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    Kennethlip reacted to DChiuch in "I want to change my username" & "I want to delete my account"   
    Hey, here's the procedure for changing your username: If you want it changed, post here and tell us what you want your new username to be. Then, a week later, post here again saying you're still sure that you want it changed. This is to ensure that you don't change your mind... because we'd rather you pick a name and stick with it, rather than changing it often. Thanks. Remember, in order to get your name changed, you must post here once-- and then, at least 7 days later, post here again quoting your first post to confirm. Choose wisely because you may only change your name once!  
    KH13 does not usually delete accounts for any reason. This is because:   1. We prefer that each post has a member and member profile attributed to it, rather than appearing to be from no one. 2. If you ever change your mind and come back, we'd like you to be able to-- rather than finding that your account is deleted.   So, if you really want to delete your account, then please contact me (DChiuch). However, it probably won't happen, so I'm sorry in advance.   Plan on taking a break from KH13? Please check out our how to leave the website topic here.   If you're concerned about your username being on the Internet, or other personal details you have on your account, then we can change your username and remove those details for you. If this is what you want, please follow the above procedure. If you're changing your username to hide your identity, then you can skip the 7 day waiting period. Please specify this in your post.   Thanks.
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    Kennethlip reacted to Amon in How to leave the website. (Say "NO" to forum suicide)   
    How to leave the website
    Step 1. Log out
    Step 2. Never log in again
    Seriously though, don't start drama, don't post pornography, don't spam, don't hack DC's account and promote several other members to admin so you can wreck havoc on the website. Just log out and never log back in if you want to leave. 
    Sure, doing all that stuff may be hilarious for a short time, but you'll be banhammered rather quickly. We have forum staff in all time zones that can deal with most issues in a short matter of time. 
    If you never want to come back again, that's fine with us! We'll miss you, but we know that some people just don't want to stay. If you want to leave for good, just do that nice little two step procedure. It makes things easier for pretty much everyone. 
    Thing is, a lot of members who have left wound up coming back after some time. If you ever want to come back, the forum team wants you to be able to do so. Doing something to get banned means you can't come back, you can't even create a second account (trust us, we'll know). We're fine with people coming and leaving as they please, so give yourself the opportunity to do so. 
    TL;DR- Don't commit forum suicide. We all love you and want you to come back if you ever want to.  :wub:
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    Kennethlip reacted to Dagesh Lene in How Important is Each KH Game to the Overall Story?   
    If there's one thing that irritates me, it's when people think that Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are somehow more important than the rest of the games in the series.  Even people who realize that every single game in the Kingdom Hearts series has essential information seem to think that all of the non-numbered games are still not as important as the numbered games.  So, I decided to give my take on how important all of the KH games are to the overall story and how essential they all are in order to understand what is happening in Kingdom Hearts III.
    I divided the games into two groups: Games that are extremely important to understanding the overall story and games that are less important.
    Extremely Important Games
    1. Kingdom Hearts
    2. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
    3. Kingdom Hearts II
    4. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    5. Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance]
