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  1. Square Enix has listed numerous new Kingdom Hearts-themed products on its Japanese online store, comprising Apple Watch Bands and Earphone Case Covers.

    The Watch Bands are based on Roxas, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a Monogram color scheme, each costing ¥4,950. Similarly, the Earphone Case Covers are based on the same characters sans Roxas, as well as a Treasure Chest and the Monogram color scheme for the same prices. 

    Moreover, each of these products is planned to be shipped on September 28, 2024.

    You can view each of these items' store pages below, alongside images via our galleries below:

    Monogram Apple Watch Band

    Roxas Apple Watch Band

    Sora Apple Watch Band

    Riku Apple Watch Band

    Kairi Apple Watch Band

    Sora Earphone Case Cover

    Riku Earphone Case Cover

    Kairi Earphone Case Cover

    Monogram Earphone Case Cover

    Treasure Chest AirPods Pro Cover


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  2. Square Enix, Disney, and Sega have revealed a new plush of Sora in his Kingdom Hearts II attire. This item will be part of the Srag Plaza crame game lineup starting June 21, 2024. 

    The online retailer Aitai Kuji usually has these Kingdom Hearts items available for pre-order, so it's worth keeping an eye out if you're interested. 

    Other Kingdom Hearts Sega Plaza plushes include Halloween Town Sora, King Mickey, and Roxas.

    You can view the new Kingdom Hearts II Sora plush below:


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  3. The official YouTube channel of Utada Hikaru has been uploading several 4K versions of previous music videos, with one of the most recent being "Hikari."

    For those unaware, "Hikari" is the Japanese theme song of the first Kingdom Hearts, with the English version being "Simple and Clean."

    “Hikari” was first released in Utada’s 2002 album "Deep River" before being used for several Kingdom Hearts entries. This iconic song has also been remixed multiple times, namely PLANiTb and -Ray of Hope MIX-. 

    A 4K version of the “Passion” music video is scheduled to be uploaded on March 30, 2024, at 8 AM ET/ 5 AM PT.

    You can view the 4K music video of "Hikari" below:


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  4. The official Disney Pins Blog has announced that a new Kingdom Hearts pin is now available at Disney Theme Parks via Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and the Disney Store.

    Fans can purchase this item and several other recently launched premium pins for $21.99. However, only 3,000 of these pins were produced. 

    You can view the new Kingdom Hearts pin below. It features Mickey with the Kingdom Key D, which has one of his end quotes from the original game stating, "There will always be a door to the light."

    You can view the other newly made available pins via the official Disney Pins Blog

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  5. Square Enix has announced that the Android closed beta test for its upcoming free-to-play mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link, has been delayed to Spring 2024. It was originally planned for January 2024.

    The development team apologized for the delay, explaining that they have more adjustments to make in order to ensure it can be played more comfortably. 

    The iOS closed beta test of Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link was held in November 2023. At the same time, Tetsuya Nomura participated in a Special Focus Group Event in which several story, character, and gameplay details were discussed. 

    Our team's Kimpchuu shared his impressions of the Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link iOS closed beta test, which you can check out here

    A translation of the latest tweet from the official Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link account announcing the Android closed beta test delay can be viewed below via our team's Ryuji:


    [Postponement Notice Regarding the Closed Beta Test of KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link for Android]

    We have decided to postpone the closed beta test of KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link for Android, originally scheduled for January 2024, after concluding that further adjustments are necessary to ensure that the game can be comfortably played on more devices.

    We deeply apologize for the delay in notifying those who have applied to participate and for the inconvenience caused by the postponement.

    The closed beta test is now scheduled for spring 2024. We will announce the winners and further details on [the official Missing Link X account], so we ask that you wait a little while longer.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.


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  6. The fan-led Kingdom Hearts online convention, March Caprice, has announced new information ahead of its arrival in March 2024. 

    For those unaware of what March Caprice is about, the following passage summarizes its premise:


    "March Caprice is a virtual gathering for fans of the KINGDOM HEARTS video game series. Its goal is to showcase and support the incredible hard work, projects, and talents of the community through the uniting force of the series. We invite all who wish to show off their latest content, ideas, and more to participate and join us in celebrating this incredible series!"

