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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. well it seems that the intro sequence to KH3 is after Sora hit the hay really hard but then there is Sleeping Realm theory which states that most of KH3 happens in a dream
  2. movies are hard to get to see at times
  3. haha yeah, we actually had to make a role called Voice Mod just cause of silly folk who break rules >mod monitoring But of course! we cant have you saying anything you want in there 👀
  4. mayhaps another server im on is constent with 4-6 people every night
  5. sometimes I wonder if i should be the pioneer and make this server's VC active
  6. exactly haha i'll eventually tell him maybe
  7. isnt even mine a friend who subleased with us over the summer left them here
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