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  1. Not if she gave up her Keyblade. Essentially, her Keyblade is dead You know, Ven could have saved himself before being attacked by Terranort IF HE WOULD HAVE ACTIVATED HIS DAMN ARMOR!!!!! It could have also saved him from the swarm of Heartless
  2. As of this point, Aqua doesn't have her armor or her Keyblade. They are still in Ansem's Castle
  3. I was one of the 500 that got 5,000 jewels
  4. That could affect Union x They have already pulled out of Belguim due to a similar law
  5. Congress is starting the process of banning loot boxes
  6. Remember when Donald Duck used his ultra anime power to kill a man? Good times
  7. Yet he still held his own against Thanos
  8. Blonde guy was dual wielding and in the previous movie he came to the fight in a cosmic beam Thor is basicially Roxas but with a beard
  9. Endgame was an alternative version of Kingdom Hearts III Change my Mind
  10. AsGuardians of the Galaxy AsGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: The Quest for More Beer and Cheez-Its
  11. Thor must have been Kingdom Hearts during those 5 years because he's dual weilding Also, I KNEW IT!!!! I knew Cap could lift the hammer!!!!
  12. I'm just waiting for the Doctor to come in and yell at everyone for screwing up time
  13. Does this mean Thor will be Quill's new GF? Somebody has to replace GAmora
  14. It's confirmed: Captain America has America's best Ass
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