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  1. I voted all of them! Accept for one thing! What the heck is kingdom hearts! I mean is it a world and what will be the final climax to this series!
  2. Matthew Dickendasher

    [UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at San Diego Comic-Con

    I was just responding to Dustin Lubber post. I knew kingdom hearts 3 will have a dark storyline. I was just being funny!
  3. Matthew Dickendasher

    [UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at San Diego Comic-Con

    They’re probably familiar with Disney and Pixar so they are probably say “Why is this anime kid hanging with Mickey, Elsa, Woody and Mike” and “Why the poster so dark I thought this is a Disneygame” that’s what they probably say I don’t know. Lol
  4. Matthew Dickendasher

    [UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at San Diego Comic-Con

    Told you guys! I am so hyped hopefully they show of Big hero Six etc. I won’t be disappointed either way! This the year for Kh3 news baby!
  5. Matthew Dickendasher

    Who do YOU want to betray Xehanort?

    Definitely, Marluxia considering Nomura said we will learn about his character in both kingdom hearts 3 and Union Cross. Highly possible he might betray them and Braig might be working with him.
  6. Matthew Dickendasher

    What Disney movie should have gotten a sequel?

    Treasure planet is such an underrated movie I wish it gotten more praise it deserved. Then it would been in the kingdo hearts games. Unfortunately, due to to the rating we will rarely see Treasure planet again in sequels or games. I hope it has more praise to reboot the movie or remake. I would love an live action Treasure planet movie what do you guys think.
  7. Matthew Dickendasher

    Your greatest fears for Kingdom Hearts 3

    The hundred acres world returning makes sense do to the lore from the mobile browser game Union Cross. That book is just like the book of prophecies. The hundred acres book must have been apart of the ancient book but some how became its own story. I hope malifcent tries to steal the book to make it important for that world to return!
  8. Matthew Dickendasher

    Your greatest fears for Kingdom Hearts 3

    My greatest fear is Roxas ending up a vessel. Sora ending up a Xehanort or dies Kingdom Hearts 3 ending up possibly being the final game Lea and Kairi being together No Sora vs Master Xehanort Final boss fight due to the fact the voice actor passed away my he find peace (By the way you is a good replacement voice actor for master Xehanort) No Atlantis or treasure planet worlds and Pocahontas Some how they use time travel or do something crazy to completely retcon the whole series or increasing the convoluted mess we have So thoughs are my fears
  9. Matthew Dickendasher

    Xion is Underrated

    I cared for Xion at the when Roxas had to put her down. However, Namine and Xion have been confusing for me I thought Namine was Roxas’s love interest. When they added Xion I got more confused. I hope Lea is Xion’s love interest. That would make sense because what we saw at the end of the pirates trailer where we saw Kairi and Lea together. I wonder if that hints Xion’s return and possible love interest for Lea. Finally, I think Xion reminds me of skull from Union Cross. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. Matthew Dickendasher

    KH3 At Japan Expo 2018: Anyone A Little Disappointed?

    I hope they at least fixed the floaty ness of the game people were have issues with. Otherwise I hope they show more English content in the future because I am tired of Japan getting first because of some sort of bias. Just waiting for English translations is a pain in the neck to deal. I just love kingdom hearts
  11. Matthew Dickendasher

    Does Sora's Path mirror Aqua's, Terra's or Ven's?

    Your not overthinking at all remember nothing in the kingdom hearts plot is a coincidence. I think the last part to Sora reflecting to aqua’s story. Sora either sacrifice himself to bring Roxas back or take aqua her place as a vessel. I think that would surprise me.
  12. Matthew Dickendasher

    Which Kingdom Hearts 3 edition(s) are you interested in?

    I can I have one deluxe kingdom hearts 3 pizza please? lol
  13. Matthew Dickendasher

    Does Sora's Path mirror Aqua's, Terra's or Ven's?

    I think these events that happened to Riku and Sora wil repeat for Terra and Ventus. Ventus and Terra were friends like these two but they had no intense rivalry such as Riku and Sora did. When Ventus lost his darkness he always had that light spirit attitude. Aqua and mickey fates will be the same to be lost in darkness forever. I hope this makes sense?
  14. Matthew Dickendasher

    Favorite Kh character

    My Top 5 characters: 1. Sora 2. Roxas 3. Riku 4. Aqua 5. Lea
  15. Al I want is kingdom hearts 3 I care less about merchandise items. Other than that I would love a life sized keyblade.