    The theme of March Caprice 2024 will be "data," as communicated by the announcement trailer and associated promotional artwork. 

    Sans the livestreams and Melody of Memory Tourney, sign-ups for the event will close on January 13, 2024. On the other hand, livestream sign-ups will close on February 17, 2024 and Melody of Memory Tourney sign-ups will close on March 10, 2024. 

    March Caprice 2024 proper will occur between March 24 and March 30, 2024. 

    You can view more information about March Caprice via the Caprice Release or its official website, where one can also submit via various categories. 

    Aside from the above, participans can make art, cosplay, merchandise, music, pre-recorded video, writing, and Smash Bros. tournament submissions. 

    You can view the March Caprice 2024 announcement trailer below:


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  7. Square Enix has listed three new Kingdom Hearts keychains for pre-order on their Japanese storefront; Two Become One, Bond of Flame, and the χ-blade. Each costs ¥2,090 (tax included), with September 9th, 2023, shipments. 

    We'll update this article if the products become available via other Square Enix store branches and/or Aitai Kuji.

    You can view the new keychains via our galleries below:


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  8. Following the release of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box, a video interview was conducted with the franchise's composer, Yoko Shimomura. 

    Our team's Ryuji has translated this interview in full, quoted below:


    Question: What were your feelings leading up to the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series?

    Yoko Shimomura: When the first game was released, I had no idea the series would continue, so I was deeply moved to see the 20th anniversary. New Disney movies have been coming out, and there are so many new titles that I never thought I would be able to be a part of.

    It's like a dream.

    I'm not sure if it's right for me to be involved in such a famous work... I just feel very honored. I am truly blessed and happy to have been able to work on Kingdom Hearts, and my love for Disney's work has deepened even more.

    Q: What does Kingdom Hearts mean to you, Shimomura-san?

    YS: I can't really compare them all personally, and it's hard to say which one I have a special attachment to, but I have been involved in all the Kingdom Hearts games from the first one to the present. So in that sense, I have been able to continue with the series and continue to play the games, making it a big part of my life.

    [The Musical Composition of Kingdom Hearts]

    Q: Looking back into “Dive into the Heart -Destati-,” how do you feel about it?

    YS: When I was writing the song for "Destati," I had a hard time connecting the world of Disney characters and the tragic chorus, so I had a hard time figuring out what to do! Once I found what kind of worldview Kingdom Hearts had, I didn't have much trouble writing songs afterward.

    Q: Do you have any particular thoughts that you continue to put into the music for the series?

    YS: I knew that there was an existing worldview, so I knew that I must absolutely avoid destroying it. [In the first Kingdom Hearts game], you had iconic Disney characters such as Alice, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and so on...each with their own pre-established perspectives that would make you go, “This is how Disney's Alice is like.” 

    But at the same time, we also had to make sure that I was creating the world inside of Kingdom Hearts, not just copying the same feel as Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan. I had to ensure it made you go, “So this is how they act inside Kingdom Hearts.” I was very particular about the balance between the two.

    Q: What is something you consider very important when creating music?

    YS: I think the basic premise is that the players should be able to play the game comfortably. For me personally, since it is called BGM, an acronym that means background* music, I want it to be a behind-the-scenes force. 

    So, when I listen to the soundtrack again, the melody will naturally return to my mind when I remember the song later. If you listen to the soundtrack again, you will think, "Oh, yes, that's it! That's the song! That's a good song!" That's the kind of point I'm aiming for, or at the very least, something I'm conscious of.

    *TL Note: She emphasized the word “background."

    [The Series' First Foray Into An Analog Format]

    Q: How did you feel about the fact the series will be making its way into a vinyl record for the very first time?

    YS: We've been pushing for vinyl records for a while now...so when I saw that they were going to do it, my initial reaction was that “Oh, finally, that series will be etched into vinyl!”

    Q: What are your memories of analog vinyl records?

    YS: Unlike CDs, vinyl records were widespread back when I was little, so in that sense, I feel very familiar with them as if they were everyday items as a kid. I’m very nostalgic that the vinyl from my childhood are still being produced and sold even today, even though CDs and MP3s, and other digital media formats are becoming more and more popular. I find that records are a fundamental part of music.

