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  1. I love the trailers!!! The theme song is quite refreshing (as it is using my favourite time signature) and I love it (both English and Japanese versions)! Oh man, I can feel my mind turning mush from creating some delicious theories... yum. Can't stop replaying it again and again for now.
  2. I really want one! Really love the design when it first came out. Too bad it doesn't ship to my country...
  3. Xerias

    Hi everyone! I'm new!

    New to this forum since I've been quite busy(& still am) and only bothered to join now. I'm from Singapore in my 20s, previously studied music and currently studying film. Primarily played Square Enix games, love all of their games soundtracks. <3 Hikki's music! KH even more! KH Games I've played: - 358/2 Days - KH 2 Final Mix - KH Re:coded - KH Re:Chain of Memories - KHUx (will provide an avatar profile pic later; currently my phone's dead, opps) Avatar name: Xerias Really wish I could have a ps3/ps4