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  1. 34 minutes ago, WakelessDream said:

    We’ll be separating them off into different topics once we’ve selected a show, this is just for any planning. 

    I’m so down for Stranger Things, interested in what others might suggest too though! :D

    ah i see

    doctor who club anyone?

  2. 9 hours ago, FadedSparkle said:

    ^For me it's both. I would prefer to see musical numbers if they're part of the world in a style more like in KH2's Atlantica. Where they are a part of the story being told within the world that involves the playable character(s) rather than just recreating the scenes from the musical numbers from the movies for the sake of recreating them because they're iconic and thus to be expected. In the case of Frozen while Let it Go is crucial to Elsa as a character that doesn't come across in the storytelling of KH3's Arendelle. We don't get enough of Elsa's struggle to really get that feeling that her performing Let it Go is special like it is in the film itself. by contrast they didn't fully recreate Do You Wanna Build A Snowman, but that was taken and integrated nicely into a conversation between Sora and Anna where Sora reflected on how Elsa running away from Anna in hopes of protecting her from a power she can't control was reminiscent of how Riku chose to stay in the Realm of Darkness to protect him from the hold that darkness still had over him at the time.

    Looking back on KH2 Altantica it's one of my favorite worlds in that game because Sora, Donald, and Goofy get to take a break from all the fighting and insanity going on and just catch up with some old friends in this world and cheer Ariel up. The musical numbers have a purpose and they're simple in their execution. The songs aren't anything to write home about, but as long as you haven't lost touch with your inner child you can still acknowledge them for the cute and fun little adventure they provide and enjoy it. It's also an interesting idea to be capping it off with a musical theater mini game battle against Ursula. It isn't really clear by that point if you're fighting a memory of Ursula or if she somehow revived and invaded and decided to crash the musical (and are they still even rehearsing or what?!), but it doesn't matter what she is because it is amusing beyond belief and yeah, in particular the first time around that this is experienced it definitely can make for a weirdly fun time. It does help a lot that while this world is in the game you have the option to skip it entirely if you want to though. They seemed very much aware that this wouldn't be to certain gamers tastes and made a wise decision to make it optional unless you're aiming at 100% completion.

    i think in the journal the explains that ursula was revived in a similar manner to oogie boogie (off screen) and when you're fighting its not part of the musical its for real

  3. so in kingdom hearts 3 we got a recreation of frozen's let it go scene (and two thirds of do you want to build a snowman?) and honestly it kind of made me want more, kind of wish we had i see the light in kingdom of corona and i kind of want to see them do it again, maybe a full you're welcome in a moana world or dig a little deeper in a princess and the frog world

    so i thought i'd say everyone else thought, do you want to see more of the film's musical numbers recreated in kingdom hearts or would you rather they just stuck to the occasional bgm? or would you rather they were left out entirely? 

  4. 4 hours ago, The Transcendent Key said:

    Hmm, I honestly don't like that direction much. But oh well, what can be done?

    well it kind of fits for a britain region we got lodes of delinquent youths, not sure if theyre predominantly punk rockers though

  5. 2 hours ago, The Transcendent Key said:

    I'm loving this game the more I see of it! And seriously, Team Yell? I swear, the teams in Pokemon games are starting to border on ridiculous. What happened to the badass teams like Aqua, Magma, Galactic and Plasma? Now those were threatening! Oh well, but I shouldn't underestimate them, I guess. :3

    Nice, I'm guessing it's the trailer above me!

    well i d guess its cause for the villain teams they gone in a different direction from the full on super villains of those four and settled into the delinquent youths angle

    and yes it was that trailer as i had posted that before hand

  6. 43 minutes ago, setsugekka said:

    Okay, true. Xehanort was, himself, the portal. lol

    Either way, what I'm saying is that the MoM must have seen all of this in the future and planned accordingly.

    yeah we are bound to have some pretty surprising reveals in the next saga

  7. 21 minutes ago, setsugekka said:

    If you're talking about the 2nd keyblade war, I wanna say no because I feel like it must have occurred for an even bigger reason... But I think that the war might have been partially necessary to the Master of Masters' revival for at least one reason.

    This is just a theory, but people have assumed that the black box was hidden somewhere in the keyblade graveyard or in Scala ad Caelum. One of the lines Maleficent says to Pete implies that they were having trouble finding the box because it must have been hidden in another time. During the keyblade war, Xehanort opened a portal to Scala ad Caelum. Xigbar could have dragged it out from there, or something else about the war caused the box to reappear in the keyblade graveyard.

    During the final stage of the fight with Xehanort, as you're fighting on top of the tower, there are these huge summon circle things that appear on the ground. (And even before that, enveloping all of Scala ad Caelum, iirc.) The summon circle things have the emblems of the Foretellers on them, including a goat to represent either Luxu or the MoM. I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with their return as well. Combined with the fact that the Daybreak Town clock tower is under the water there, Scala ad Caelum definitely has a connection to everything.

    I kinda get the impression that the first keyblade war was used to set everything in motion, and then the second war was to restore things to the way that they were. (For the MoM and the Foretellers, at least.) Xehanort used the war for his own plans, of course, but the MoM probably had his own use for it.

    technically sora and co opened the poratl to scala ad caelum

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