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    BernardC reacted to RecusantVessel in Which of Sora’s non-playable partners would you want to play as?   
    Donald all the way baby. I love getting one shot and being useless ??
  2. Confused
    BernardC reacted to KH4Real in What was your favorite moment in the new LUCCA 2018 Tangled Trailer?   
    Sora&Flynn chilling that was epic.
  3. Haha
  4. Haha
    BernardC reacted to xionskeyblade in Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in New York will feature art work by Tetsuya Nomura   
    From November 8th, 2018 to February 10th, 2019, Disney will be hosting a pop-up exhibition in New York to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday! Mickey: The True Original exhibition is 16,000 square-feet and features many different art styles proving Mickey's impact on pop-culture as a 'True Original'. Art pieces by Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura, will be featured at the exhibit! 

    The event will be held at: 60 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10014. Tickets are $38.00 and are purchased by appointment time. Purchase your tickets through the website here! Follow the event with #mickeytrueoriginal on Instagram and Twitter! Our own KH13 News Team member, xionskeyblade, will be attending the Mickey Mouse exhibit on November 16th, 2018! Come by and say hello! 
    Will you be going to the Mickey Mouse Exhibition? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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  5. Haha
    BernardC reacted to Dustin Lübbers in Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in New York will feature art work by Tetsuya Nomura   
    coolio. Hopefully people put it up on youtube
  6. Sad
    BernardC reacted to Daniel Macauley in Which is your favorite visit to the Olympus world?   
    Without a doubt BBS. Having those interactions between Zack and Aqua killed me.
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    BernardC reacted to ChrisChikeyto in Which is your favorite visit to the Olympus world?   
    Which is your favorite visit to the Olympus world?

  8. Haha
    BernardC reacted to Ventus_ in How will you be buying Kingdom Hearts III?   
    How will you be buying Kingdom Hearts III?
    I'll go standard physical myself if my parents don't preorder it for me for Christmas. 
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    BernardC reacted to KHWaterBlock in Kingdom Hearts characters available as designs for t-shirts on Charachoi.com   
    Announced from the Disney Games Japan Twitter account, Character Choice is a website where you can customize and create your own t-shirts using characters from various franchises. Most recently, the website allows users to use various Kingdom Hearts characters from the series as designs for t-shirts!


    What are your thoughts on these t-shirts? Will you be designing your own with Kingdom Hearts characters? Let us know in the comment section below!
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    BernardC reacted to Wan_Pisu in Which KH3 villain could turn a new leaf?   
    Doctor, one of my teeth is pure darkness..what have you done?
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    BernardC reacted to Wan_Pisu in What's the most important thing in a villain?   
    You stole...my toothpaste? How...dare...youuuu!
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    BernardC reacted to Enix in Which Kingdom Hearts character would you spent Valentine's day with?   
    If you can spent Valentine's Day with one KH character, who would it be?

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    BernardC reacted to VoltEditzz in Kingdom Hearts 3 TGS 2018 Extended Trailer ANALYSIS & SECRETS!   
    THIS TRAILER IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, BUT IT PLAYS WITH MY FEELINGS... UGHHH ?? I'm so excited to get my hands on this game, and I'm sure soooo many of you are as well!!
    Let me know what you think about this trailer and some of the things I discussed, did you see something I didn't?

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    BernardC reacted to xTheOnlyProdigyx in There's MORE THAN 13?! Kingdom Hearts 3 Seekers of Darkness   
    I feel like I haven't shared one of my videos here in a minute lol.. anyways hi! This is a video where I talk about how There seems to be More 13 characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 that Qualify or could Qualify to be a Seeker of Darkness. There might some extra angle with the 13 Vessels Nomura is trying to work in. It's very interesting and I would like to get a conversation going about this!! 

