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  1. Other Than Kingdom Hearts, What Video Game Series Would You Like To See Get An Animated Adaptation?
  2. Which Final Fantasy Villain Would You Like To Fight As A Secret Boss in KH3?
  3. Just watch as they just drop a random trailer out of nowhere.
  4. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    Who's your favorite Spider-Man villain?

    Who's your favorite Spider-Man villain?
  5. Which Megaman weapon/power would be cool for Sora to use?
  6. What do you expect to see in the longer TGS trailer for KH3?
  7. Which of the Worlds revealed so far would you want a KH3 poster of?
  8. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    Ban The User Above You!

    Banned for using a lenny face
  9. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    The FBI Doesn't Like IGN

    I guess even the FBI doesn't like it when IGN talks about Kingdom Hearts.
  10. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    So about IGN...

    So IGN is acting dumb again? Not a big suprise to be honest.
  11. Yeah, needless to say the hype was real when that announcement happened.
  12. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    Aqua Never Saw It Coming

    This is just one of many examples of what I can potentially create when I get bored and don't have anything better to do.
  13. What will Arby’s show on Twitter when KH3 releases?
  14. What kind of look do you think Lea should have for KH3?
  15. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    If you could tell or ask Sora one thing, what would it be?

    I understood that reference and you just made my night.