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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. SAVE NOT CORRUPT! I turned my console off for a bit to go out and shovel snow, when i came back roughly 10-20 minutes later i turned my xbox one s on and loaded KH3. it loaded fine and the save too. i did have minor set backs but i rather have that VS to restart the game.
  2. omg nooo... i also have Xbox One S hmmm maybe theres a connection there with xbox one s for the bug. Ugh so now what do i delete the game reinstall it? or delete the save? this never happened to me in any game before
  3. I didnt realize i posted this in a different section of the forums my bad. So i was trying to save my game after leveling my ship up and it was "saving" for the past 5 minutes. I DID NOT TURN MY CONSOLE OFF but i started up another game and went right back to KH3. I now have an infinite saving screen BEFORE the opening clip. I really hope my saves arent corrupt because i put 27 hours of hard work into this game. and i REALLY dont want to start all over again. Please is there anything i can do? i probably shouldnt have left the saving screen at all but it wasnt going away. that was the longest it ever took to save my game. please is there anything i can do? the console is currently still on as i wait for a reply.
  4. I only have Port Royal and the one i spawned in unlocked. I tired going there but it wouldnt let me off the ship. I have to join jack at shipwreck cove (Objective) but i cant get passed those ships. I'm going to try and go to the Isle Of Luck, but i never been there yet so idk if it will unlock.
  5. How do i level it up? i cant find the stuff i need to upgrade it, i searched port royal and the sea. i cant go to the next part of the story i kept dying (im really bad at this world) all other worlds were a breeze but this one has me all confused
  6. So im stuck. I suck at upgrading things including the gummi ship its all so confusing. This isnt my first KH game i played it on PS2. But how on Earth do i upgrade the pirate ship? i tried googling it and nothing. i have gotten passed the part with Jack on Port Royal btw.
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