    Less Important Games
    1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    2. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
    3. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]/Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
    4. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
    Many people mistakenly think that Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1.  However, Chain of Memories is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1.  Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to Chain of Memories.  Now, Chain of Memories isn't necessarily needed in order to understand Kingdom Hearts III (other than maybe having to know about Riku Replica, Marluxia, and Larxene), but Kingdom Hearts II is, and if you skip Chain of Memories, you won't know what's going on in Kingdom Hearts II.
    Birth by Sleep is extremely important because it introduces us to Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Vanitas, and Master Xehanort.  All of these characters are extremely important to Kingdom Hearts III.  I mean, Master Xehanort is the main antagonist!  It also shows us the fates of all of these characters, which we will need to know for Kingdom Hearts III.  Not to mention, we find out what Master Xehanort's ultimate goal is in this game: to forge the χ-Blade and start a second Keyblade War (this isn't as important to know ahead of time since we probably will be told this in Kingdom Hearts III, but this is when we are introduced to his goal for the first time).
    Dream Drop Distance is also extremely important because it literally sets up Kingdom Hearts III.  It ties everything from the past games together (or at least it attempts to), informs us of what Master Xehanort's new plan to achieve his ultimate goal is, and leaves us with the heroes preparing for what to do next.
    The remaining four games (five if you count Back Cover as its own thing) are still important but are less important than the other games since they only have a few things in each of them that are needed to understand the overall story.  358/2 Days is the most important out of all of them because Xion's story is the story of the game, and Xion is who you need to know about for Kingdom Hearts III (assuming she plays an important role in the game, that is).  All you need to know about from Re:coded is that there are people tied to Sora who are waiting for him to save them (also that Maleficent and Pete are now after the Book of Prophecies, which you find out in a new cutscene added to Re:coded in KH 2.5, but this probably isn't as important since you will probably be told this in Kingdom Hearts III).  It is unclear how much you need to know of Union χ[Cross]/Back Cover, but you definitely don't need to know everything.  You at least need to know about the Book of Prophecies, the black box, and what was revealed about Master Xehanort's Keyblade (you may also need to know about the Foretellers since Young Xehanort mentions the "lost masters", who he says started the Keyblade War, to Young Eraqus in one of the first Kingdom Hearts III trailers).  I don't know how much from 0.2 you need to know, but I assume that you will at least need to know that Riku and King Mickey are off on a mission to save Aqua from the Realm of Darkness, that Kairi is going to train with Lea, and that Sora, Donald, and Goofy are off to Olympus Coliseum so that Sora can learn from Hercules how to regain the strength that he lost (most of this will probably be told to you in Kingdom Hearts III, so I don't know how much of this you will actually need to know before you play Kingdom Hearts III).
    So, that's my take on how important all of the games are to the overall story and to Kingdom Hearts III.  While it is true that not all of the games hold the same level of importance as others, I think that many of them are more important than people make them out to be, especially Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance.
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    Kennethlip reacted to ReverofE in Defending Sonic Adventure 2's Treasure Hunting Levels   
    Just a little peek into what unpopular opinions I have about the subject.

