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  1. but is a new trailer still coming out on November 29th like it was originally stated or rumoured? or is it just this instead? either way I'm way too excited and can't wait for more trailers next month too.
  2. I really wanna see those final fantasy cameos. Sora is bound to meet up with Leon, Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid and Sephiroth again soon!
  3. I agree. I wanna see what Terra's involvement will be in KH3, since his fate is currently unknown.
  4. Brendan Spain

    Who's the most underrated Organization 13 member?

    For me it's definitely a toss up between Demyx and Luxord. We hardly know anything about those two, and the fact we haven't seen Demyx in any KH3 trailers really has me intrigued, but I hope he'll be in the final game.
  5. Brendan Spain

    What do you want to see in the upcoming Nintendo Direct?

    Nintendo Direct got delayed now. But people's lives from an earthquake is more important. Hopefully it won't be too long before it gets rescheduled. Was really looking forward to something for Bayonetta 3.
  6. Brendan Spain

    Which KH game has the best World transportation?

    I really didn't like gummi ship transportation in KH1 all that much. I mean it wasn't terrible but was one of the more weaker aspects of the game and really wasn't all the interesting compared to KH2, which is my favourite game in the series.
  7. Brendan Spain

    Another Journey

    it'll be interesting to see if Kingdom Hearts III can somehow top this. KHII is the best game in the series by a long shot though. especially the final mix version.
  8. Brendan Spain

    my predictions for the remaining worlds

    I absolutely hope this will happen too! It would make a lot of sense.
  9. Brendan Spain

    What were your favorite game news at E3?

    Gears of War 5 was really surprising too!
  10. Brendan Spain

    What new game do you hope is announced at E3?

    I really hope a new Jak and Daxter game gets announced since there's a new game studio opening up but I don't wanna get my hopes up either way.