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  1. So many of us have already looked over this new KH3 box art and have noticed the Darkling from Union X among other things. But... What's with the cat next to Ventus on the other roof behind them??
  2. Hahahaha! The music just makes it 10x better! :lol:
  3. Oh my goodness, if they release it for the PC I would absolutely love that! I would buy it and actually play it and love it because I really don't play console games all that much anymore and I refuse to buy a PS4 just for one game. I've got bills to pay, I need that money :cool:
  4. Remember, it's not just about classic Disney movies, it's also what movies Nomura himself has always wanted to end up in Kingdom Hearts--like Toy Story. I'm assuming (if this is real) that Monsters, Inc. is another movie Nomura loves and wants to add in as a world Plus, constantly rehashing the same worlds over and over again will get boring...
  5. I don't freaking care about the world, there's Unversed in these pictures! Vanitas is back baby! YAAAS! But on the topic of real or fake, I dunno, it looks pretty real to me. I mean, KH3 is still in development so what looks fake could very well be because of that simple fact. If it IS fake then... kudos to whoever made these because they are REALLY good.
  6. Welcome to KH13 friend! Hope you enjoy it here!
  7. I think it's safe to say that Lauriam and Marluxia don't differ that much. Considering what we've seen in Union X [Cross] Lauriam is still a prime suspect in the murder of Strelitizia... that sounded like something straight out of Law and Order. :lol: Anyway, I don't think Nomura will make Lauriam a vessel in KH3 because YX has already told us in DDD that certain members (of old Org. 13) were too untrustworthy, a.k.a Marluxia. Not saying he won't show up, but I'm pretty sure he won't be a Xehanort goonie. That being said, if he is going to be our new main antagonist, with him having little relations (good ones anyway) with Xehanort, that'll keep the two separate and stop this whole every-villain-is-Xehanort concept I am so sick and tired of. As for who the next big baddie will be, we still don't have much to go on with the Master of Masters, so he's still a little out-of-the-blue, but Lauriam seems to be growing into such a role. And I'm enjoying it! Since it's as you said, Finn and vigor, the Chi series is setting us up for what's to come after the 3rd numbered title, so why not Lauriam/Marluxia be the next main villain? He's got ties to Sora and the gang, he's got a history with Ventus and the other Union Leaders, so he's definitely not just gonna show up and everyone be like, "Who're you?" It's perfect placement; makes it flow nicely into a new beginning.
  8. Oh, I think I remember that episode! I also saw something freaky like that too when taking my dogs out for a pee at night. See, I always shine my flashlight into the woods surrounding my house when it's pitch black out for the small chance I'll see some eyes staring back at me. Well... that night my dogs were barking at something over the fence, so I shined my flashlight at the direction they were barking... and a pair of red eyes appeared in the light staring right back at me... I froze up, my heart was pumping, but I told myself to not run away and just calmly walk back into the house because I was brave. I just clicked off my flashlight, called my dogs back and walked into the house as if nothing ever happened. Then my body exploded with adrenaline and I locked the back door and closed all my window blinds before calming myself down again. I have another story about hearing voices in the woods at night too, but that'll be for another time. Anyway, can't really say nothing scares me because, during moments like the above, you do get terrified, but I let it go and don't let it bother me. So, I'd still have to go with nothing scares me, MWAHAHAHAHA!
  9. I don't really want to theorize at how Ventus exists in two completely different timelines. I just want to sit back and let it all unfold and be amazed as it comes. He is he, I am me, you are you... Lauriam is Lauriam and we're all perfectly okay.