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    Kennethlip reacted to Nweintraub in A "promise to bring them back".   
    No, I'm not talking about the Teen Titans. I'm talking about something from Kingdom Hearts.
    So, in KH 3D, Roxas reminds Axel that he made to him a "promise to bring them back", & in KH 358/2 Days, Axel reminds Xion of the same thing. I just can't help but wonder whether or not if they're talking about the same thing.
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    Kennethlip reacted to gepugg in Everglow gets close to the end of Kingdom Hearts in KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series Episode 42-49!   
    Everglow has released episodes 42-49 in his
    This time around we get to see Sora, Donald and Goofy explore the worlds of Atlantica, Peter Pan and the 100 Acre Woods .
    Alongside Sora's adventures, we get to see Aqua's continued journey through the realm of darkness, where she comes across an important ally and continues fighting the darkness.
    Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series is an in-depth chronological recap of the entire Kingdom Hearts series; masterfully compiled to give you all the knowledge you need in the run up to Kingdom Hearts III.
    You can find Everglow on Twitter and YouTube.
    You can watch the episodes below:

    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to gepugg in Kingdom Hearts July Merch Roundup; Hoodies, minimates and more!   
    Welcome to KH13’s roundup for Kingdom Hearts merchandise revealed during the month of July! Pictures, links, and descriptions for each piece of new merchandise revealed during July are available below!

    Hot Topic have once again introduced several new items this month, including a plain black tee featuring the Kingdom Hearts III logo embossed on it for $20.90.
    Also from Hot Topic, both a girls hoodie and a girls sweater are available for $44.90 and $42.90 respectively. Both feature the Heartless emblem on the front and the phrase "Heartless" on the back.
    Finally Hot Topic are also selling a Kingdom Hearts III logo hoodie for $39.90. The hoodie has the same design as the black tee, with the Kingdom Hearts III logo featured prominently on the front.

