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I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since 2013-2014-ish. I was originally introduced to KH 1 by my boyfriend, but because of the times and my experiences with playing The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, and other high-resolution games, I wasn't that impressed with KH. I only got as far as the first world I chose and that was Alice in Wonderland and I got stuck in that stupid forest with the Chesire cat! I was just done after that, Sora wasn't clicking with me and I wasn't that much of a Disney fan so I left it alone until months later when my new found college bestie starts talking to me about how awesome and convoluted the KH plot line is. She explained it to me rather well, but I wasn't understanding it all that much without visuals as I am a visual learner. And because she is a hardcore fan of the series, she had every game.


So one day after class, we're hanging out at her dorm and she wants to show me some gameplay. I agree and she throws in the BBS disc. Immediately I'm curious about it all because Jesse McCartney was voicing Ventus and I was just getting out of the Young Justice series where my favorite character was Robin-also voiced my Jesse McCartney. Once she got through the beginning, she asked me which character I'd like to see her play first. Now, already I was impressed by the simple fact that Ven was wielding his keyblade back-handed and was apparently the fastest wielder of the three, so knowing me: I like speed, acrobatics, the color green, foxes, twin personas, kick*** anit-heroes/villains, and anything to do with wings and flying. Ven just checked off 5/8 of those already so there was no argument there.


The more I watched Ven's gameplay the more I fell in love with him! I was introduced to Vanitas (of which was my bestie's all time favorite KH character) and that right there checked two more off the list. I soon fell in love with Vanitas as well and now the two both share the slot of my number one favorite character(s).


With what happened in BBS I was curious to the rest of the story and so I decided to watch all the cutscenes of the games. I've seen the 358/2 Days "movie", I've watched most of the scenes from KH 1 and KH 2, I mostly go back to the end of RECoded and I've explored the overall plot of Chain of Memories, though that one was a bit confusing for me. DDD was explored first out of the list and unfortunately, I was introduced to that version of Sora... yeah, not the best first impression of him xD

And now I am thoroughly enjoying the Union X updates as well as anxiously waiting for KH3 to come out in 2018! YAAAAAAAAAAAS, FINALLY! Also, that new Nomura art work for UX is O.U.T.S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G! It's now my background image for my computer.  :biggrin:

Just a heads up! I've recently changed my username from Gadget to BaeWulf95!

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