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  1. this is a really interesting theory. It's a funny coincidence how Joachim Ronning directed both DMTNT and MoE, but really the two movies series definitely aren't related in anyways. I could see this happening however. Mistress of Evil has now made more than $400 million at the box office as of right now. and Disney themselves have said that it needs to make more than that amount in order to break even, so anything is possible at this point. a friend off mine even hopes that a third maleficent movie will be made to make it a complete trilogy, but I definitely don't want to get my hopes up on that. like really, what else could they do after the events of MoE?
  2. oh! the ranking was in this description the whole time! should've just looked at this instead of watching the two videos. hahahah just joking. no seriously man, awesome work.
  3. Alan Tudyk has been all over the map in terms of more recent Disney animated movies. he even did K2SO in Star Wars a rogue one story. awesome character!
  4. definitely agree with your opinions! I think just about any Pixar movie could fit into kingdom hearts as long as it's handled well and Square Enix don't mess it up!
  5. This was an extremely interesting theory! I honestly never would've thought about it at first but it definitely makes sense. When I first played this game and the whole cutscene at the keyblade graveyard confronting terra-xehanort happened again, I didn't skip it. I knew something up and that something was very off. But the only problem I have with this theory is that why does the scene of riku sacrificing sora happen twice? It happens for a second time after you piece sora back together, but before you save everyone else from the lich and returning to the Disney worlds. VTNVIVI, a YouTuber who is a massive kingdom hearts fan, even pointed this out. Can you explain that? Otherwise really good theory. It makes so much sense! Also with what i said about the whole cutscene happening twice riku sacrificing himself for sora, one theory around it I do have is that maybe that whole scenario happened twice but to no avail, or maybe just to "remind" us of what already happened. Get me?
  6. this is such an awesome guide I think! I'll definitely have to do another run someday too see if I can find them all or not. looking back it now, I honestly find it weird how the original kh never had a treasure chest list, and wasn't even fixed with the final mix version. which would've made the most sense. either way, fantastic work!
  7. really? cause for me the phantom was the hardest out of all the secret bosses including unknown (xemnas), in the final mix version. he was really doing my head in for awhile phantom, and I really had to strategise how I was gonna defeat him too. I did get there eventually though.
  8. ice titan was the only one I could beat as a kid. all the others were impossible to me, and didn't beat then until I played the final mix version on ps4 in the 1.5 + 2.5 HD remix collection.
  9. this is probably one of the biggest debates of my life to be honest. both kh1 and kh2 are great for different reasons, but if I'm being really honest, I always thought the second game was better and is still my favourite game in the series. especially the final mix version. it just has so much to offer overall and I can get lost in hours on end going all the way up to level 99 and fighting the data organisation battles, plus the story was so much more involving and had a lot of really interesting characters thrown into the mix. the whole prologue where you play as roxas was incredibly well done and never felt boring either. I liked seeing flashbacks to the first game whenever you completed a certain day. the ending was just amazing too and would've been the perfect end to the series if they didn't continue it. and believe me from there that's where things get really all over the place. as well the fact that I never played chain of memories on the GBA at the time but played it soon afterwards. but definitely much prefer the ps2 version even though the card gameplay gets very tedious at times. overall the second game will always probably be my favourite game in the series unless something else tops it. (4th game maybe?...)
  10. dumob and Bambi honestly deserve to be worlds in future kh games. they were both so summons in the original kh1. kind of surprised it hasn't happened already.
  11. the cracking eggs minigame is so annoying! it's so rigged! why does it have to be set out the way it is?
  12. I really badly wanna see something to do with ape escape. it was hinted at awhile back and I wanna desperately see a new 4th game in the series too!
  13. this is a very good summary you've written. I have to agree with what you're saying. it definitely can't be easy writing any story and you don't know how people will react to it and their opinion until that product actually comes out. you can't always predict the future sometimes.
  14. really interesting theory! but it might be overthinking a little bit in some ways.
  15. really cool ad! glad the game is getting more exposure now. especially since kingdom hearts III has been out for a few months now.
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