    Amazon have revealed a Kingdom Hearts PDP full-size Kingdom Key replicathat can be pre-ordered for $39.99 for a release on October 1st. This replica is a much more affordable alternative to the already released Proplica Kingdom Key.

    Loungefly unveiled a brand new Sora-inspired bag and a new wallet at San Diego Comic Con 2018. No release date or price was given as of yet. The bag is heavily inspired by Sora's new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III whilst the wallet looks less Sora-centric.

    AitaiKuji also revealed a collection of exclusive canvases, which can be ordered from their site for $50.00 each. There are three designs, with each one being based on art from Kingdom Hearts games, including one of Ventus, Terra and Aqua and two of Sora and characters from Kingdom Hearts II.

    The collection of Kingdom Hearts minimates by Diamond Toys that we previously reportedon are now available for sale for $9.99 each! Characters include Sora, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Tron and Space Paranoid variations of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

    Diamond Toys have also revealed a new line of Kingdom Hearts minimates based on the upcoming Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III. The line includes variations of Sora, Donald and Goofy in their Toy Story appearance. They can be pre-ordered for $9.99 each and will be out in February 2019.
    That concludes our Kingdom Hearts merch round-up for July! Which piece of merch is your favourite? Do you plan on buying any? Let us know in the comments below!
    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to LeYenrz in The Future Direction of the Kingdom Hearts Series   
    So the other day I came across this video from a gaming Youtuber I follow, DarkPixelGaming

    And it made me really think about the current direction of the Kingdom Hearts series. Is how things are right now okay? Is Kingdom Hearts as a series strong enough to have all of its appeal depend on the original characters and story alone? Is the current methodology and direction in the writing of the story and characters good enough to satisfy fans in the short and long term? Does Kingdom Hearts NEED the original draw of its premise: Disney and Final Fantasy?
    So here's the answer I came up with after reflecting over the history of the fandom as well as the actual objective quality of the writing in the series so far.
    So to answer DPG's original question: Kingdom Hearts doesn't NEED Final Fantasy, but it NEEDS a main gimmick in order to keep it alive. Despite the optimistic answer DarkPixelGaming gave at the end of his video, I believe, as well as many other's iIve discussed with, that the original story and characters are not written well enough to hold up the series on its own. KH is a series whose lifeblood is made of gimmicks. Its combat is and has always been experimental, its plot elements and characters are haphazardly pasted together, and the original draw of the series was its elements of Final Fantasy and Disney.
    However, nowadays, FF and Disney cameos are slapped in without much effort. The only main reason it's been able to stay alive at this point is due to fan investment and its aesthetic. Disney worlds and characters used to have a very significant role back in the first game, enough to be actively involved in the plot. But it is also true that following that game, Disney worlds have become side attractions, becoming second to the main original story with the game's original characters. (personally I feel that the series should reintegrate the story structure of the first game but maintaining its current status quo. a sort of hybrid) The same goes for Final Fantasy, although its presence in the series was weak from the start.
    Kingdom Hearts's original cast does have a pull and charm that has managed to engage its many fans. However it's a fact that most of the writing of the story is kind of done by the seat of its pants. Although Nomura did say once that he plans two games ahead when he writes out the story, Kingdom Hearts has been called out for being a convoluted mess, which is a direct result of the lack of thorough planning put into the writing of this series. I'm not saying that there is none to be had, but it is definitely not great.
    When placed under the magnifying glass, this series's story fails to have much substance and the draw of many of its characters is mostly based on concept alone and not execution. (eg. the writing in BBS and DDD is prime showcase of this). Many of the characters lack a distinct personality (I don't mean no personality at all) asides from cookie cutter friendship do-gooders, and most lack any character development whatsoever. The only ones I can recall that get at least one of those right are Roxas, Riku, Axel, and Xion. The first three are the only ones that get both down. (again this is all debatable depending on who you ask, but those 4 stand out the most) On the surface, they are very well designed and have the appeal to draw players in, but beneath that surface there is simply not enough to satisfy those who are looking for more depth. 
    You might read this and might totally disagree with me. And that's fine. BUT I encourage you to look back on the cutscenes on the previous games (if you have the time) and think to yourself: "are these actually interesting characters beyond their friendship?"
    A very good video that goes over the weaknesses of BBS's story can be found here: 

