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  1. WHAT THE firetruck
  2. Lycoris

    Xion is Underrated

    I'm not a Xion fan myself, but I'm going to say one thing. Those Xion jokes have gotten old and boring. And Xion is a nice character.
  3. Lycoris

    Favorite Kh character

    1. Marluxia/Lauriam (obviously :v) 2. Xemnas 3. Saïx/Isa 4. Axel/Lea 5. Vanitas As you see, I love villains.
  4. Lycoris

    Something I've been thinking about

    That could be too.
  5. In the Dengaki Playstation interview, Nomura said that we will end up understanding Marluxia. Do you think that he meant that Marluxia/Lauriam is actually different than we know? That he is actually a good guy, or at least, he is not completely evil?
  6. Lycoris

    Who's your Disney Waifu?

    She is from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  7. Lycoris

    Who's your Disney Waifu?

    Aquuuuuuuuuuuua. And for a non KH character, I would chose Kida.
  8. Lycoris

    Who's your Nintendo waifu?

    I know that she would like Maxie more than me, but she's still my waifu.
  9. I want to know more about Lauriam and the others, but mostly Lauriam because you know why.
  10. Lycoris

    Ask Lycoris anything

  11. Sounds suuuuuuuuuuuuuper fake.
  12. Lycoris

    Ask Lycoris anything

    I would love to own a Marluxia plushie!! x( Xemnas and Saix too.
  13. Lycoris

    Ask Lycoris anything

    Only the games.
  14. I hope that he, along with Larxene, have a secret agenda and will betray again.
  15. Lycoris

    Ask Lycoris anything

    The World That Never Was.