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  1. Shortly before the D23 event occurring, Gamestop started showing the promotion material for Kingdom Hearts 3 by showing new renders in the pre-order marketing. Thanks to fluttershyjac on Instagaram for sharing a picture of the promotion piece.


    Don't forget to tune into our live coverage of Level Up! starting on Today at 12:00 PM PDT. Also, the livestream will begin today on Saturday, July 15th at 1:00 PM PDT and will stream on Facebook (This is Polaris) and on Twitch (jacksepticeye).

    UPDATE: The promotional art is indeed fake. 

  2. Ichiban Kuji are making Kingdom Hearts character collection cards which will be on sale starting May 24, 2017. These cards can be purchased from their site for 150 yen (about $1.34 USD) and they will be selling the collections on different periods starting from May 24, 2017 until the last collection to be sold in August 31, 2017.


    View two sample images of what the cards look like, as well as an actual photo of the cards, provided by @print1KUJI and @ArikaMiz on Twitter, below:



    DAfeysOWAAAYGQQKHDAjB KrXkAAK1 PDAkJDO3XgAIJ22O12345678910111213141516171819DG2sYGvV0AE8smYDG2sYHGUAAApGcmDG203HuV0AA067p


    UPDATE 1: Another photo of the cards has been shown off by @naxkia on Twitter. View this photo with the other photos in the gallery above.


    UPDATE 2: Ichiban Kuji have extended the sales period for their Kingdom Hearts card collection to September 22, 2017. Also, more prints have been added to the collection, featuring different characters from Kingdom Hearts. The pricing remains 150 yen (about $1.34) per print. You can view the new character cards in the gallery above.


    Click here to view the article

  3. Today marks the 15h anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. To celebrate this occasion, Square Enix has announced special Tsum Tsum events for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] which will feature the following bonuses for these events.


    <3 Special login bonus avatar <3

    People who log in during this event period, will receive a Tsum Tsum headband!



    Login Period : April 14 - May 1

    <3 Raid boss event & The Union χ Multiplayer event <3

    New raid event quest "The Heartless Tsum stack" will be featured during the event and players can collect Raid Coins and Cross Coins to exchange them for Tsum Tsum avatar items from the Multiplayer event.







    Event Period : From April 17 - April 23

    <3 New 10 medal draws <3

    New raid event quest "The Heartless Tsum stack" will be featured during the event and players can collect Raid Coins and Cross Coins to exchange them for Tsum Tsum avatar items from the Multiplayer event!


    These 10 draws will offer 4 Tsum Tsum medals: each draw will give you a guaranteed Tsum Tsum medal. The first draw is free.



    Event Period : April 16 - April 30


    Click here to view the article

  4. For those who haven't been able to pick up the paperback Kingdom Hearts publications that have been released in the past couple years, Yen Press has now conveniently begun releasing their English publications electronically via e-books. On March 21, 2017, Yen Press released Kingdom Hearts: The Novel electronically for $7.99 USD.


    Furthermore, on April 18th, Yen Press will be releasing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: The Novel electronically for $7.99 USD.


    With these electronic releases, Yen Press will also be releasing the newest publications Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 4 ($6,99 USD electronically) on May 23rd & Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel Vol. 1 ($7.99 USD electronically) on June 20th, both available for the first time in English and for purchase electronically on day 1.


    You can click on book titles to check the book page and find out where to buy each e-book.


    Click here to view the article

  5. With Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX releasing on March 28, 2017 in North America, and March 31, 2017 everywhere else, some fans have already received their copies of the game in English before release.


    One lucky fan in particular, YouTuber KingdomHops, already got their hands on an early copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX in English, showcasing on stream how Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD is running on the PlayStation 4. You can take a look at the stream below:




    Click here to view the article

  6. The European store, GAME, just announced an exclusive pre-order bonus for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX which includes an exclusive 15 year anniversary poster print, we will provide new images of the poster once they become available. You can take a look at the promotional picture below.





    Click here to view the article

  7. During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - held in Japan on March 10th, 2017, Yoko Shimomura discussed the music played at the event in the Official Concert Guide. You can take a look at her thoughts on the brochures provided by @RedMakuzawa and @jsjunshen.


    There is also an interview with her providing information on her inspirations, an image showing the artworks for all three Kingdom Hearts HD collections and how they connect, and some new scans.


    We will update the article with higher quality scans once they become available, as well as a proper transcription to read for both Shimomura's thoughts and interview.


    C6j69jsUwAAROXxC6j69jvU4AAYpQL (1)C6j69jtVwAEwYXqRf3QJ50KrmU2rvT4LjiKwcDc1Hv3Y2g6KJNck0uafg142u0nbh3a U8iFli3ntqP1L9UKFlaqNfi3XdS  8Chl7xTZSkP88 (1)2T UMwt4eOJVSfUmuJy6kZxIZM1HjiKg6fWacTnF



    Click here to view the article

  8. UPDATE: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- merchandise will be available at all venues. Prices will vary. The pouch will be pre-order only for the Paris and London concerts.


    The original article follows:


    The official Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - website has updated and announced that it will feature goods to be sold during the event. These are apparently exclusive to the people who attend the concert, but we'll bring clarification as it comes. You can take a look at the pictures of the merchandise below:


    goods zoom 1goods zoom 2goods zoom 3goods zoom 4goods zoom 5goods zoom 6


    The merchandise and their prices go as follows:


    • Official Soundtrack: 3500 ¥ ≈ 31 $ ≈ 29 €
    • Concert Guide: 2500 ¥ ≈ 22 $ ≈ 20.75 €
    • Keyblade Baton: 3700 ¥ ≈ 32.50 $ ≈ 31 €
    • T-Shirt: 3000 ‎¥ ≈ 26.50 $ ≈ 25 €
    • Wallet: 2000 ¥ ≈ 17.50 $ ≈ 16.50 €
    • Purse: 3500 ¥ ≈ 31 $ ≈ 29 €

    The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - will commemorate the series' 15th Anniversary and will take part in multiple countries around the world. Are you going to attend any of the concerts? Tell us in the comment section below!


    Click here to view the article

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