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  1. MeowtheWow

    KH3 Trailer Timezones

    Thank you! I couldn't trust my math enough to be certain of any sort of time frame. Much appreciated!
  2. MeowtheWow

    Who is your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters?

    It's defiantly between Squidward and all the side characters, specifically the "MY LEG" guy and the "CHOCOLATE" guy. May Stephen Hellenburg rest in piece.
  3. MeowtheWow

    Last Post Wins!

  4. MeowtheWow

    Last Post Wins!

    Hi thread, how you doing on this fine day. Takes post and runs
  5. Happyest of Halloweens to everybody.

    My city got hit with a snow storm and I wish there was a snow day so I could binge Halloweentown all day but oh well...


    Heres a drawing of Halloween Sora I did a few weeks back.


  6. MeowtheWow

    Should Riku be killed off?

    And here I just thought the "some characters aren't returning" thing was with the villains. Well, I think it would probably be redundant to kill off all of the developed characters, like (in this case) Riku. Especially because how cliche it seems and due to many others being underdeveloped in terms of writing.
  7. I'm not nessarally a fan of Home Assistants to begin with. I will admit though, having a Home Assistant voiced by Ansem or Xemnas would be pretty cool.
  8. Dude same, I was like "Is this one of those Google Home things? I think I'll pass" -- Those rubber magnets and KH1 bookmarks look awesome. They're probably my favorite out of the bunch
  9. MeowtheWow

    Would you be concerned?

    I don't think I would be concerned, I would be outright terrified if any of those things happened to me. Thankfully it's all fiction. Now, if I were teleported to another dimension and these things happened, I would probably be stoked and go along with it.
  10. MeowtheWow

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    I've been playing NieR: Automata to act as my 'killing time' game until KH3 drops. I'm making sure to have my plate cleared for when January hits.