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  1. DarkLionhartKey

    Official Unicornis Union Discussion - NA

    What is your game ID Number/Nickname?2527606/DarkLion What level are you?35 Why did you join the Unicornis union?i'm an unicorn on my main and cause ira was cool Are you a member of a party?yes just came back on this account to see what i get in free 8mill pulls but also had like 29k in my present box so i join a random party If not, would you like to join one? What is your favorite medal?stained glass 1
  2. DarkLionhartKey

    Khux/Kingdom hearts theory

    I just had a theory about the new union cross leaders and the current cast of Kingdom hearts, What if All but Ventus or Ventus Bbs just being named after his ancestor but they look to much alike. My Theory are that the new union leaders are ancestors of current Kh charethers Like Skuld being related to Kairi or possibly Aqua Blaine being related to Sora or Xehanort Ehpemer Being related to Riku or Terra but he looks more like an non spikey Riku. Depending on the fifth new foreteller I will have more of an Theory Also another theory I have is what if Blaine is somehow vanitas cause we really do not know if Vanitas looked like sora the whole time or not the way Blaines hair is and why they are not showing his face under his hat what if blaine gained control of ven's body and when they separated he chose the name vanitas to be different but the same as ventus somehow
  3. DarkLionhartKey

    Damage Help

    you have to do damage in a single attack multi hit specials do not count but for example you could use black coat mickey xigbar a or a medal with a single hit special attack to do so if it has a high multiplier try and debuff and or boost
  4. i might be looking for a party in the unicornis union in the Na server beat but not 3 mickey headed quest 570. Looking for something Casual to core players with atleast more then 10 players or players that are active and able to have more join prefer english cause i only speak english my stats Nova Level 58 char level 225 days played 135 but on and off have not left my current party yet if interested in me pm or write here you can now lock delete i joined one
  5. DarkLionhartKey

    Kingdom Hearts Birthday Game

    mine is Shared a precious moment with xemnas because i have the keyblade
  6. DarkLionhartKey

    {Unicornis} New Active Party Recruitment

    Are you still looking for members i will edit this post when maintanece is done with id and best medals Power Black coat micky attack boost 2 lvl 100 atk def 1000 Speed Hydra lvl 97 poison + 1000 atk def Magic Hd Aqua attack boost 2 lvl 100 atk def +1000 lvl 206 id:1344385