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  1. hey somethings gone funny with the website and i cant post in topics

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    2. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      oh hey its working now, thanks again

    3. WakelessDream


      Ah yep he fixed it. xD 

    4. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      would you pass along my thanks?

  2. i hope you can forgive what is basically a shameless plug, but im having my first book published next month

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    2. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      than you all, @crossX just a five stories in one book about a group of friends who find themselves battling evil in world born from video game data

    3. Green Sparrow

      Green Sparrow

      What is it called?

    4. ocean's rage
  3. so that shot which everyone thought was xion was the second riku

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    2. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      well i thought it was aqua

    3. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Honestly, yours would have been a more likely. Whether Xion comes back or not is still up in the air, even is she's on the KH 3 cover art and had an appearance in DDD. This was one of those moments were I decided to jump on the bandwagon before thinking it through first.

    4. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      i think weve all done that when speculating about games

  4. have you guys seen all the final fantasy game coming to switch?

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    2. Isaix


      Yeah it's pretty amazing,I'll probably get World of Final Fantasy and FFCC remaster,I hear they are pretty good and I'm on the fence about FFXII,I'm still not sure if it looks good or not,but people seem to like it so I might get it.It's really amazing that FF7,9 and 10 collection are on Switch for those who never got the chance to play them but I played 7 and 9 to death and I still have my copy of 10 on PS3 so meh and where is FF8,8 is amazing too.And I really don't c...

    3. Isaix


      ...care about the pocket edition of FFXV,why not downscale the original game instead of releasing this weird looking phone remake,I guess it just wasn't possible

    4. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      not a bad line up

  5. and finished kh3

    1. Dustin Lübbers

      Dustin Lübbers

      good job like to hear your thoughts soon

    2. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      certainly just need to find the right thread

  6. anyone know of any decent free website makers?

  7. i hope san fransokyo and kingdom corona return in future games with elements from their respective tv series, id love to see minimax and obake in kingdom hearts and for sora and co encountering the black rocks

  8. so ill be on the radio the day after tomorrow talking about kh3

  9. i have played through kingdom hearts 2 many time since it first came out in the uk and today i finally unlocked the final form

  10. looks like we're getting that monsters inc yo-yo here in the uk as well

  11. i tell ya, theres a guy in octopath traveller that looks like young xehanort

  12. just saw incredibles 2 its was awesome really hope we'll see it in kingdom hearts one day

  13. finally got to explore the inside of agrabah's palace

  14. this new layout is gonna take a while to get used to

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