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  • Manages the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media.

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  1. We have a spreadsheet that we use to keep track of all past and future poll topics. It's generally easier to keep track of when we limit it to what (we think) would be the four most popular choices. If someone wants to put in a vote for an option that does not exist, they can leave a comment. The latter encourages more discussion too. So that's just a plus.
  2. Let's not make this into another "firetruck that big corporation" thread. Thanks.
  3. As if Sony doesn't own a bunch of shit too. This meme is a bit misleading.
  4. It's too bad she didn't return to voice Yuffie in KH2. Then we'd have both Kim and Ron's voice in the game. Which would be pretty cool even if their characters never interacted with each other.
  5. Another day, another Frozen 2 Trailer. Discuss it with you fellow KH13 members over in Frozen 2 Chat! ❄ ☃
  6. Discuss the new Frozen 2 Trailer here
  7. How? It's pretty easy to split text into paragraphs on Discord. Extremely easy in fact.
  8. :yikesbox: That's a wall of text if I've ever seen one.
  9. Please DM me here and we can try to sort it out.
  10. @kh3shitaboy This thread is linked directly to one of our channels on Discord and is not meant for role-playing. Please don't tag random people about things not related to their previous conversations. Thank you.
  11. [ Discuss the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer here ]
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