    Q: How did you feel when you first put your hands on the LP BOX?

    YS: In the past, people used to say, "Buy the jacket," but records have significant artistic value, don’t they? CDs are small, so even if there is a booklet, it's still relatively small, and I think the vinyl package is gorgeous. I think of it as something that can be displayed, so I really feel that a lot of effort was put into it. I find it to be smooth, shiny, and beautiful. I hope everyone will have one in their home just to feel how smooth it is!

    Q: Do you think there is anything fascinating about vinyl records you rediscovered through their recent re-commercialization?

    YS: In a vinyl record, it’s all analog, so you basically listen to the songs in the order they are included, and you can’t exactly skip to the song you want very easily, whereas nowadays, you just pick what you want to listen to, and make playlists and such.

    But in the time of vinyl records, the order of the songs was very particular, taking into consideration even the time and effort of turning on what is known as the B-side. If you have the opportunity to try it out yourself, then you’ll be able to appreciate the qualities of the vinyl even more.

    [Concerning the Music of the 20th Anniversary Reveal Trailer]

    Q: Could you tell us more about the production of "Reality in the Dark" included in the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer?

    YS: The song is a little different from the previous ones in the series in the sense that it has a solid, stiffer feeling to it. I created it with the image that even with its newness, you can still feel a bit of the Kingdom Hearts charm. 

    When I write songs, I tend to use very little brass or other instruments, and I tend to write with restraint. However, for this song, I was thinking: "I definitely want to use [brass instruments] in a spectacular way here," so I included a lot of brass in the demo version when I first made it. I hope it will be a song that gives you strength and a sense of foreboding.

    Q: Finally, a message to the fans of the Kingdom Hearts series.

    YS: I really like the packaging, and the vinyl record format is a bit nostalgic for me. I am sure many young people today might have never had the opportunity to pick up a vinyl record. That is why I think this is a memorable and commemorative work, so please pick it up and enjoy the music contained in these analog sounds and the visuals of the package. I hope it will become one of your treasures!


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  9. Disney Japan and Japanese company UUL have announced and revealed a slew of new Kingdom Hearts household items purchasable via the latter's storefront.

    These products comprise tableware sets representing Destiny Islands and Twilight Town, alongside character-themed cushion covers and rugs. 

    You can view each piece of household merchandise via our galleries below:

    Reliable retailer Aitai Kuji conveniently has these items available for pre-order for global fans.

    Firstly, the Destiny Islands and Twilight Town tableware sets cost ¥12,100 each. 

    Next, each character-themed rug, costing ¥8,000, is listed below:

    Lastly, each character-themed cushion cover, costing ¥5,700, is listed below:

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  10. The artist for the Kingdom Hearts series' numerous manga adaptions, Shiro Amano, recently shared new artwork via their Twitter account that crosses over Sora, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts with a more niche Square IP, Parasite Eve.

    For those wondering why Amano would illustrate a piece connecting to Parasite Eve, of all things, it's because they have quite a personal history with the title, as they discussed in their Twitter thread

    Our team’s Ryuji translated Amano’s statements:


    “A long time ago, Tetsuya Nomura read my gag manga about Parasite Eve and invited me to draw the comic serialization for Kingdom Hearts.

    Incidentally, for those wondering, the gag manga has not been published in book form, nor is there any plan to do so. The number of pages is not enough at all, and the content is too awful…I would be very happy if you could hold it in your memories…

    To say that it is bad is honestly an understatement because it is one of my very first manga [that I’ve drawn], and if, by chance, you were one of the readers who said they liked it and found it interesting, thank you!

    The manga also has many, many expressions that are simply unacceptable in this day and age, and I am ashamed of the ignorance of my past self. If I had to choose the right words to describe it, it would be “very bad”. My apologies.”

    You can view Shiro Amano's artwork of Kingdom Hearts and Parasite Eve below:


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  11. Following the conclusion of the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath concert, fans began to share new pamphlet artwork illustrated by Shiro Amano, who many will recognize as the artist for the games' many manga adaptations. The original Organization XIII is depicted playing various instruments. 

