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  1. https://tenor.com/view/skill-issue-urge-resist-cat-gif-25536160 Man, she's not even in the 1st episode! 😭
  2. (Jk, I don't even need it on switch at this point. Funny meme, though)
  3. https://tenor.com/view/aliens-giorgio-conspiracion-memealiens-aliens-history-historychannel-gif-9621737
  4. Damn, overwatch is still a thing?
  5. https://fixupx.com/AKoolKoopa/status/1802131130914951652 @mukidan
  6. can you wait 3 more days? if so, you may have your yearning fulfilled
  7. ...wait, shit, can this be posted?
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/inside-out-2-director-says-film-s-focus-on-puberty-and-anxiety-is-incredibly-brave-and-bold/ar-BB1obdGU so "brave and bold" to make a kids movie focusing on puberty, definitely the first one from disney definitely the first one within the last 2 years
  9. https://tenor.com/view/hakumen-baiken-bbcf-ggst-parry-this-gif-11934583914875273677
  10. https://tenor.com/view/della-duck-tales-disney-ducks-amazed-gif-16950222
  11. Muki, you do know hdl are Donald's nephews, right? Be more accurate to say Donald's siblings are never mentioned, the nonexistent parents of the nephews
  12. https://tenor.com/view/chalmers-simpsons-may-i-see-it-talking-gif-11870196
  13. Cowboy arlecchino (Sorry abut the hard pities though 😭 )
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