    So where am I going with all of this bashing of the series that I actually still love very much? Look at the current direction of the series: over the years, more and more focus has been put on the og story and cast. This is not inherently bad. But if you look at all of the flaws that I had pointed out earlier, the story and ocs are not strong enough in construction to be spearheading the appeal of Kingdom Hearts. This is especially problematic because as the franchise began to age, the fanbase aged along with it. Most KH fans are either in their late teens or twenties. Some in their thirties. As minds mature, they desire more substance to chew on. Of course, this is a cheesy JRPG series along with the rest of them, and some might not have high expectations for this series and that, compared to the writing of other JRPG series, this is actually above average the quality of some other games of the same genre. However, because Kingdom Hearts has become so focused on the story, it cannot stick to having its cake and eating it too. If a series is going to put heavy focus on the story, it must have substance. 
    I have to admit this at least: I am still very invested in the Xehanort saga and what will happen to the characters. This series has so much heart (heck it even involves the heart) and that earnest core of the series is what makes me love it to this day. Nostalgia goggles probably have something to do with it also, but there is something else that is at play here.
    There is a certain magic of KH's story as to how it's specifically constructed in just the right way for fans to be able to fill in its holes with their enthusiasm and still find a lot of fulfillment, no matter how mature the fan is. This is an observation, not a criticism; hell, even I do this. Technically, this can be done with any series, no matter how good or bad they are in quality. Despite what I said before, most of the characters have a lot of potential for development. They all have good character designs visually, the voice acting for each of them is solid, and what writing exists for each character is decent to pull anyone in. There is so much we do not know about organization 13 despite Days existing and there are characters that have the potential for an amazing character arc (Saix is a prime example). The concept is there. It's just that nothing is executed. 
    To quote a friend of mine: "It's almost the vagueness to it all that keeps us involved (I think) and loving the characters. bc we can see the potential, it's just not there yet"
    To me at least, Kingdom Hearts has become a sort of frankenstein of a series as the years have gone by. Its pieces are all haphazardly glued together by the convoluted story that is KH, but nonetheless it is still a lovable frankenstein at that. I don't know what it is, the aesthetic, the odd mishmash of gimmicks, etc. that make me love this series still despite all of its flaws in its writing and world construction. But I have to admit at this point, if no further development is put into its og cast, its direction as a series is going to fall apart as its roots in Disney and Final Fantasy wither away, which really seems to be where this series is going. 
    I've heard from many fans that the past few entries in the series have been trying their patience as the story has gone by, and have been very forgiving of its shortcomings, such as the mess that is DDD's story. This is directly the result of Nomura relying too much on the main story's self importance.  Yes, it is the main story, but the ignoring of its Disney and Final Fantasy ties is starting to make the series lose its momentum. 
    I am not asking that KH rebuild its tone and construction in Kingdom Hearts 3. It's too late to abandon ship with the focus on the og cast leading up to the end of the Xehanort saga, so for the time being, Disney and Final Fantasy isn't needed in Kingdom Hearts 3. But in the long run, beyond the Xehanort saga, it is absolutely critical that they be more integrated into the series instead of being treated as side attractions, or you risk series burnout with its original fans. 
    At this point I see two options:
    Keep the heavy emphasis the original story and characters but actually put in the effort for them to become more fleshed out. Disney continues to be fun side attractions for the story but has no main significance in the plot while Final Fantasy is phased out of the series entirely. 
    Kingdom Hearts goes back to its roots and starts fleshing out Disney worlds and characters' involvement in the plot and starts incorporating Final Fantasy characters and themes into its story. Og cast and characters can remain as they are.
    Either way, if the series continues as it is, I am regrettably sure that the series will lose my as well as other's investment in the series. I still love the series as it is despite being aware of all of its flaws. But I am invested in only a few of the characters, and that is not because the actual characters are actually any good... I've become attached to what the concept of those characters have become in my head, gradually pieced together over the course of many years. And it has caused a lot of dissonance when I go back to the source material and notice that in the actual games, there actually isn't much to these characters I care a lot for.  
    For some of you, that might be enough to keep you invested and involved in this series. But many other fans and I want more out of this series. For the chance for Kingdom Hearts to become something truly great and timeless. The potential and pieces are already there. It just needs a little more love and a lot of effort for it to happen.
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    Kennethlip reacted to Dave Ramos in Which KH3 World revealed so far would you have wanted to be kept a surprise?   
    Which KH3 World revealed so far would you have wanted to be kept a surprise?
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    Kennethlip reacted to Gultigargar in Any favorite beta Kingdom Hearts content?   
    I feel like every other question so far has been done to death since Internet became a thing around KH2 launch date. So might as well ask something different.
    Any favorite beta content in Kingdom Hearts games? This means of course, content that wasn’t used in the final game but left in the files. Or a original concept that was eventually removed.
    If you don’t have any favorite beta content you know of for the series, go check out “TCRF” page for Kingdom Hearts titles and see what’s intrigues you.
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    Kennethlip reacted to NoHeartVersed in "Kingdom Hearts III could even tear out more laughter than in the past", says Nomura; comments on costume design and states outfits will not affect...   
    A new interview with Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, has surfaced from Everyeye.it. The interview spoke about the tone of Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura's character design process and how outfits will affect the gameplay.
    You can read the interview below:
    You can find the full interview here.
    Thank you to KH13's Aquaberry for the translations!
    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to Aquaberry in Riku Nendoroid by Good Smile Company has been revealed   
    Following the reveal of the Sora Nendoroid figure (releasing December 2018), and a tease about more Kingdom Hearts figures coming soon, a Riku Nendoroid has been revealed!
    The following picture has been published on the "WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 28" website gallery, which provides some sneak peaks of figures that will be on display at the Wonder Festival taking place in Chiba, Japan, on July 29, 2018.

