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  1. Seeing Buzz Lightyear as an actual human and not a plastic toy feels weird, but I'm all for it.
  2. Yea, Nolan films are something else entirely Memento: Time goes backwards Inception: Time goes slow Interstellar: Time goes fast Tenet: Time goes firetruck knows at this point
  3. Yea, that is one of the bigger problems with franchises. They're great, but they're hard to rewatch. But I can watch Inception for the 57th time without needing too much convincing.
  4. Sorry, misread your message. Unfortunately, even though I like both Star Wars and Marvel. I rarely find myself rewatching their films. They're like one-night-stands to me. For real relationships. I usually prefer standalone films not part of any franchise.
  5. Rouge One wasn't just "semi good". It was great, specifically because it had a standalone story with an (almost) all original cast. It may be the only Star Wars film that I've rewatched more than 3 times. And at the end of the day, that is how I judge any film or TV show I watch; Rewatch value
  6. I don't think leaving it up to the next director was itself a bad thing. But said next director should have worked with better with what he had instead. But overall, I still think picking either one to do all would have been a way better outcome. Maybe it wouldn't have been perfect, but it would have been better
  7. Yea, don't get me wrong, I don't think either of Abrams or Johnson are bad directors. They both have good track records. But it would have been better if they picked one of them to do all three from the beginning.
  8. Indeed. Instead they hired two different directors with two completely different visions. It was obvious JJ wanted Supreme Leader Snoke to be more than what he became.
  9. Man, the ST could have been so much better if they had just kept the same director throughout all three films.
  10. I don't think it's about forgiveness. 8 years ago there were a lot more OG trilogy kids running around, as the prequel generation grew up, they've completely overtaken the debate and driven the haters to the outer rim. And I love it. The outer rim is 4chan
  11. Seeing everyone so happy about Hayden returning is really wholesome. 8 years ago news like this would have been way more controversial.
  12. Force ghost or perhaps flashbacks
  13. Welp. That's negligent homicide, for sure.
  14. Later today/tonight (depending on your timezone) Then around 6PM - 9PM
  15. Of course it settled quickly. It was a situation both parties wanted to avoid at all costs.
  16. That must've been a really big lake Or a very small ship
  17. . "What country are you from?" - "(sigh) Norway." "Heeey, you own the ship!" - "Yes. This is the 8th time we've had this exact conversation." ...which I definitely couldn't do at home. I have responsibilities here, unfortunately. I wasn't fan of the annoying bartender at the Lido deck that cracked the same joke every time I was there . "What country are you from?" - "(sigh) Norway." "Heeey, you own the ship!" - "Yes. This is the 8th time we've had this exact conversation."
  18. I was on Norwegian Escape back in 2016. It was fun, although I stayed mostly in my cabin during daytime, like the hermit that I am.
  19. Not to brag or anything
  20. Better go with one of their competitors. Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. They're both Norwegian founded.
  21. You wanna know something interesting? The company that owned the Titanic later merged with its competitor Cunard. Which is now a subsidiary of the Carnival corporation. And that's kinda funny when you take into account all the other shit that has happened to Carnival operated ships in the past few decades. That company is cursed. I wouldn't step foot on one of their ships.
  22. Ah, yes, I've heard of this one. I'm not sure if you should call that being extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky.
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