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  1. Despite PSN and PS Store not available in Philippines, PlayStation Asia is still officially hosting the events in PH.
  2. The download code I've obtained from the Limited Time Challenge in the KHUx app is not working. I choose PlayStation 4 (not Europe), and when I try to enter on my US PSN account, it won't work. Did I enter the wrong PSN ID? I must have put the ID that is same as my Ux player ID.
  3. Hey everyone, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming to PlayStation Experience Southeast Asia 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand! Proof:
  4. I'm having difficulties of trying to defeat Xemnas. I got defeated so many times.
  5. I'm playing in Standard mode
  6. Hey there, I'm having difficulties of trying to defeat the Lingering Will. I got defeated so many times. Even I equipped with the "Once More" ability, my HP will be cut to 0 from more than 1 HP. Can help me?
  7. SpottyBlue

    KH3 in Chinese and Korean

    Hi, What do you think if Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be released in Chinese and Korean languages? The Kingdom Hearts games sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea are in Japanese language, making for locals very hard to understand the game.
  8. Hi, I played Kingdom Hearts Final Mix as part of KH HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix on my PS4. I tried to defeat the 3rd stage Ansem, but I kept dying for so many times. My level is 53. Can help? Should I level up or change abilities? See my gameplay about my failure of defeating the 3rd stage Ansem: See video between 40:00 and 1:25:00.
  9. SpottyBlue

    Possible to buy swimwear for a friend as a gift?

    I don't buy bikini for my female friend. Only one-piece swimsuit sports type. Bikini is too revealing. I buy beach shorts/board shorts for male friends.
  10. Hey there, Is it possible to buy swimwear for a friend as a gift (e.g. birthday gift)?
  11. Hi, Do u have the screenshots of the KH PS4 themes that u have unlocked by clearing the games in KH HD 1.5 + 2.5?
  12. I'm not sure whether i can enable monetization or not when I want to do a livestream of the KH 2.8 gameplay on YouTube.
  13. Guys, I'm getting a copy tomorrow via post. So can really enable monetization or not during livestream for this game?
  14. Hi, I am planning to do a livestream of my KH HD 2.8 gameplay video on YouTube via PS4 recording feature. So, do I have to enable or disable monetization? And does it add game copyright notes automatically in the video description when I do livestream?