    Additionally, Masahiro Sakurai, prominently known for the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. franchises, attended the concert and tweeted a photo of a newly illustrated conductor Sora, also present in the pamphlet. 

    Another piece of significant information related to the concert is a vague statement made by Tetsuya Nomura. One of the concert's attendees and a highly reliable Kingdom Hearts community member, aibo, shared the following account of Nomura's arrival, translated by our team's Ryuji:


    Nomura came up on stage, and Shimomura joked, "Go on! Talk for 30 minutes!" Nomura replied, "Uhh, I don't have that much time, so can we make it 5?" and Ishimoto also came up on stage. 

    Nomura then added, "Last year, there was an event that determined the direction of the Kingdom Hearts series going forward."

    Shimomura then confusingly glanced at him: "Wait, what? What event?"

    Nomura then turns to her and says: "Oh. Didn't you know?"

    Shimomura made a puzzling face at Nomura.

    Nomura: "I'll tell you more about it backstage."

    Many fans are panicking over this exchange. However, there are several different tonal interpretations of whether this monumental series change was negative or positive. Due to the inherent uncertainty of this situation and the lack of official clarifications, it's best to keep an open mind and try not to dwell on it. 

    You can view the new Kingdom Hearts Second Breath concert artwork via our gallery below. The Organization XIII artwork was shared by @princessxemnas:


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  12. Yen Press has digitally released Chapters 27 and 27.5 of the Kingdom Hearts III manga, concluding the party's time in the Kingdom of Corona. The issues' prices vary from $1.99 in the United States to $2.99 in Canada. Additionally, the above hyperlinks will lead you to both chapters' hub pages housing various retailers. 

    Then, the manga's Japanese retailer, Gangan Online, revealed that Chapter 28, releasing on their website on March 16th, 2023, will feature Arendelle. Currently, their app has that same Chapter, with Chapter 29 planned to launch on April 6th, 2023. 

    Further, the third volume of the Kingdom Hearts III manga was announced with a cover featuring the cast of Toy Box. So far, Square Enix Japan has the volume available for ¥790. 

    You can view the third volume's cover art below:

    Lastly, the Kingdom Hearts III manga artist, Shiro Amano, has shared a new illustration to commemorate the third volume's launch. 

    Check out the articles for the previous chapters by clicking on the links below!

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  13. Square Enix North America has listed two new sets of Kingdom Hearts merchandise available for pre-order via their online storefront.

    The first is a trio of metal keychains depicting the Dream Sword, Dream Rod, and Dream Shield from the first game. At the start of the title, they are all selectable for temporary usage in Sora's Awakening, but the latter two are obtainable weapons for Donald and Goofy.

    The second merchandise set is another trio of metal keychains, this time of the Kingdom Key, Mage's Staff, and Knight's Shield. These are Sora, Donald's, and Goofy's default weapons, respectively, across each game they appear in. 

    Both sets cost $32.99, with shipments expected to occur during July 2023. 

    You can view both metal keychain sets via our galleries below:


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  14. Square Enix has revealed new Kingdom Hearts plushes set to appear throughout Japan via Sega Plaza crane games. The new characters depicted as plushes are the Kingdom Hearts I appearances of Kairi and Riku, as well as King Mickey in his coat attire. 

    Additionally, the second volume of muffler towels was revealed, showcasing Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Xion, and Axel.

    Aitai Kuji has the Kairi, Riku, and King Mickey plushes available for pre-order for ¥3,500 each, with estimated March 2023 shipping times. 

    You can view each of these items via our galleries below:





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  15. The Kingdom Hearts community recently untied for an ambitious effort, dubbing the entirety of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]

    Led by Kingdom Hearts content creator damo279, several fans provided their vocal talents for this project, comprising 36,000 words and 1,500 lines across roughly five hours of footage.

    Today, the first video of this fan dub was released, consisting of the story content in the original Kingdom Hearts χ [chi], alongside scenes from Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover and Kingdom Hearts Union χ at specific points to provide clearer narrative context.

