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  1. Country of the Musketeers makes me angry. I found it very frustrating that they still had so many classic disney films they could have put into KH3D (examples include Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Jungle Book, etc.), and instead they chose an obscure straight-to-dvd film that next to no one has seen? What the heck, Disney and Square Enix?


    well the reason was as i understood it they wanted a world that showed mickey donald and goofy in the past, though there were plenty of better choices like mickey and the beanstalk 

  2. The DK fandom hates this game just because "it has too many things to collect"


    Even tho you only need just half of that to beat the game


    No one said they should collect all 201 Gold Bananas or the rest of the stuff there.


    I did 101% DK 64...........twice


    It isn't anywhere near as bad as people say


    i winder how ive missed it all, all the people i know who played it like it 

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