    Thanks to @churroz for the tip!
    UPDATE (July 28, 2018): A new photo of Riku with Soul Eater has also been revealed. You can view it in the gallery below.

    Thanks to @retro_oo for the tip!
    Have you pre-ordered the Sora Nendoroid yet? Are you looking to add Riku to your collection? Let us know in the comments!
    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to rhys0126 in What if KH4 ditched Disney lol   
    Imagine a KH game with only original worlds, actual deaths, darker themes, more interesting characters, etc. When you think about it, it sounds pretty amazing actually
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    Kennethlip reacted to matteso586 in How Do Characters Understand What Donald is Saying?   
    The subtitles help and all, but I got something to ask. How are the characters able to understand what Donald is saying? Well... besides the ones that are from Disney Town/Castle.
    Like, imagine this happening.
    Donald: No frowning, no sad face.
    Sora: What?
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    Kennethlip reacted to Overshot_ in [Updated] Nendoroid Riku available for pre-order August 28!   
    Kahotan's Blog has reported that the Nendoroid Riku figure will be availble for pre-orders starting August 28th!
    Here are some pictures of the figure below!

    No direct link to the shopping page has been created as of yet.
    KH13 has previously reported on the Nendoroid Riku figure before. Click here to read the previous article!
    Thanks to @churroz for the tip!
    Are you going to pre-order the Riku Nendoroid? Tell us below
    UPDATE [August 28, 2018]:
    The Nendoroid Riku figure pre-order is now available from AmiAmi for a discounted price of 4,150 yen (about $37.34 USD). Nendoroid Riku is set to be released in January 2019. New images have been added to the gallery above. Keyblades, Soul Eater and Oblivion, are included along with two wooden swords for Riku and Sora! Pre-order Nendoroid Riku here!
    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to Weiss in Famitsu.com posts new HD 1.5 ReMIX screenshots, images & Tai Yasue interview   
    The images are pretty great!
    The article looks quite interesting.
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    Kennethlip reacted to gepugg in Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at PAX West 2018   
    Square Enix have confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at this years PAX West (Penny Arcade Expo) taking place in Seattle from August 31st to September 3rd.
    In a press release sent out today, Square confirmed that attendees of PAX will get a chance to try the Kingdom Hearts III demo for themselves.
    Advance tickets for the demo will be given out at Square's booth every day at 10:00am Pacific each day, so make sure to get there early for a chance to play!
    The press release also confirmed that attendees will be playing the same Toybox and Rock Titan boss battle demo that has appeared at other recent game events.
    Will you be able to attend PAX and get a chance to play Kingdom Hearts III this year? Let us know in the comments below!
    Update[August 30, 2018]: Come by the Square Enix booth to demo Kingdom Hearts III! Worlds, Toy Box and Olympus, will be available to play. Get a free Kingdom Hearts III phone holder for playing the demo! The Shooting Star and Infinity Badge keyblades will be on display at PAX West as well!

    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to xionskeyblade in Interview: KH13 Interviews the Italian Kingdom Hearts YouTuber, Everglow, on His Most Recent Project Kingdom Hearts Timeline   
    Everglow, the man behind the Kingdom Hearts Timeline, sat down with KH13’s Yoshirai and Xionskeyblade for an exclusive interview! Everglow started his project in April, and since then it’s been receiving much attention from the Kingdom Hearts community. Everglow was twelve years old when he first became a fan of Kingdom Hearts.

    Everglow’s decision to create the Kingdom Hearts Timeline sprouted when the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX Collection was announced for the PS4. Since Kingdom Hearts III’s release was approaching, he wanted to do something special to commemorate the game.
    While working on this project, Everglow explained to us that piecing the timeline together revealed a few Kingdom Hearts elements that he previously didn’t recognize.

    All projects have their challenges. Everglow’s challenge was trying to sync battles maintaining the same music without breaking the flow.

    We asked for his reactions to Aqua’s reveal as one of Xehanort’s vessels. After all, the Kingdom Hearts III trailer released at E3 this year.

    His favorite episode so far in the timeline is
    . Considering the amount of attention and growth the Kingdom Hearts franchise has had this year we asked Everglow what he had to say to all the new fans out there and his supporters!

    You can find Everglow on Twitter and YouTube.
    Check out Everglow's most recent Kingdom Hearts Timeline episode

    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to NoHeartVersed in New Kingdom Hearts Halloween costumes and props available at Spirit Halloween and Spencers Online   
    Various new Kingdom Hearts costumes and props have surfaced on the Spirit Halloween and Spencers Online websites. There are adult and children variations available for some of the costumes.
    Spencers are selling Keyblade props, these are; Mickey's Kingdom Key D, Pumpkinhead and, exclusively at Spencers, Oblivion.
    Spirit Halloween have both props and costumes available. Both props are also available at Spencers, these are; the Kingdom Key D and Pumpkinhead. Also available from Spirit Halloween are costumes; King Mickey's Organisation XIII robe - available in both adult and children sizes, an adult sized Kingdom Hearts II Riku outfit which includes a wig (pants and shoes sold seperately) and finally, a children's Kingdom Hearts II Sora outfit (Keyblade sold seperately).







