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  1. I personally do love Shotlocks for a decent distant attacks but it also allowed me to lock on to transport me to my targets XD
  2. I have been working on a passion project since this summer. This here is just a trailer of that passion project, which is simply and first playthrough reaction highlights compilation. Keep in mind, obviously this had no content from Re:Mind. But hey, if you are curious if anyone reacting to KH3 during it’s launch week, you got another here in hopes it’s not a boring thing yet LOL You are more than welcome to check it out is what I’m saying! 🤗
  3. It has and always will be Nightmare Before Christmas. It is not only the film I grew up, not only is it unique among most stories and Disney films, not only is it well animated and creative, but this film was what got me into Kingdom Hearts in the first place. I remember the first time I discovered Kingdom Hearts 1 and looked at the back cover. When I saw a screenshot of Jack Skellington, I became more curious and had upmost wanting to play the game. Heck, I didn’t even know NBC was a Disney movie until that day LOL
  4. To answer this question for the poll, YES. ROFL I enjoy all of them. But the one that always stood out to me was Darkness of the Unknown. I’ve always considered it a number 1 favorite battle theme for a long time. In fact, this song is so special, it almost made me cry when it was used in Oscurita de Xehanort.
  5. I discovered KH1 at a friend’s house I believe at the age of 10 or 11 years old (so, it was between 2004 - 2006 possibly). It was the only KH game that existed to my knowledge at the time (did not know about Chain of Memories cuz I had no game boy advance ROFL). It was kinda life changing because I’ve never seen a game like this. It was also special because it was the only game I completed on my own. I thank KH1 for that accomplishment.
  6. I’ve always loved the heartless as creatures. I think they are the most creative group of villainous creatures.
  7. Xemnas will always be my favorite. While Ansem SoD will be the most memorable (because I dealt with no “skip scene” option when I died a lot ROFL), personally I thought Xemnas’s final forms were really awesome and the theme for that battle will be one of my top 5 favorite tracks in KH.
  8. I’ve been with Pokémon (at least the films) since the beginning till around mid Gen 4. But my fav will have to be around Gen 3. I thought the world building on theses massive legendaries like Arceus was really cool to witness. The gen also confirmed my absolute favorite Pokémon name Darkrai.
  9. I go to a convention to meet with some guests. I got a chance to meet Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Jess Harnell, etc. Those exeperiences I had will always be memorable. I also love to visit the Artist Alley to see all the really cool things people make and sell fan art.
  10. In would love to see a remaster for FFVI (well mostly just be accessible for Nintendo Switch and/or PS4). But with FFVII remake coming along, I’d say they should remake/remaster Crisis Core at least.
  11. Just wanna point out something. I enjoy many songs in this like Can’t Wait to be King and the Circle of Life. But I really enjoy Be Prepared (particularly he movie version not the soundtrack). Fun little thing I noticed is that this is the perfect song for Xehanort and his Organization. One, they are preparing for the war. Second, both Scar and Xehanort are Earth Benders and raise mountains high enough to reach the sky.
  12. I remembered playing Smash Bros (Flash it something). I think a lot of it came from newgrounds I think
  13. I guess I should say things like story, concepts, and some gameplay does leave an impression. Though, I suppose, the company that makes a game does catch me for sure like Square Enix (in extension Tetsuya Nomura) and Nintendo.
  14. I've been a Yoda a fan for a long time since revenge of the sith released. Outbox all characters, his background still needed to be explored (at least I want to explore further in his background). I still kinda don't know what kind of creature he is (he is called a Whill or something but doesn't feel too confirmed) LOL
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