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  1. "You can teleport us up there?" Stephen said sadly as he put down his hiking gear. When you do teleport us make sure we don't fall off that damn ledge. Stephen felt electricity coursing through his veins. His eyes widened as he felt how hot it was on this mountain. "Did everyone make it on top?" Stephen inquired. Stephen started to count the individuals on top of the mountain.
  2. Stephen took Saros hand and got up. Stephen groaned as he felt all kinds of pains in his back. "thanks man" Stephen said to Saros. "We need to see if the others are ok." Stephen stumbled but then regained his balance. Stephen felt something bit him in the neck. Stephen suddenly saw a flash of yellow eyes say in a raspy voice " I can see your thoughts and mind you can't run." Stephen saw what bit him it was a yellow scarab. Saros looked at him concernedly. Stephen replied to the glance saying "Its alright I'm okay."
  3. Stephen set the sail on his boat. By the looks of it he was riding alone. Not even Saros went with him. Stephen stares into the horizon.He took of his mask to smell the fresh ocean air. He knew danger was on the horizon and he loved it. Stephen looked at himself. He knew in order to get the others trust he must confess what he did. He looks at the group then back at himself knowing what needs to be done.
  4. Stephen followed Saros, Moana, and Ina to buttload of ships. Stephen gives a nod of agreement. But he keep finding himself staring at Ina. He kept trying to stop himself in fear he would be seen as a weirdo. It was strange since usually didn't care what others think. Stephen ran off towards a ship with blue stripes. He liked the color and design of the ship. This was also strange since he had a phobia to the sea(I will explain why later in character dev).
  5. ¨Its a demon!¨ Stephen bursted. ¨Your telling me there is a giant demon guarding a possible keyhole.¨Stephen says snarkingly ¨Ẅhen do we start.¨ Stephen says getting his stuff together. ¨Just keep your head on point.¨ Stephen mockingly says to Spooky Squad. Stephen put a smirk on his face. He walked towards Saros to see if there were any new developments.
  6. Stephen follows Saros as they approach the boat. Saros gave her chicken back. Stephen approaches the woman and asks for her name. She responds with Moana. Stephen puts out his hand and says "we are on the same side". Suddenly everything turns black a pair of yellow eyes say "Are you really?" Stephen snaps back into reality with Moana asking if he is ok. "Yeah I'm ok yeah yeah." Stephen shakingly says.
  7. Stephen was aggravated when everyone was talking about that chicken. "We pledged to defend all that is good from the heartless and that means every single creature, so if Saros went and saved a chicken so be i!!" Stephen interrupted. He gave a dirty glance to all that opposed Saros. Stephen pats the chicken on the head.
  8. Stephen runs towards the bipedal shark thing. Stephen puts on his retractable armour. He bounces into the air then grabs out his plasma pistol. Stephen was able to land a couple of shots before getting slapped to the ground. Stephen summons his keyblade and with a mighty battle cry he lands a hefty blow to the shark's leg knocking it off balance by chopping off the left leg.
  9. Stephen responded to Saros's question saying " No but it reminds of something that I lost." Stephen gazes at the water. A flash of yellow eyes say "You cant run forever!" Stephen jumps only to see it was gone. Stephen continues to walk with Saros. "What is your homeworld." Stephen inquires
  10. Stephen was excited this was going to be the first mission with the team. The ocean waters reminded him of his homeworld before the uprising. Through his peripheral vision he could see that some dude was watching him carefully. He felt that Spectre guy put him up to it. Stephen decided to walk next to and talk to Saros who seemed comfortable around him.
  11. Stephen accepted Saros's attempt at lighting up the mood. Stephen decided to sit next to Saros because he seemed to be the only person comfortable with him."Don't mind if I sit do you?" Stephen said as he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a password locked container.
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