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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Fairy Harp: Turns into a dagger or cutlass like would be used in Neverland and allows Sora to temporarily fly freely. His attack speed is given a small haste effect to account for the smaller weapon and his movement speed is also give a small increase. At the end he does a flurry of attacks on the closest target in a small radius similar to the Peter Pan summon in KH2!
  2. I've only ever played DS3 tbh. I think I got it 75% off and I wanted to try a Souls game since I heard that despite the challenge they were pretty fun and good games. I haven't played much tho and I remember getting stuck at the bonfire for far longer than I should have been because I THOUGHT I had talked to everyone but the game thought otherwise lol
  3. Sorry, when you said "tinfoil?" I just went with what it sounded like you were asking. Basically theories that others would either think are crazy or really unfounded other than in what you would think in your own ideas is generally what they're asking for there. Just something really out there.
  4. Shrimp, Chicken and Beef in that order. What can I say, I love ebi
  5. Just got a haircut and realized I've never put a face to the name! (and remembered seeing this thread pop up a bit ago -cough- a month and a half -cough-) Hiya all
  6. The things I miss when I move! Howdy there! Welcome to the community!
  7. Hiya! Welcome to the community! Movie Gallery was actually where I first got Final Fantasy XII to play when I was in school still lol Glad I'm not the only one that got into games from that old place
  8. Tinfoil is aluminum foil, basically what people would wrap around their heads because they were trying to prevent aliens from reading their minds. As for my tinfoil hat theory:Radiant Garden is connected to the new world that the Dandelions went to after the first Keyblade War. While we see something that would hint differently in the final boss fight of KH3 we know this from Kairi's grandmother about Radiant Garden and this does contain SPOILERS so if you don't want to read them yet, please don't:
  9. Me to SE if they ever did this: Days is still by far one of my absolute favorite KH entries in terms of story and content.
  10. I was a sucker for Brave. It hit me hard in a few places and I love it. I’d love to explore the area in-game
  11. "Everyone was new at some point" I use that when I talk to people at my work, when I talk to new people to games, when I talk to people that are just starting things that I have no interest in/do no work on. EVERYONE was new once. There is nobody that wasn't a person filled with wonder when it came to a specific topic or to a specific fandom. While things may change over the years and you become more jaded/nostalgic/cynical, there is not a single one of us in any room that wasn't in the same boat these new people are in.
  12. Heyo! Welcome to the site and the community Nice to meet you!
  13. Honestly the prequels would make the most sense to me, as it could be seen as they encounter a lot of scenarios that the original trilogy didn't. The new trilogy could also work. All in all I'm not a fan of Sora and co. being in Star Wars universes, but I have to pick The Phantom Menace cus Darth Maul is my favorite villain of the series and Qui Gon my favorite Jedi 😛
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