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Well, lets see um, I'm human... ANYWAY I love kh, I'v played it since forever and still play it when I have free time. If you looked at my profile page you will probably be like :blink: Larxene? Yep Larxene is my favorite character in the entire thing. And what else... I really like chocolate and like to watch comedy shows. And, idk I have video game characters lines as my textone and email/calendar notification. I also love to play League of Legends as well as zelda (even tho i get stuck and stop playing for a week). And oh look my phone just went off and said something. And ummmm... I always correct people's grammar and pronunciation - you use "[insert name] and I", and omg the classic - "MAY I go to the bathroom!" And remember, punctuation goes inside other punctuation "like this." Well gee that was random. I know pretty much everything about KH minus Re:coded (that was the most confusing thing EVER), so if you ask me a question I will probably have the correct answer


I now own a brand new discord server! Its called the Server That Never Was. Good name right huh?! Here we talk about KH and everything in it. We have a discussion channel just for discussing kh3 and a bunch more useful things such as artwork, your favorite memes, our favorite hacks/mods for the ones who are smart enough LOL, and other channels for any of your other favorite things! Join here: https://discord.gg/26Xrxed

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