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  1. Do you remember 2 years ago that Hanzo can one-shot Orisa in full HP using a Scatter Arrow and aim on her feet? Kinda funny isn't it? Gameplay videos are not mine and are recorded 2 years ago:
  2. SpottyBlue

    General Chat

    Does anyone have a high quality and clear version of this Kingdom Hearts emblem? It's kinda a bit blurry because it's from the PS4 Pro KH3 Limited Edition original theme.
  3. Hi, where can I find the high quality version of this Kingdom Hearts 3 emblem, which was used in the PS4 Pro KH3 limited edition original theme and in KH3 marketing? This emblem is taken from the PS4 theme screenshot, and looks low quality.
  4. SpottyBlue

    General Chat

    You should check out my mockup of the Kingdom Hearts swimwear designs for females. Look for them in Creative Media.
  5. Add my channel, I got KH videos too: http://www.youtube.com/SpottyBlueGaming
  6. Come and check out my mockup of the Kingdom Hearts swimwear design for females. KH Black Monogram: KH White Monogram: What do you think?
  7. SpottyBlue

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    She's same age as mine
  8. SpottyBlue

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    For Chel.C, http://www.facebook.com/chel.ccosplay
  9. SpottyBlue

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    Hey everyone, Chel.C will be cosplaying as Kairi (KH3 outfit) next time, as she got the costume on 1 April 2019.
  10. Hey, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming to South Korea on 23 May 2019, confirmed in the PlayStation Festa event on 9 March. The Korean subs version will be using Japanese voices, like the Chinese subs version. https://asia.playstation.com/ko-kr/press-releases/2019/190311-KH3-releasedate/
  11. They are now also available in Southeast Asian PS Stores too: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  12. I usually upload my gameplay videos, gaming related videos, and doing livestreams on my YouTube gaming channel since Oct 2016. I got a lot of subscribers now
  13. Here is my KH3 playlist from my YouTube gaming channel, containing my current and archived livestreams, and gameplay videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-2Jy5z5ekML0aiHkKYFgfB_Isme4Y5Mw
  14. Hi Mei fans from Overwatch,I’m a Mei fan and main and wanted to share you something.It’s my fan skin for Mei: Marine Biologist MeiFor the Overwatch SEA Fan Art Skin contest.About my concept: My Mei’s Marine Biologist skin is based on many marine biologists wear: a lab coat and a swimsuit. Her weapon designs have wave elements that resembles beach sea waves. Her drone, Snowball, resembles a clownfish design. Take a look: Main skin design: Alt skin design (no coat, blue swimsuit only): Weapons design: This is also my contest entry for the official Overwatch SEA Fan Art Skin design. What do you think?
  15. Hi there, Has anyone tried/gone freediving before? Cos I want to try freediving by taking the basic pool freediving course. Can wear normal swimwear when freediving in pool.
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