    The credits for everyone involved in this first video of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] fan dub are listed below:

    Director, Editor & Producer:

    • Damo

    Project Manager / Coordinator & Assistant Director

    • BatuqueOnda

    Assistant Editor & Credits Sequence

    • Jeremy Love (2.41 Productions)

    Script Transcribing 

    • Damo
    • RKS Legacy

    Additional Translations

    • Cherrim

    Promotional Material

    Production Consultation

    • Damo's Stream

    Special Thanks

    • DeVon Williams
    • BatuqueOnda

    Voice Cast

    Chirithy / Dark Chirithy



    • KindredMelody




    Master of Masters

    Master Luxu

    Master Ava

    Master Ira

    Master Gula

    • Caleb S (@KALEEB-CALEB)

    Master Aced

    Master Invi

    Darkling #1

    Darkling #2

    Darkling #3

    Male Keyblade Wielder #1's Chirithy

    Strelitzia's Chirithy


    Male Keyblade Wielder #1

    Male Keyblade Wielder #2

    Male Keyblade Wielder #3

    Male Keyblade Wielder #4

    Male Keyblade Wielder #5

    Female Keyblade Wielder #1

    Female Keyblade Wielder #2

    Immense thanks and congratulations to everyone who worked on this fan dub, as not only is a project of this magnitude inestimably difficult to complete, but it has granted all of us another method of digesting and experiencing the χ [chi] storyline in a new, fresh way. 

    You can view the first part of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] fan dub below:


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  16. Square Enix has updated the official Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Second Breath Concert website with new merchandise attendees can purchase. 

    You can view each of the new items via our galleries below alongside their prices with tax included. Unfortunately, no high-quality images are available. We'll update these galleries with additional photos if they are uploaded. 

    UPDATE 3/17/2023: Square Enix Japan has officially listed these products on their online storefront (sans the pamphlet), so we have updated each of our galleries with additional images. Further, every item has an expected April 8th, 2023, shipment date.

    Store links have now been inserted, too. 

    Kingdom Hearts Concert -Second Breath- Concert Pamphlet - ¥2,500

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Metal Keychain Gold Ver. - ¥2,640

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary T- Shirt Monogram - ¥4,400 - April 8, 2023 

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary T- Shirt - ¥4,400

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Tote Monogram - ¥3,080 

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Tote - ¥3,080 

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Earphone Case - ¥3,300

    UPDATE [Feb 10, 2023]: Pre-orders for the 20th Anniversary Second Breath merchandise is available on Aitai Kuji! Links to each item along with the price are listed below. Items are expected to ship in Spring/Summer 2023.


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  17. Disney and Square Enix have listed the soundtracks for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. Both albums are scheduled to launch on February 8, 2023.

    The streaming service playlists for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, comprising 84 songs lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes, are listed below:

    The full tracklist, spread across three discs, is listed below:

    Disc 1

    • Dearly Beloved -
    • SIMPLE AND CLEAN - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- 
    • Dive into the Heart -Destati-
    • Destiny Islands
    • Bustin' Up on the Beach
    • Mickey Mouse March
    • Treasured Memories 
    • Strange Whispers
    • Kairi I
    • It Began with a Letter
    • A Walk in Andante
    • Night of Fate
    • Destiny's Force
    • Where is This?
    • Traverse Town
    • The Heartless Has Come
    • Shrouding Dark Cloud
    • Blast Away! - Gummi Ship I-
    • Tricksy Clock
    • Welcome to Wonderland
    • To Our Surprise
    • Turning the Key
    • Olympus Coliseum
    • Road to a Hero
    • Go for It!
    • No Time to Think
    • Deep Jungle
    • Having a Wild Time
    • Holy Bananas!
    • Squirming Evil
    • Hand in Hand
    • Kairi II
    • Merlin's Magical House
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Bounce-O-Rama
    • Just an Itty Bitty Too Much
    • Once Upon a Time
    • Shipmeisters' Humoresque
    • Precious Stars in the Sky
    • Blast Away! - Gummi Ship II-

