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  1. out of those 4, with out a doubt keyblade transformations
  2. cause you dont like nintendo directs or cause you hope sony didnt copy nintendo again?
  3. are these state of plays just their version of nintendo directs?
  4. any one else notice that frozen is the only disney world in kh3 without a tv show related to it?
  5. just saw it today really enjoyed it, and what more can you ask for
  6. all of them at once, can i say that? no? ok sora riku kairi then
  7. i love mario's wedding outfit, i always play as blue villager, blue inkling, green male wii fit trainer, spiky ear pichu and ethan hat pikachu most of the time. i do love grunty b&k i also think they should make alph a full character a give the koopalings the boot
  8. darkwing duck by far, it would be amazing, so many potentially great boss battles i actually drew some fan art of a darkwing duck world and keyblade
  9. i think we all know he not dead
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