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  1. 3 hours ago, The Transcendent Key said:

    Oh, sorry about that. XD Anyways, I heard that there's some controversy because there supposedly won't be a National Pokedex for Sword And Shield?

    yeah, from what i recall them saying during e3 its cause theyve finally reached the point where programming and animating every pokemon and all their forms is just too much for them

  2. 8 hours ago, hatok said:

    It's A keyblade of the Realm of Light, not THE keyblade. There are keyblades of light and dark, Mickey's is the counterpart to Sora's.


    Sora's keyblade also doesn't transcend time, Xion's keyblade was a sham, as Riku put it. Beyond that keyblades are defined by keychains, which are in turn defined by hearts. Aqua was able to wield a Destiny's Place after she met Kairi, but it wasn't Kairi's keyblade. So even if Xion's keyblade became a "true" keyblade when she self actualized it would still look like Sora/Roxas' because her heart is defined by Sora's memories.


    i believe xion's and roaxas' keyblades are sora's keyblade appearing in multiple places at once

  3. 2 hours ago, Neoshadow99 said:

    That is a good point. Perhaps Kingdom Hearts is really just a collection of hearts that still belong to the living. If that is the case, why couldn't Master Eraqus find his way back to his original body? I do recall Chirithy saying that when the body and heart perish together, only the soul remains.

    This could potentially explain why Eraqus could not retain his physical form, even after having been freed from Terrra's heart. What we saw of Eraqus may have only been his soul, but that wouldn't explain why he was able to ascend to Kingdom Hearts itself, which should only accept one's heart.

    could very well be

    though it feels like it was left deliberately ambiguous 

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