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Hi there!


A little bit about me is that I love Kingdom Hearts. What else is there to talk about?


I was just kidding  👅  More about me is that apart from Kingdom Hearts, I also love The Legend of Zelda series and have every single game. My first gaming system was a Nintendo 64, and I would spend hours playing it with my parents and sisters. I also had a Game Boy, which I played Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on. That was also my first game of the series  :smile: As I got older I upgraded to the latest systems, and now play both Kingdom Hearts and Zelda for hours on end. On the weekends that is  :biggrin:


Other things I love to do is draw, paint, and write fan fiction stories. I also watch anime once in awhile, with my favorite being Fairy Tail  😄 Currently, I work as a records technician for Vital Records at Health and Welfare, but have a dream of having a career with animals someday. So if I find out that you're not being nice to Donald, Goofy or King Mickey, I will hunt you down with my Keyblade!


Other than that, I love spending time with my sister and best friend  :biggrin:  And that's about it! I hope we become fellow Keyblade wielders and fight for the light of Kingdom Hearts together!



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