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  1. In this video, I will be talking about where they might show Kingdom Hearts 3 next and possible ports to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
  2. New Video talking about things I want to see happen after Kingdom Hearts 3 releases.
  3. sexyninjajon

    Union X Fan Event-will KH3 be there or not?

    But not everyone that was selected is going to be at this event though.
  4. I would not turn it down but I might have a heart attack bedore I xould play the game.
  5. I dont think thats the cases considering Jared tweeted about leaving the states after Pax. Its either a demo at E3 or they get a early copy or demo to play at home and review.
  6. This is very interesting. I wonder how long its going to take for all the actors to get their parts recorded.
  7. sexyninjajon

    KH3 Riku Art/Pixel Art

    I Love this. Great Job!
  8. I think Narcisse Puppet is the best looking one in my opinion.
  9. I decided to make a video on how I make Pixel art. If anyone is interested please give it a watch.
  10. I dont think it will be a big deal. final fantasy 15 had tons of npcs and the frame rate was just fine.
  11. I really dig mickey's new threads.
  12. sexyninjajon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Riku Pixel Art

    Thank you. I dont think we will be seeing much as far as a fan made kh rpg. Nobody really makes pixel art for the series anymore. No sprites equals no games.
  13. sexyninjajon

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Riku Pixel Art

    So I got board and decided to work on a chain of memories style rendition of rikus new model.