    Disc 2

    • A Day in Agrabah
    • Arabian Dream
    • Villains of a Sort
    • A Very Small Wish
    • Monstrous Monstro
    • Friends in My Heart
    • Under the Sea
    • An Adventure in Atlantica
    • A Piece of Peace
    • An Intense Situation
    • The Deep End
    • This is Halloween
    • Spooks of Halloween Town
    • Oopsy-Daisy
    • Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
    • Pirate's Gigue
    • Never Land Sky
    • Kairi III
    • Blast Away! - Gummi Ship III - 
    • Hollow Bastion
    • Scherzo Di Notte
    • Forze Del Male
    • HIKARI - KINGDOM HEARTS Instrumental Version-
    • Miracle
    • One-Winged Angel from FINAL FANTASY VII
    • End of the World
    • Fragments of Sorrow
    • A Night on the Bare Mountain
    • Guardando nel buio
    • Beyond the Door
    • Always on My Mind
    • March Caprice - for Piano and Orchestra

    Disc 3

    • Disappeared
    • Another Side
    • Hand in Hand -Reprise-
    • Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
    • Having a Wild Time - Previous Version-
    • Destati
    • Lord of the Castle
    • Dearly Beloved - KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Version-
    • Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
    • At Dusk, I Will Think of You...
    • Vector to the Heavens
    • Another Side - - Battle Ver. -

    The streaming service playlists for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, comprising 103 songs lasting 3 hours and 45 minutes, are listed below:

    The full tracklist, spread across four discs, is listed below:

    Disc 1

    • Dearly Beloved - KINGDOM HEARTS II Version- 
    • Passion - KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra Instrumental Version-
    • Lazy Afternoons
    • Sinister Sundown
    • The Escapade
    • Dive into the Heart -Destati-
    • Fragments of Sorrow
    • Tension Rising
    • Kairi
    • Missing You
    • The 13th Struggle
    • Roxas
    • Sora
    • The Afternoon Streets
    • Working Together
    • Friends in My Heart
    • Magical Mystery 
    • A Twinkle in the Sky
    • Reviving Hollow Bastion
    • Scherzo Di Notte
    • Laughter and Merriment
    • Desire For All That Is Lost
    • Organization XIII

    Disc 2

    • Gearing Up
    • Shipmeisters' Shanty
    • Blast Off!
    • Aestroid Attack
    • Crossing the Finish Line
    • Waltz of the Damned
    • Dance of the Daring
    • Hesitation
    • Dance to the Death
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • The Home of Dragons
    • Fields of Honor
    • Apprehension
    • Vim and Vigor
    • Cloudchasers
    • Olympus Coliseum
    • Road to a Hero
    • The Underworld
    • What Lies Beneath
    • Villains of a Sort
    • Beneath the Ground
    • Rowdy Rumble
    • Mickey Mouse March
    • A Walk in Andante
    • Monochrome Dreams
    • Old Friends, Old Rivals
    • Floating in Bliss
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Bounce-O-Rama
    • Bounce-O-Rama - Speed up ver.

    Disc 3

    • Isn't It Lovely?
    • Let's Sing and Dance
    • Swim This Way
    • Part of Your World
    • Under the Sea
    • Ursula's Revenge
    • A New Day is Dawning
    • Any Time Any Place
    • Nights of the Cursed
    • He's a Pirate
    • The Corrupted
    • Hazardous Highway
    • A Day in Agrabah
    • Arabian Dream
    • Arabian Daydream
    • This is Halloween
    • Spooks of Halloween Town
    • What A Surprise?!
    • Happy Holidays!
    • Adventures in the Savannah
    • Savannah Pride
    • The Encounter
    • Space Paranoids
    • Byte Bashing
    • Byte Striking
    • Cavern of Remembrance
    • Deep Anxiety
    • The 13th Reflection
    • Sinister Shadows
    • The 13th Dilemma

    Disc 4

    • Showdown at Hollow Bastion
    • One-Winged Angel from FINAL FANTASY VII
    • Battleship Bravery
    • Sacred Moon
    • Deep Drive
    • The Other Promise
    • Riku
    • Courage
    • Disappeared
    • A Fight to the Death
    • Darkness of the Unknown
    • Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra
    • Destiny Islands
    • Hand in Hand
    • Sunset Horizons
    • Dearly Beloved -Reprise-
    • Rage Awakened
    • Fate of the Unknown
    • Keyblade Graveyard Horizon
    • Dismiss

    UPDATE 2/14/2023: Disney has made an official announcement regarding the arrival of these playlists. Additionally, the company has created a public playlist housing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts III soundtracks, comprising 354 songs lasting 17 hours and 50 minutes. 