  10. Looking at this picture just made me realize something... Sora's shoes ARE big
  11. Alright, so I've searched the forums and haven't found anything like this, but I do apologize if it has been posted here before. I know the topic has come up before about why Vanitas was shown beside Young Xehanort in DDD as well as where he may be now, but I think I may have an idea/theory to answer this. Ok, so we know from Nomura in one of his interviews he states that Vanitas showed up because it was Ventus' heart reacting inside of Sora. Now, I still see some confusion here from other fans, so I just want to clear one thing up. Sora did NOT see Vanitas, only Ventus did (and us as the audience, of course). What Sora saw and heard was YX saying, "Hypocrite, you are the one that has made your heart a prison... Even if you are not the prisoner." Ventus (from what we can gather) saw and heard the same thing but with Vanitas saying it instead. That is why after it was all said and done, Sora asks, "My heart's a prison? :huh:" instead of questioning why there was another boy standing beside YX that looked exactly like him. He didn't see Vanitas; he saw YX and that was it. Now continuing from this, I think there could be a double meaning behind the line "Even if you are not the prisoner." YX said it to Sora and was talking about Ventus being the 'prisoner' inside his heart. But what if the same could be said about Vanitas? What if Vanitas said the same thing because it was also true that HE himself was also a prisoner inside of Ven's heart? Looking back at the end of BBS with the resolution of Ven and Vanitas' fight within their dive to the heart, Vanitas fell into his pillar. Now, I was with a lot of people in first taking that as a way of saying the two finally joined back together, but obviously that's not the case since Ventus went into a state of suspended animation like a Princess of Heart would when they lose their hearts. Meaning, his heart still only consists of light. Going off of this, could it be said that Vanitas fell into Ven's heart and got stuck there still as a separate entity and became his 'prisoner'? If this is the case, then Vanitas is trapped inside of Ventus' heart which is trapped inside of Sora's heart. And this kind of matches up with what YX said from the newest trailer featuring the Toy Story world. YX states, "There is a darkness we are missing and must reclaim." Now, it's really just an opinion here, but I think he's talking about Vanitas-which is why I said it kind of matches up. If he is talking about Vanitas, then them [the seekers] trying to find clues as to how hearts connect... this could be why: If they want Vanitas, they'd first have to get Ventus out of Sora's heart and then get Vanitas out of Ventus' heart. That's some crazy heart extraction going on there. Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to offer. Let me know what you guys think.
  12. I thought this was what interested us the most, not what concerns us. :wink: Despite others, I'm actually grateful that Union X will be continuing after KH3, the game is only meant to finish off the Xehanort Saga, not every KH game that's been released beforehand. It was pretty obvious that Union X and the Chi mobile games were leading us into the next saga, which I am excited for! Nomura telling us that the Union X Ven is the real Ven is a breath of fresh air because now all those Nobody theories and whatnot can be put to rest.
  13. This is why I love this community: we can joke around with each other, poke and prod at our ideas/theories and still leave together happy at the end of the day as friends. Also, to be fair, I was a bit tired yesterday after coming home from work (I sleep during the day and work/am up at night) so thank you for not taking my sarcasm seriously! But no, what I was getting at there was not everyone knew everyone so Lauriam and Blaine/Brain popping up out of nowhere because no one talked about them isn't really solid proof of any kind. Now, yeah, the Foretellers would know who's all in their Unions, but those little details- like names and such-wouldn't be mentioned to us because it's not necessary. That's what I was getting at. Truth be told, I do agree with you that those two may not be keyblade wielders, Lauriam I'm more suspicious of because of what we already know of him as Marluxia. If that is the case then this story will be getting even more interesting.
  14. Yes because everyone talks about everybody, even the ones they haven't met and don't even know exist. Because back in the Fairytale Era, every keyblade wielder was omniscient and clairvoyant and telepathic, EVERYBODY knew who everyone was and what their names were. There was never a new person to meet. That seems heavily opinionated considering out of all five of them, Ventus seems to be the most vulnerable since he says he's not confident in himself or his abilities at all and that he saw no reason for Lady Ava to have picked him to be a leader. And Strel wasn't the last to arrive, she NEVER ARRIVED TO BEGIN WITH BECAUSE SHE GOT KILLED! Lauriam was the one that arrived last, and how could he just know who was going to arrive last if it didn't even happen--Oh yeah, that's right because everyone back then was omniscient and clairvoyant and telepathic. I apologize for my sarcasm, I don't mean to offend you, but please, you can't theorize things like this with the knowledge that WE know if the characters themselves DON'T know it.
  15. I think the gameplay within Castle Oblivion will be interesting because it'll be the first time we venture through it [i think] without Namine doing her wacky memory tricks on Sora. Of course, without Aqua though, Sora won't be able to find Ventus in the Chamber of Waking, so she'll be joining him. I also like to think that Mickey would go too since he was friends with Ven. And with him and Sora going, I believe Riku would tag along to help out his friends and help Aqua wake up Ven. To be honest, unlike a lot of other ideas I've seen, I personally think Sora, Aqua, Donald, Goofy, Riku, and Mickey will be venturing to Castle Oblivion. The reason why I say this other than what I've given above is because... well, come one guys, Xehanort wants Ven. This will be the perfect opportunity for him to slip in and grab him; Aqua and Sora will lead him right to him. Will he succeed? I don't know, and I wouldn't want him to, but if this proves to be a possibility, then Xehanort won't go down without a fight and we may have to battle our way to the Chamber of Waking in KH3. That's just my guess on Castle Oblivion's role other than the obvious.
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