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  1. no crash. no spyro. no ape escape. no analog. no buy.
  2. Man, they must be real out of touch with the kh community to think this was hype worthy.
  3. What if the seekers of darkness are trying to bring back xion and not roxas? What if to bring back xion they have to bring back roxas first, hence them wanting sora to bring him back. Id also like to point out that everyone forgot about xion, but if someone were to time travel from a time when xion still existed, they would in theory, still remember her, which means one or more SoD's might want to bring her back.
  4. Aww, lame. Oh well, cool that you got to play nonetheless.
  5. Was it by chance a new demo, or same old, same old?
  6. ftang

    Possibility of another disney world

    I was referring to 100 acre wood for the record. I think there's a good chance disney castle will be cutscenes only. To me, it doesn't make sense for the final disney world reveal to be a returning world and a mini game world at that. I think they'd want to end off with either something heavily requested (to drive up fan hype) or very obscure/unexpected (to surprise everyone).
  7. Digging the new site guys.
  8. ftang

    Possibility of another disney world

    There's already one leaked, so i'm guessing and hoping two more.
  9. Yes, kh1 lacked revenge value. That does not mean the air combat was the problem. Unless you're talking about something else (?).
  10. This isn't a bandwagon. I don't watch the keykeepers. This has been a legitimate issue with the kingdom hearts series since birth by sleep. The thing your talking about with the lingering will is an exploit involving certain abilities in kh2fm, a glitch, not the intended way to fight him. The floaty controls were very clearly not added to bbs to counter a glitch in kh2. Bbs and onwards had an oversight which prevented the characters from falling until they entered the 'falling' animation. This is why we still have floaty air combat today.
  11. It's not about floaty air combat ruining the game. It's about floaty air combat making the game less fun. And as a side note, i think the speedrunners ARE the hardcore fans. When you refer to yourself as a hardcore fan, but imply speedrunners aren't, it makes it feel like your' talking down to the rest of the community. Otherwise okay video dude.