    The streaming services containing this playlist are listed below:

    UPDATE 2/19/2023: Connecting your Spotify or Apple Music accounts will grant the following smartphone wallpaper:


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  18. Recently, content creator Shesez uploaded a new video in his Boundary Break series, where he takes the camera anywhere he wants to discover secrets in various games. 

    This time, Shesez tackled the first Kingdom Hearts entry, showcasing several intriuging finds, such as viewing angles that players would never see throughout their playthroughs, zoom-ins on models and areas, and more. 

    Although, perhaps the most major part of this specific Boundary Break is fully seeing Sora’s room which is only ever partially seen otherwise. Unused elements in the Halloween Town world are also shown off. 

    You can view the Boundary Break video for the first Kingdom Hearts game below or you can check it out on his Youtube Channel. The version he used is not the original PlayStation 2 release, but one of the HD re-releases. 

    Shesez did a similar video for Kingdom Hearts II roughly four years ago


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  19. Square Enix Japan has revealed new Kingdom Hearts merchandise available for pre-order via their digital storefront, comprising a King Mickey-themed crossobdy pouch, a 20th Anniversary A4-sized laptop case, and a 20th Anniversary monogram carrying case. 

    You can view each of these items via our galleries below, alongside expected shipment dates and store links. The North American store links are listed in this article's conclusion. 

    Kingdom Hearts King Mickey Shoulder Pouch - ¥9,900 - May 27th, 2023

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Laptop Case - ¥7,920 - May 27th, 2023 

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Multi-Case (Monogram) - ¥9,350 - May 27th, 2023

    Square Enix North America:

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  20. Square Enix Japan has revealed new Kingdom Hearts merchandise, this time comprising an action doll of King Mickey and a curtain tassel of the Shadow plush. 

    Both products are viewable via our galleries below, with pricing, expected shipment times, and store hyperlinks also provided:

    Kingdom Hearts King Mickey - Action Doll - ¥9,900 - May 27th, 2023

    Kingdom Hearts Shadow Plush - Curtain Tassel - ¥6,380 - May 27th, 2023

    We will update this article if these items are made available via the other Square Enix regional storefronts. 

    UPDATE 1/17/2023: The two items are now available for pre-order via Square Enix North America:

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  21. Square Enix Japan has revealed new Kingdom Hearts-themed jewelry for pre-order; a silver ring depicting the Shadow Heartless and a silver pendant comprising the motif of Kairi's Keyblade, Destiny's Embrace.

    Both products are viewable via our galleries below, with pricing, expected shipment times, and store hyperlinks also provided. The North American store links are listed in this article's conclusion. 

    Kingdom Hearts Silver Ring - Shadow - ¥27,500 - June 24th, 2023 

    Kingdom Hearts Silver Pendant - Destiny's Embrace - ¥27,500 - May 27, 2023

    Square Enix North America:

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  22. Square Enix has shared new gameplay information for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, with the game's Japanese-exclusive closed prototype test for iPhones having begun. 

    Our team's Ryuji has translated this article's information from the official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Japanese Twitter account that's acting as a temporary news avenue for the upcoming mobile title. 

    Firstly, the following passage discusses the GPS and Pad control styles:


    In Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, there are two ways to control your player: GPS Mode and Pad Mode.

    In GPS mode, your character moves as you walk around and change your GPS position. You can obtain AP from battles and you can also enable "Hands-Free Mode", where battles are automatic.

    In Pad mode, your character moves by using a pad on your screen. In this mode, AP is required for battles and obtaining treasure chests.

