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  1. Anyone looking to join in for that last second crown? Or perhaps you'd even like to stay. Come check us out! We will even accept 0 lux members if you're coming from another union~ ___ Server: NA Union: Ursus Party name: NobodyYuujinchou Current party rank: 14th Slots: 3 ___ Minimum requirements: Use Discord Be active during raid weeks Be able to use your lux boost at 20:00 PT Contact me whenever you expect to be busy ___ If you would like to apply, just send me your ingame ID You can also apply by filling out this form if you'd like. We can get back to you sooner with this method -> (https://goo.gl/JCQQQe) As a last alternative you can contact Revoisis#1752 on Discord to apply (or just ask some questions) Also, here's our shared medal list -> https://goo.gl/xDysHO Need further info? Have questions? I'd be happy to reply.
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