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  1. Mary Poppins can do all kinds of things, why would she question a anime boy and his two talking animal companions? She would be more used to that then characters like Will Turner, a man who just nodded and accepted that yes this is happening right now, or Jane, a woman with a scientific mind and from a movie where not a lot of magical stuff happens. Like I have not seen the movie but don't they go into a cartoon or something.


    thats pretty much the point i was making

  2. But that's the thing! They were in different time periods and there were exceptions! When visiting France-Quasimodo, that was a fictional time period where they believed in burning people using magic. It's not even modern day, where that's a bigger problem. Also that was a dream, so it wouldn't mattered, yet... Also there was Mulan, again, different time period to even matter. Also there's Toy Story, which they're in an illusion version of their world. Unless they fix it in the story line, which is yet to be seen. So yeah... Oh there's the Alantica universe/world, but different time period again to matter. But...the closest to consider being a matter is Rapunzel's world and Anna and Elsa, since they're just lands away. And they have magic. And because of that, it's possible in the kh universe, potential world travel. Actually now I think about it, Frozen and Tangled are in the same world and universe, why couldn't we just fly in the same universe to that land-oh wait, flying ship, never mind. Anyways, point is, a majority of the Earth's variations are set in time where it was mostly swords, guns. also not advance modern technology we have. If anything, Pirates of the Caribbean has the most significance of causing trouble if they revealed themselves from another world. But then again, no one questions the animals that are walking and talking. Oh well...



    exactly nobody has questioned it in the many other worlds where they would have asked theyre not going to start in mary poppins



    unless thats the story they go for in that world

  3. If they did a Mary Poppin's world, the game is getting to the point where it becomes fan fiction or it's a cannon game mixed with fan fiction. I hope you all get what I mean. That and if so, they would have to make that world work somehow. Because, you can't have Donald and Goofy as actual anthropomorphic animals as bipeds. They would have to be an actual duck and dog. If we go to the realism of that world's universe,  It's another variation of Earth. If Earthlings found out about other worlds, then Nomura has a dilemma on their hands, because if it's widespread on Earth, that means they'll figure out ways to travel out of the boundary lines and into the KH universe. The only way I can think of Donald and Goofy being bipeds, is that everyone assumes it's a realistic versions of themselves in suits. So yeah...with Earth, that's a lot of problems to think about.


    and yet it hasnt been a problem for every other version of earth theyve been to


    If we get a world based on Mary Poppins I will cry.


    tears of joy, sadness or fury?

  4. Country of the Musketeers makes me angry. I found it very frustrating that they still had so many classic disney films they could have put into KH3D (examples include Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Jungle Book, etc.), and instead they chose an obscure straight-to-dvd film that next to no one has seen? What the heck, Disney and Square Enix?


    well the reason was as i understood it they wanted a world that showed mickey donald and goofy in the past, though there were plenty of better choices like mickey and the beanstalk 

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