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  1. 9 hours ago, ienzo628 said:

    If you ever get a chance, I recommend picking up Pokemon Emerald.  I think you can revisit Johto in that game.

    ive got emerald as it happens and you cant revisit johto im afraid

    8 hours ago, ienzo628 said:

    It looks like an evolution of Slurpuff.

    i know right

  2. Just now, EliDZ said:

    You don't think it's rude to try and belittle what I do and claim it isn't necessary. To keep making claims without actually doing the due diligence to actually check if there is merit to what I'm claiming. I apologize if I have offended you, but I also you understand from my point of view. I feel disrespected and like I'm not being given a fair chance. 

    You aren't looking at the bigger picture of Ansem the Wise. Is he smart, most definitely, but he is end all-be all of the KH universe when it comes to information. He has been wrong about many things and has even admitted to such. In fact the reports contradict there selves at some point. 

    I’m not trying to belittle or disrespect you I’m just confused by theorising about something that does have an in game explanation 

    i acknowledge there could easily be more to it than what we have been told

    i was just confused I am sorry if I upset you  

  3. 9 minutes ago, EliDZ said:

    And if you watch the video you'd see that I have already addressed the reports. I'm telling you that you aren't bringing anything new to the table, I have already gone over this. 


    Something that should stick out to you in this report is referenced in my thumbnail. 

    "Naminé is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body."

    If kairi lost her heart in the beginning of the game the Namine would have been made back then. however she was made at the same time as Roxas. I can discredit you just from the thumbnail. Imagine all the info the actaul video has.

    Also make sure to go over all the reports. If you got to the last one you'd realize why you can't use it as established fact.

    Over the course of Kingdom Hearts Ansem the Wise went from someone who thought who thought he could know everything to someone who knew nothing. He became humble you can learn a lot from that moral. 

    And please before you start bringing up more counter point watch the video as I have already said many times, it'll probably already have been addressed. 

    ansem the humble.jpg

    ansem destroys kh.mp4[2019-07-19 19-19-15.799].jpg

    ansem destroys kh.mp4[2019-07-19 19-19-03.384].jpg

    Ok first of all that says that roxas ansem and namine break their theories about heartless and nobodies not that where they came from were just theories 

    second don’t be nasty and accuse me of arrogance just cause I don’t agree with you 

  4. 11 minutes ago, EliDZ said:

    It hasn't been explained. I'm asking to back up your statement. So show me where it has been explained as a fact without a shadow of doubt. Where can you show me this where it wasn't left up to interpretation. What I'm saying is that you're just all talk at the moment. This isn't a debate about the theory. We haven't even gotten to that yet. You haven't even shown me that it isn't something that can be speculated. 

    the explanation for namine origin comes from kingdom hearts 2 in ansem's secret reports

    "Naminé was a witch who controlled the memories of others.
    Most likely these powers were achieved through a special process when she was born.
    Naminé is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body.
    Yet she has no corresponding Heartless.
    This is because the "young girl" in this case was a princess.
    Kairi, a resident of Radiant Garden over which I had ruled, was one of the Seven Princesses that uphold the realm of light.
    With no darkness in her heart, Kairi produced no Heartless, and instead of vanishing, her body remained in the realm of light.
    In other words, both the Nobody called Naminé and the Heartless—proof of a lost heart—are extremely unstable beings who lack the bodies needed to produce a Nobody. Therefore, they also lack Kairi's memories. One reason for this maybe that Kairi's heart did not return to the darkness when separated from her body, but rather migrated to another vessel...deep within Sora's heart.
    That is, Naminé is an alter ego of the Kairi who has directly interfered with Sora's heart. Could this be why Sora and those hearts are connected to him were able to have their memories controlled?
    She is a "non-being" in the truest sense of the word; having not even become a Nobody and with nowhere left to go, she is but the most fleeting of shadows."

  5. 5 minutes ago, EliDZ said:

    You realize you aren't saying anything I haven't heard before right? If you are going to speak on behalf of Nomura then show me his words stating it isn't necessary. 

    I have provided my piece through the videos, which you seem to be willfully ignorant of. However you haven't provided any thing to back up your statement. I'm willing to change my mind, but haven't provided to the proof for me to do so. 

    im not debating the theory im asking why you need a theory for something thats already been explained 

  6. 3 hours ago, EliDZ said:

    Who are you to say what is or isn't needed. It's about the discussion that there is to be had, and the implications of what it could mean. Which will be discussed even more in the future. It's all about tring to see the bigger picture.

    The reason why Xion looks the way that she does isn't relevant. What's relevant is that having Namine look like Kairi isn't even to say sh has to return to Kairi. Regardless of how namine looks if she really started out as apart of Sora then that means she would return to sora not Kairi. If you watch the video you'll actually see where I'm coming from. And


    but i didnt say so, the explanation came straight from normua, youre coming up with theories to explain some that already has been explained 

  7. 6 hours ago, Movies798 said:

    Well for one thing I think I feel like Thor's arc in the MCU is done just like Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye. Even though I would've love to see a Ironman 4 or Captain America 4 starring Steve Rogers (because their much better characters imo), but after what Endgame did to the characters I feel like the six core characters are done with their arcs. Also I'm also ready to see new characters in the MCU. I'm very looking forward to see the new films Marvel Studios had in development, including Black Widow's solo film. Black Widow is a special case because she should've had her own movie along time ago. I want to see the MCU to take on new stories and new characters because I want something new and fresh after The Infinite Saga. And that is why I'm not interesting to watch Thor 4 because I'm ready to move on from the previous characters and see some new heroes in Phase 4 and beyond.

    fair enough

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