    Secondly, the content scheduled for the closed beta so far has been listed below:


    Today's Content

    • Obtain Jewels from Present Quests.
    • Craft lots of LV 20 Pieces.
    • 1/13 7:00~ Take your smartphone with you and go on an adventure!
    • 1/14 7:00~ Area Boss Quests will appear!
    • 1/17 7:00~ Raid Boss Quests will appear!

    New Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

    Our team's Ryuji has translated these images as well:


    Lastly, it's worth emphasizing that this beta period will last until January 18th, 2023, and information for the foreseeable future will be announced via the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Japanese Twitter account

    In case you missed it, check out the latest artwork for the title and the mysterious symbol shared in a tweet

    UPDATE 1/13/2023: Square Enix has shared four new screenshots and gameplay information:


    "There are Area Enemies and Area Bosses that "rule" certain parts of the world. Defeating an area boss will liberate it, and you can teleport to the coordinates where the boss was for a discounted AP price!"

    Today's Notes:

    • Clear the required quest to unlock Area Bosses.
    • Try teleporting to an Area Boss. 

    Our team's Ryuji has translated the images, viewable below:


    UPDATE 1/14/2023: New gameplay information has been released revealing the two Keyblade types; Close-Combat, and Ranged.

    Our team's Ryuji has translated the following the information:


    There are two types of Keyblades: Close Combat and Ranged.

    Close Combat-type Keyblades allow for stronger attacks but possess a higher risk as they require you to get close to the enemy. Ranged Keyblades, on the other hand, will enable you to chip away at an enemy's health from afar safely.

    Today's Content:

    • Experiment with the Vol. 2 Reinforcement Codes.
    • Give the "Reinforcement Code" quest a try.

    You can view the new screenshot released alongside this information via our gallery below, as well as an edited version with English text:


    UPDATE 1/15/2023: Character customization was highlighted in a new tweet and screenshot, translated below via our team's Ryuji:


    In the Fitting Room, you can customize your avatar's appearance! Change up your clothes, coloration, accessories, and more! Look forward to the detailed avatar maker when the game officially releases!

    Today's Content:

    • Try changing up your look!
    • Try purchasing new clothes/accessories from the Shop.



    UPDATE 1/16/2023: Raid Battles and the Matching Feature were highlighted in a new tweet, translated below:


    In Raid Battles, multiple players can challenge the same enemy simultaneously! Take advantage of the teleportation feature and participate in taking down these formidable foes! You can also call in reinforcements via the Matching feature.

    Today's Content:

    • Unlock the Raid Battle mechanic by clearing the required quests!
    • Participate as a "Reinforcement" by matching up with other players!

    You can view new screenshots via our gallery below, as well as translated versions below that:


    UPDATE 1/18/2023: The prototype test has ended, and the official Twitter account shared the following message from Nomura:


    Thank you for participating in the prototype test. [Regarding development progress], we have implemented 70% of all the features, 50% of the UI, and 0% of the main storyline.

    Including the fact that we haven't implemented the storyline, I would say development is, overall, about 50% complete.

    Our staff will continue to work hard on developing Missing Link.

    I hope that Android users like myself have the opportunity to try it out soon. - Nomura


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  23. Retailer AMNIBUS has listed new Kingdom Hearts merchandise on their digital storefront, comprising bags, jewelry, and a smartphone card holder.

    Each product is available for pre-order until January 30th, 2023, with shipping expected to occur in late June 2023. 

    Every item is viewable in our galleries below, with store links and pricing (tax included) also provided:

    AMNIBUS Smartphone Card Holder - ¥1,980 

    AMNIBUS Tote Bag - ¥4,950 

    AMNIBUS Aurora Bag - ¥6,600

    AMNIBUS Frame Earrings - ¥6,600

    AMNIBUS Frame Necklace - ¥8,778



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  24. The ARTNIA cafe, a locale often used for video game-themed collaborations, has teased new artwork for their tenth anniversary. One such illustration by Tetsuya Nomura depicts Brain from Kingdom Hearts, Jack Garland from Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, and Zack Fair from the Final Fantasy VII series. 

    If clearer photos of this illustration are shared, we'll update this article. As of now, it is planned to be displayed at the cafe. 

    Twitter user @wandanyan1ban has shared a clean photo of the illustration, viewable below:


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