    Thank you for the love and support and I'll try my best to read everything ^_^ Thanks for your time.
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    BernardC reacted to Da-Awesom-One in Master Xehanort's Voice Actor in the new trailer.   
    Now that we've had ample time to register the godly juicyness that was the new KHIII trailer, there's something I gotta point out.
    After watching the trailer again and again and again (still not tired of wathcing it, btw), and listening to his voice, there's a few things I gotta ask...
    1. Do my ears deceive me... or did Master Xehanort's voice sound an AWFUL LOT like Chikao Otsuka?
    2. If the above is true, and that is Chikao Otsuka, does that mean he recorded his lines before his passing?
    3. If the above statement is ALSO true... does that mean there's a chance Leonard Nimoy recorded his lines before his passing as well?
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    MUSIQUE : Revolt Production Music - Final Stand | Epic Powerful Hybrid Orchestral Music

    ••► Twitter : https://twitter.com/khmemoria

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    BernardC reacted to Da-Awesom-One in Keyblade Graveyard in KHIII Discussion *Potential Spoilers*   
    So, now that we've had a few hours to digest that influx of tidbits at the end of the Big Hero 6 trailer, there's one thing I wanted to discuss that caught my attention.
    We now know the Keyblade Graveyard is in KHIII. Deep down, I think we all knew it would be showing up, but this trailer shows us our first glimpse of it. 
    What I wanted to ask is this:
    Considering Vanitas and  Xemnas appear, and Vanitas is talking about Sora breaking through battle through battle, would it be crazy to suggest we go to the Keybade Graveyard potentially... halfway through the game?
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    BernardC reacted to Wan_Pisu in Who's the most likely member to betray the new Organization?   
    I, Xalapucio, am the 15th holy princess of Twix Town
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    BernardC reacted to Wan_Pisu in What KH news do you expect out of Tokyo Game Show?   
    Here we are....Nippon hype!
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    BernardC reacted to Yoshirai in Kingdom Hearts: My Friends Are Ear With Me Earring Set is now available for preorder   
    The Kingdom Hearts: My Friends Are Ear With Me Earring Set is an officially licensed Disney merchandise which is now available for pre-order. The set will cost $21.99 (USD), and will feature 5 kind of differently shaped earrings, resembling some of the most known symbols from the Kingdom Hearts saga. The estimated shipping time is set for September 2018.
    The stocks are limited, and only 6 are available to pre-order.

    Are you going to preorder this Earring Set? Let us know in the comment section below!
    Click here to view the article
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    BernardC reacted to Elfdemon_ in The Realm of Sleep Explained   
    I'll explain the Sleeping Worlds/the realm of sleep.
    (This is a part of my "Explained" series of posts. To view my "Time Travel Explained" post, click here, to view my "Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters Explained" post, click here, and to view my "The Braig/Xigbar Situation Explained" post, click here.)
    All the "realm of sleep" is, is dreams. Worlds can dream and people can dream. When a world falls to darkness/goes to the Realm of Darkness, they also fall asleep and they dream. The worlds we go to in Dream Drop Distance are dreams of worlds that were freed from darkness, but were not freed from their sleep. Yen Sid sent Sora and Riku back in time to Destiny Islands before it fell to darkness, so that they could sort of "ride" Destiny Islands into darkness, therefore ride it into sleep. Once they rode it into sleep and fell asleep, they unknowingly opened the first Sleeping Keyhole and were transported to the next Sleeping World/the first Sleeping World from the present-day that they need to save.
    When this happened, Riku unknowingly dove into Sora's dreams and became a Spirit Dream Eater to protect him from Nightmares. So, throughout the game, Sora is in the dreams of the worlds that fell to darkness, but didn't wake from their sleep, and Riku is in Sora's dreams.
    Things change when they get to The World That Never Was though. The World That Never Was is not a Sleeping World. It's a real world in the Realm Between. There's a cutscene where Yen Sid says that Sora and Riku will eventually end up out of the Sleeping Worlds and into a world that's in the Realm Between. That world was The World That Never Was. It's not a Sleeping World, but when Riku arrived there, he was still in the realm of sleep since he was still in Sora's dreams and has been the whole journey. After Riku defeats Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, he's brought back to the real world and out of the realm of sleep. When Sora arrived at The World That Never Was, he was in the real world and out of the dream. But, Young Xehanort dragged Sora back into the realm of sleep, but this time, he dragged Sora into Sora's own dreams instead of the world's dreams. Then, Xigbar dragged Sora into a second sleep. So, Sora's sleeping body was in Sora's own dreams which is why Riku saw it before he fought Anti Black Coat. Anyways, after Young Xehanort successfully puts Sora into a weird sleep coma by dragging him further and further into dreams, he brings him back to the real world and places him on one of the Organization XIII thrones.
    Riku still had his Dream Eaters and his Dream Eater powers in the real world of The World That Never Was because Sora was still asleep. He still had a weird Dream Eater connection to him.
    Nomura said The Mysterious Tower drifts around and doesn't stay in the same place. The Mysterious Tower used to be a part of a world called Symphony of Sorcery. It's drifted away from that world a long time ago though. The world "Symphony of Sorcery" is a Sleeping World. The reason The Mysterious Tower shows up in that world is because the dream is filling in the gaps, just like it fills in the gaps with characters.
    The Grid is a digital world inside of a computer in a world that we don't know the name of. The world that Sam Flynn is from. Just like how Space Paranoids is a digital world inside of a computer in Radiant Garden. Space Paranoids is a copy of The Grid made by Ansem the Wise. The reason Space Paranoids looks so different than The Grid though is because he copied it a long time ago. Space Paranoids is what The Grid used to look like. The Grid is not a Sleeping World, but the world it's attached to/the world it's a computer on, is a Sleeping World. Which is why Dream Eaters show up there.
    Country of the Musketeers is simply a world Mickey, Donald, and Goofy traveled to on their adventures. Minnie used to be a resident there, and she later moved to Disney Town to be with Mickey.
    Also, the Robed Figure was there on Destiny Islands in the first Kingdom Hearts so that he could mark the time traveling Sora with the Recusant's Sigil and so that Young Xehanort can time travel to where the Robed Figure is and follow Sora and Riku into the realm of sleep. So, now that Sora was marked with the Recusant's Sigil and now that Young Xehanort was in the same time period as Sora, he was able to teleport to wherever he was.
    Oh, and we now know that the official name for the realm of sleep is "Unchained." In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, it was called many different things, it seemed to not have an official name. It was actually called "the realm of sleep" only once. So, yeah, it's the "Unchained" realm.
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    BernardC reacted to Wan_Pisu in Which Dream Eater would Kairi start with?   
    Dreamimals. I want one.
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    BernardC reacted to VoltEditzz in Riku's Death in KH3   
    Here we will be discussing a topic that I believe is very likely to happen in Kingdom Hearts 3, Riku's Death... Riku's purpose in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a huge topic of discussion amongst the Kingdom Hearts Community, his impending future makes many of us wonder what is his purpose, what is his destiny? Could it be as a sacrifice to further to plot of the largest entry in the Series?
    Try not to cry  :sad:

    Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy 
    - Volt
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    BernardC reacted to VoltEditzz in New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer at Playstation Line-Up Tour (Pre-TGS)   
    A New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Big Hero 6 may FINALLY makes its grand appearance! Stay tuned for the Playstation Line-Up Tour on September 10, 2018. What do you think will be shown?

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    BernardC reacted to VocaloidLover13 in Each worlds' enemies and thoughts   
    Hey guys, how are you?
    I've had this wish of fighting almost every type of enemy in the game since ever, and now I decided to create this topic to know what you guys think about the current information we already have and to go on further and create theories for information we don't know. But more importantly to hear out your wishes too.
    From the trailers, we can guess the following (though it may be subject to change until the end product is finished):
    Twillight Town (Heartless and Nobodies) Mysterious Tower (Heartless) Olympus (Heartless) Monstropolis (Unversed (yay) and Heartless) Toy Box (Heartless) Kingdom of Corona (Heartless and supposedly Marluxia's nobody army) Arendelle (Heartless) The Caribbean (Heartless) If there is some enemy type you found on the trailers and that isn't listed, you can tell me and I'll update the list. 
    I am very sure that Arendelle may too have a nobody army of Larxene, given she's there.
    So now, are you happy that we've got almost every type of enemy in KH3? I am insanely hyped, maybe because I am some kind of perfeccionist or whatever is the right word.
    It is said that all worlds will only have to be visited once. Yet, as they might be veery huge, it's possible that we may find Nobodies in all kind of worlds. 
    But I believe that for the Unversed, it may depend of Vanitas' presence. After all he's on Monstropolis, the only world who has revealed it yet. 
    Yet on KHBBS, Unversed were in all places. Vanitas surely just sent them there...However there may be no need of him to do so in KH3 since Heartless and Nobodies may be enough.
    If the worlds had a second visit, they would have to have stronger enemies and there'd be a chance that Vanitas would send his Unversed there. But that doesn't seem to be happening (unfortunately for me).
    Do you believe and do you wish we get all enemy types in every world? Having Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed together seems fun. I am just imaginating Shadows and Floods and Dusks together lol. For the last world, that will surely be a must
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