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  1. that's true, you can't do that
  2. Chestnuts roasting on an opppppeeennn firrreeeee Jack frost nipping at your nooooose
  3. yeah true i was gonna play but then i got chatty here
  4. also ive had Damanku Unlimited 3 open this whole time and i forgot that the menu theme was playing
  5. like actually tho, that;s how i explain it to people haha in as casual terms as possible
  6. Being a psych student it becomes easy to say cause ya know what goes on
  7. ahh it's not that bad haha mine comes from genes and other factors but mostly genes
  8. Tums usually does it for me pop 2 in and we are good to go for a while but usually before that i take my mild anxiety meds
  9. also yeah, acid reflux is a bitch but ya know what it's worth it
  10. lo and behold, no one else in the house heard it bless his soul
  11. which woke my poor grandpa up and then we had to put it back into place at like, 4 am
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