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  1. On 1/25/2019 at 12:55 PM, Allwil13 said:

    I could certainly see Xigbar surviving Kingdom Hearts III. Braig/Xigbar has always struck me as a survivor character, one who always plans like 50 steps ahead to ensure his own survival. And I know he died in KH2, but that could have been all part of the plan. 

    So I could totally see him appearing in the KHIII secret ending. I still think it's going to have KHUX connections, though. It just feels like that's where the series is headed.



    Don't put on airs.. You watched the friggin cutscene didn't you Hahaha?!!!!



  2. On 12/24/2018 at 10:51 AM, PrinceNoctis said:

    From a marketing standpoint, I don't know if that's a good idea. Playthroughs make for some really good promo for any game and it seems Disney and Square Enix are REALLY pushing for KHIII to be a commercial hit.

    From a marketting standpont, i see it as a perfecyrational move by a conteent creator (disney) to protect it's Intellectual property from being spoiled by non owners.

    Legally, in most end user lisences, users acknolwedge that

  3. Are tou kidding.......


    terra is a dumbass whre


    that is how  reflection of the differences int...



    terra had to do so as a comepleter vicitm of hs cirucmstances (help his friends after fallignot tdarknesss wihtout any ability to help himeslef out fo it.....


    however, riku, through hsi abiltiy to bbe saved by Mickey,was able to actively infleucen after hsi body was alledgeley S"tolen" by Anse SoD


    terra coudlnt' do that for all his heroim after losing his body...


    The are


    The divergence of simialrity bewteen Riku and Xehanortis deifentley made greater however, by the fact that Xehanorts story has roots with a time cycle outside of the  the BBS Three-Sora and Friends/Dark Seeker Saga  where as Riku-Sora (in order of keyblade inheritance)- and Friends are largely a product OF This Cycle and of the Events before it that were largely out of their control.


    That,as KH3 will doubtless prove, will prove the massive, as well as a test of How True their Assumed "Strength of Heart" Will Prove in the Face of Powers Far older than they are!



  4. 2 hours ago, SweetYetSalty said:

    I said this in recent post, but the new Organization is basically most of the old ones. Some make sense. Xigbar is Xehanorts right hand man. Saix was dedicated to the old Organization, and gave Xemnas no reason to doubt him. Vexen can create replicas, making him one of the most valuable minds for Xehanort to get. So these guys make sense. You could even argue that Luxord is worthy if only because he didn't question or argue his low rank and just accepted it. But the traitors being on the team? It's almost like Xehanort wants to have some friction on his team for entertainment. But it's funny how Xaldin doesn't seem to qualify for a vessel.

    yeah about Vexen.... form the traielrs it seems that Demyx like Kidnapped human Even from hollow Bastion.... do you think the KHII footage of Vexen in Twighlight coudlbe a flashback or could it be the result of them Kindapping Even in order to turn him back into Vexen again (or to create Nobody copy of him subservient to Xehanort Via Replica progamme or something---- they've apparenlty got Ansem the wise working for them against his will as of last trialer's spoilers...maybe  he's been forced into it , as evidenced by his "please don't force me to make more victims of people" comment)

  5. 1 hour ago, Allwil13 said:

    Yeah, I agree. I think the golden eyes are just what happens when a person succumbs to darkness. If you look at Aqua in the KH3 trailers, her arms are turning black. That doesn't appear to be a nort thing. I think she's becoming a being of the dark.

    That is true, althoguh couldnt that merely be her corrupting to darkness before Xehanort shows up to "finish here off" in the sense of making her his "final vessel", in a way simialr to terra?


    Being the realm of darkness for 12 freaking years doubtless has a effect on someone whther they. Something probably happened.

    Given the fact she does so with out the Protective "Black Coats" that DiZ created,  here system was greatly compromised to the enviroment...she had less resistence than other characters did

    I do wonder what happened during the time skips ...all of them liook Grim for Aqua however: literally like dying  ina realm of darknessaccorfng to this last msot recent trailer, having.... something...  extracted from her by Vanitas in another.


    She's had years to slowly corrode into a darkling after getting chappaqidicked by Mickey in 0.2 .

    Any of these would be enough to weaken her...... so althoguh jsut that is likely, it could also likely be one leading to the other.....


    What do you guys think?

    I guess we'll have to wait till release day to find out?


    Merry Festivus to you all!

  6. On 12/10/2018 at 10:35 AM, Novayon said:

    Luxord might have it as his boss theme as he did in KH2. And I guess Larxene/Vexen could as well like in Chain of Memories, or they could have KH2's 13th Reflection. If we fight Vexen, I dunno.

    Axel has been associated with the theme quite strongly, even when we fight alongside him in KH2, so that could happen again.

    One segment of KH2's 13th Struggle is similar to 'Another Side' music, so that's another possibility to return.

    Those are interesting theories....

    But I personally think it represents far more thematically than just being a catchy boss theme....

    It's very theme is like "Struggle between Light and Darkness"

    in axel and roxas ccase it was the traigc struggle between friends...

    13th Struggle fits theme of the X-Blad as  well, due to KHIII being about the X-Saga's closing fight bewteeen the 7 Warriors of Ligh (Final Fantasy style) and the 13 seekers of darkness


    Tension of battle and sadness of fighting, as well as the Orgnazation (and the heroes as Well dfienetly) desires to succeed in the Fianl Battle!


    I ues it's jsut up to seeing how it ican be used!!!!


    Spoilers hven't spoled that  thankfully


  7. Probably don't have the money to devote to it though? With mangeme


     the marekttign people from Disney tare also likelt to be agaisnt it,d ue their exhaustion form dealing with all theri other Ips and ensuring that they yield growth for the company.. Their liekly to get angry at Seth as se ehsi as almsot a cash drain.

    In another universe, i'd hope it can work...


    who knows though? Let see what happens!

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