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Hi there, I'm Skyz!

I have been a fan of Kingdom Hearts for years! It helped me through tough times and taught me the power of friendship! XD I have played all the Kingdom hearts games on the highest difficulty and it is so fun! I still have to try level 1 crit/ proud run though, which is going to be super hard x_x I also enjoy editing images and making beautiful edits and wallpapers themed around Kingdom Hearts! 

Favourite Kingdom Hearts characters?

Definitely Roxas and Aqua! Mainly because Roxas is so cutee (I am a girl) haha. Aqua is my favourite to as she goes through some really tough stuff throughout Kingdom Hearts.

Favourite Kingdom Hearts Game?

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! I loved story and gameplay based on Terra, Ventus and Aqua. Each character had there own unique experience and gameplay, it is so fun! I also enjoyed the Endings too. Mirage Arena and the command board were also fun as I always beat Cinderella lol I also loved the unique abilities at the mirage arena like the vanish command........

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