something so I could get my hand on the copy (though ,I am going to get a copy first before getting a PS4 honestly LOL).


Ok, that's out of the way, I will briefly mention my favorite things in the series. I personally love Axel/Lea as my favorite character. Favorite world so far is Halloween Town (both games). Favorite villains is probably Xehanort and Xemnas. Best Keyblades: Decisive Pumpkin, Kingdom Key and Key D, Ultima Weapon, Fenrir....I'll think more LOL. Best game is KH2 so far. Creates Boss fight is Xemnas (which one? ALL OF THEM).


What else am I beside a lazy dump? An Artist. Loves Transformers, some anime, Star Wars, etc. Proud Milk drinker. ADORE Sunrises and Sunsets. Pluviophile (someone who loves rainy days). Eats junk food. Best food is Spaghetti. Christmas is best holiday.


....that's all for now LOL

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