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  1. ...listen. In order to buy something I really want, I need to sell this 2ds xl and I am doing all of this via it. Its nothing against you, in fact I really don't want to sell it BECAUSE of you, but I have people relying on me.... I'll see what I can do about not getting rid of it, but I can't promise anything, okay? Thanks for listening. Also, who's your favorite in Gravity Falls and Voltron? I don't really like Voltron, but my favorite character is Keith (I think thats hi...

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Okie doke! I'll really miss u if u go! My favourite Gravity Falls character is either Bill or Stanford! And my fave Voltron characters are Pidge, Coran and Hunk! I like Keith but I just think he's really moody! However I think his story is interesting tho, with him being half Galra!

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