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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I prefered the worlds with original stories, the ones that followed the movie's plots came off as awkward to me. Like they would take the literal scenes from the movie line for line, same movements, same camera angles etc.
  2. Everyone has their favorites, but some more so than others. But in all seriousness though, hopefully they get more.
  3. Coco, Brave, Up, and Inside Out. Though A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, and Cars would be VERY INTERESTING to see the designs they would come up with for Sora and company.
  4. 2 to 6 players, but only five characters to choose from? Is the 6th player just there for moral support? Where's Donald?
  5. I'm honestly kinda happy there is gonna be at least one other game before KH4. It will probably come quicker. I'm just hoping it's not console exclusive or something. I feel they have learned their lesson by now.
  6. While I do overall like how the Disney stuff with handled, some of this is really nitpicky and could of been better spent with other aspects of the game. If I wanted to see how well a Disney character tail or hair or whatever moved, I would just go and watch the movie. Not to mention some of the worlds felt very commercially (I won't name any world names). Like, believe me I love the Disney aspect of the game and I hate the idea that some people have that they want to get rid of it, but Disney would need to chill out a ton. They can help if, lets say they think a character is out of character and they want to help them write them, but they need to know when to back off.
  7. Gahhh this would not surprise me if this happened. Again, nothing wrong with bromances and I love Sora and Riku friendship but I ALSO WANNA LOVE KAIRI'S FRIENDSHIP WITH THOSE TWO JUST AS MUCH!
  8. Like with every entry, there is stuff I dislike about it, and some stuff I love about it. It's probably one, if not the most experimental KH game in both story and gameplay machanics, so it's gonna be hit or miss with a lot of people. I know gameplay wise I had a lot of fun with it. I know people blame the game for the story getting contrived and confusing, and even though I agree that the story has a lot of issues, I think BBS and even KH2 and Days could share some of the blame. It's a flawed game and I agree with a lot of the storytelling issues people have with it. But you can't tell me it's worse then UX.
  9. Some people think there won't technically be a "Kingdom Hearts 4". Like, there will be a sequel for sure but the next "trilogy" or whatever won't be numbered. I kinda like that option.
  10. Can't say I'm super excited (not a super fan of the first one). The animation and music seems nice, but I really hope Disney's not just spitting out sequels. Like two in a row? I'm curious what it's about though.
  11. You have to remember though that people are usually more vocal about disappointments then they are with what they were pleased with. Most people I have seen are a little more complex with their feelings then just loving or hating it. But I know personally I like to get the stuff I was disappointed with off my chest first so it does not get bottled up and I end up straight up hating the game. Now yes I feel people can go overboard and people can get really nitpicky. Not to mention people proclaiming it's the worst Kingdom Hearts game, or even one of the worst games all together. That's a bit dramatic. But still not as bad as Star Wars fandom. Not to mention some flaws people have with KH3 could be said for like every entry in the series, but apparently people just noticed now or have the other games on a pedestal that you ignore their flaws as well. Gee....kinda like Star Wars....
  12. I've honestly been enjoying the soundtrack and might be one of my favorite things about the game. But I can see your point.
  13. It's called being pragmatic! But your right. Plus she would just be super akward in the role anyway. Isn't she like a pirate queen or something (I still have not seen At World's End)? And her more realistic design she would stick out like a sour thumb.
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