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    Zettas got a reaction from Jingilator in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory to release on PS4/Xbox One/Switch in 2020, website released, over 140 songs, 2 player + online included   
    Its honestly kinda shocking that Kingdom Hearts hasn't had a rhythm game before now. Im excited but regardless of how you feel, I think we can all agree it was long over due at this point
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    Zettas got a reaction from PunLeCochon in Anti-form vs Rage-form   
    This is a tough one. Anti-form is a well designed punishment for over using drive forms while Rage-form is a helpful way to turn a battle around. It gives you an emergency option. I'm going with rage form because eventually you can eradicate using Anti-form by getting Final-form so it stops being an effective punishment from their. Rage-from has a consistent purpose throughout KH3 vs Anti-Form in KH2. In terms of combos especially now with Remind they are at least equal in that department
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