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  1. Hi! It's been a while

  2. Exposing young children to TWEWY is a baad idea... *face in hands* but not for the reason you probably think...

  3. Hey, might be gone... sellin' this console to get one that might be broken. Wish me luck. See ya ^–^ Riku

  4. Ok, so, to join Kingdom Destiny, you need to go to forums, then Roleplaying. You should see an 'Info/sign ups' named 'Kingdom Destiny'. Just post your entry stuff it asks for on the page and you should be good to go; once the sign ups are over, I'll make a new page for the RP itself and It'll get going. Sorry though, I'm new to making RP so its not going to be very good.

  5. Post something on its RP page, I think

  6. Kids talk about TV and manga and video games and music, I guess. I mean, I'm 14 so I think I would know...

  7. Join Kingdom Destiny!

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Yes I wanna join!! How do I join? :D

  8. No, I haven't :(

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      U should watch it! It's really good!! :D

  9. I like Stanford and Bill is EVIL! :( (Not mad, just jokin' around)

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      I just think Bill is really bae for some reason!!! xD Have u ever watched Star vs the Forces of Evil?

  10. Nevermind everything I said ,last2 posts

  11. ...listen. In order to buy something I really want, I need to sell this 2ds xl and I am doing all of this via it. Its nothing against you, in fact I really don't want to sell it BECAUSE of you, but I have people relying on me.... I'll see what I can do about not getting rid of it, but I can't promise anything, okay? Thanks for listening. Also, who's your favorite in Gravity Falls and Voltron? I don't really like Voltron, but my favorite character is Keith (I think thats hi...

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Okie doke! I'll really miss u if u go! My favourite Gravity Falls character is either Bill or Stanford! And my fave Voltron characters are Pidge, Coran and Hunk! I like Keith but I just think he's really moody! However I think his story is interesting tho, with him being half Galra!

  12. ...I'm sorry but I have to go. I don't think I'll be coming back. Goodbye guys. Roxas thats a stick, I'm very sorry. You're a good friend, the best I could hope for, but its time to say goodbye. Think of me every time you see Riku, ok? :') Kingdom Destiny wont be happening, and I'm really sorry. Please read World Trigger, Heather. I'll think of you every time I see a meme, or TWEWY, or Roxas. I'm sorry I won't be on the Friend list either. Goodbye....

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Oh no!!!! Why are you leaving?!?!?!! Please don't leave!!! I'm gonna really miss u!!!! ;( I really enjoy chatting to you!!! ;(

    2. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      PLZ COME BACK!!!!!!!!

  13. TWEWY is awesome! Two things: 1:does anyone ACTUALLY know if twewy final mix is being released on switch Oct12? 2:whos your favorite character?

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Yay!!! A fellow TWEWY fan!! :D I have no idea when it's being released on the switch!! :O and my fave character is possibly Beat or Shiki!! xD

  14. I alwaaaaays flunk history :( Also, I plan to beat KH3 before you, my new friend/rival who doesn't know me yet! P.S. Do you have a 3ds? We could swap fc.

    1. Roxas that's a stick

      Roxas that's a stick

      Hello!!!! :D yes I have a 3DS and I'd love to exchange friend codes with ya!! :D and I'm gonna get kingdom hearts 3 on my birthday!! I'm soooo excited!!!

  15. Is anyone else here 13-15 years old, if I can ask that?

  16. There are BBS novels?! I've been searching for those my entire existence (ok technically not but whatevs)

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      There are BBS novels, but they haven't been translated into English. Somebody somewhere translated the first three chapters in writing form, but they stopped for some unknown reason.

  17. I don't sleep much... I find it easier to sleep when I listen to music, though. Sorry if this doesn't work for you. ( I love music, though. Sorry_

    1. HeartOfFerria


      I listen to long videos like Christopher Odd’s Divinity Original Sin playthrough.

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