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  1. I just finished playing it. it honesty was a mind blowing experience! anyone who hasn't played it yet will not be disappointed!
  2. I'm also a really big fan of the Nier series too. I love automata on ps4 as well as the original Nier on ps3. I heard it's getting remastered on ps4 as "Nier Replicant." it looks so epic!
  3. in all honesty this will always be one of the biggest mysteries in video game history ever. but if we do get a Verum Rex spinoff game focusing on yozora I think old concepts from version XIII will more than likely be using for that game. we'll just have to wait and see. kh3 remind has me very intrigued in all of this now...
  4. This is honestly just my all time favourite video game series ever too. there really is no other series quite like this one and if it wasn't for the Disney factor there's no way this series could ever work I don't think. but I just wish final fantasy had played a most integral part of the series overall but I'm fine with it's main inclusion being in the earlier games. my expectations and hype for kh3 were definitely through the roof and really was a rollercoaster of ride before the game released. it really was all worth it in the end of and I can't wait to see where the series go next. especially with the release of KH3 remind which I thought was absolutely phenomenal!
  5. I would make it so that Kairi at least tries to put up a decent fight against MX, while sora, riku and Mickey were trying to fight the other norts, but she's no match for him and still loses. now that would be something!
  6. maybe because you haven't actually accessed it yet in the base game? I think you need to unlock the cutscene first in order for it to appear in theatre mode.
  7. that cover art is just so beautiful! you would never believe how happy I was when kh2 final mix finally came out on ps3 for the 2.5 HD remix collection. tears ran down my eyes like no tmrw!
  8. KH2 final mix is my all time favourite game in the series! but kh3 remind is a close second for me! honestly it was just mind-blowing how much they expanded on the story since base kh3 was lacking, despite the fact I still like it. and the 13 data organisation fights in limit cut were just on a whole other level! so challenging but very rewarding to beat them all afterwards! as for the secret episode, don't get me started on that. I still can't beat Yozora. man, is he hard or what?!!
  9. awesome ranking! I definitely agree with you about a new hope. it changed cinema forever! I'm not the biggest of the empire strikes back though and find the storytelling and pacing is all over the place, it's probably my least favourite out of all the star wars movie but that's just my opinion. return of the Jedi is my second fav though cause while I do agree rescuing Han Solo felt like it's own thing, it's truly a great end to the original trilogy. But I just wasn't a fan of the rise of Skywalker. I've seen it twice and is still just all over the place I think! I really wasn't a fan of palpatine returning and the knights of ren felt really underused. I won't get into every movie as I'll just be here all day. but I love the force awakens and is my favourite in the sequel trilogy. Harrison ford was just phenomenal in that movie and the way it ends with Rey finding Luke Skywalker and handing him his lightsaber was just really beautiful I thought!
  10. yeah ikr? it was this time last year when we were anticipating the full base game. what an experience that was! and now we're anticipating the remind DLC. can't wait to see the return of the final fantasy characters!
  11. That is some amazing words man! I’d say the HD collections really helped me get ready for kh3 too, by replaying them multiple times.
  12. For me it’s a tie between bbs and III. As much as I was happy to finally play 3 bbs is the really the one that changed everything for me in terms of kingdom hearts. Especially aqua who Is really think is just an amazing character! All three of those characters, her, Ventus and Terra are basically the catalyst and setup for what happens in 3. With the main characters trying to find them. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
  13. That is a really interesting theory man! I love it! But I still think sora will fight yozora to some capacity, and win, because in the secret ending for base kh3, yozora is watching over riku, so he might try and fight him next, and hopefully he’ll win instead of yozora this time. Riku is after all my favourite kh Character but only because of his character growth in kh3.
  14. I get you. so maybe the player could be the dark inferno or something like that then?
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