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  1. 27 minutes ago, adrianxxii said:

    That could work, the whole thing about seven hearts to save was never really made clear. Because at the start of the game there were only Ven, Terra, Aqua, Naminé, Roxas and Xion, who in need of saving, Axel was already save and I don't think Ansem would be counted.

    The game was pretty vague with when that dive took place. I remember reading that the statement "They can take your world. etc" Is reflective of his mindset at the end of the game, so maybe the dive that comes after is also out of order. I can't really imagine which seven hearts would need saving after KH3, but there are seven friends in need of saving at the point you suggested.

    you forgot namine 

  2. 3 minutes ago, teh lazy prince Xylek said:

    definitely need the pokemon one, i hope it doesn't sell out too fast!


    Since they haven't shown one for it yet and it's only a few months out i doubt it for Link's Awakening but down the line for another Zelda i'd say 100 percent

    well botw2 would be next in line id guess

  3. 2 hours ago, Delenn Deszcz said:

    Did you guys see that new Pokemon trailer? Talking about it with the social media team brought us on the discussion about what our favorite generation was, and we decided to ask you guys the same thing for today's poll! So! What's your favorite gen? 

    why dont you join us in the sword and shield thread

    anyway im gonna go with all of them

  4. crazy thought about the dlc trailer, you dont think young xehanort's grey eyes are some kind of indication that he has part of the master of masters within him as the one of his eyes weve seen (in no name) is a similar colour, do you?

  5. 1 hour ago, JPansullo7 said:

    Roxas and Sora never wield Kingdom Key at the same time.  Xion's is supposedly a fake copy but who knows, it still seems to have the same abilities that any other keyblade would possess.  As for Roxas now in KH3 still dual wielding keyblades... I would imagine he just has his own at this point.  Honestly, I don't even care.  

    no, normua did say that roxas and xion were both wielding sora's keyblade at the same time, think it was in the 358/2 days ultimania

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