    All the Keyblade props and children's outfits are retailing at $39.99, while the adult costumes are retailing at $49.99.
    Are you excited to dress up as a Kingdom Hearts character? Which Keyblade/outfit combo will you get? Let us know in the comments below!
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    Kennethlip reacted to Jake in Nomura: No plans to release Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX or HD 2.5 ReMIX on PlayStation 4   
    It's a shame. Would of made a great addition to PS4.
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    Kennethlip reacted to AwesomeKHfan in Adorable reaction to a Kingdom Hearts trailer   
    I'm no fan of children.... BUT THIS IS ADORABLE THIS SO CUTE!!
    We brainwash them into liking Kingdom Hearts so well- I mean nothing:)
    Question: have you ever tried to convince a child to play Kingdom Hearts:)
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    Kennethlip reacted to Scsigs in Why Do So Many PlayStation Users Have A Problem With The Series Being on Xbox?   
    So, I've had this in my head for a while of why some PlayStation users/fanboys & girls seem to have a visceral reaction to the series coming to the Xbox One.
    Now, I don't want anyone to get into console wars here, but, to me, that's all this boils down to here. I've seen a video where someone literally made a crudely-done animation after ranting on how Xbox users only prefer FPS games (a thing I'd argue isn't the case, since it's only one genre) where he had Xbox users strapped to various things, then either seriously maimed, or killed, all because of their game console choice. I've also had someone on one of my YouTube videos discussing KH coming to the Xbox that it's wrong, claiming that it's like Mario coming to PS4 or Zelda coming to Xbox, and that if KH comes to Xbox, then Halo needs to come to PS4. Obviously, these make no sense & are baseless arguments for the following reasons...
    1. Mario & Zelda are 1st part IPs of Nintendo, while Halo is a 1st party IP of Microsoft, & that KH is an IP of Square & Disney & isn't owned by Sony whatsoever. A more apt comparison would be if an actual company owned by Sony like Naughty Dog went third party & started publishing something like Uncharted or The Last of Us to all of the remaining platforms. At the very least there, I'd understand the reaction.
    2. There is an audience for RPGs on Xbox, it's just that KH is just now coming to the platform, due to not having a console game outside of the HD Remixes since 2005; a time when the Xbox 360 was in its infancy & the only competition to the PS2 was the GameCube, which, frankly, I'm surprised never got ports of KH1 or 2.
    3. Square is a 3rd part gaming company. They can publish their games to any platform they want to, which they have. At this point, they've published to the big 3 gaming console families & PC, as well as mobile. Realistically, no one should even remotely be surprised or mad that they're publishing the series to Xbox finally, so why are they? It all boils down to console wars as far as I can see.
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    Kennethlip reacted to Leamax in Kingdom Hearts 90 Years of Mickey Mouse Trailer revealed at D23 panel during SDCC   
    During the D23: the Official Disney Fan Club panel at San Diego Comic-Con, a trailer was shown to celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse. The trailer is a mash-up of iconic scenes of King Mickey from various Kingdom Hearts games.
    You can view the trailer below.

    Mickey's first appearance was on November 18th, 1928 in the short cartoon "Steamboat Willie".
    What do you think of this trailer? Will you help celebrate King Mickey's 90th birthday in November? Let us know in the comments below!
    Click here to view the article
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    Kennethlip reacted to ReverofE in The Definitive KH1 Keyblade Tier List   
    My own personal opinion has to how the keyblades in KH1 should be ranked. A video based on an earlier thread I made.

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    Kennethlip reacted to Gwynbleidd in New leak shows Kingdom Hearts 2.9 could be an upcoming title for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4, + possible Kingdom Hearts III info   
    Calling it now. 2017 Spring Release Date for Kingdom Hearts III, while we get Kingdom Hearts '2.9' for 2016. Thanks for the thread, OP!
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